Free Car Rental for Eligible Health Workers @ Thrifty


To support our wonderful Health Care heroes, who are at the front line in these challenging times helping keep our country safe, Thrifty would like to keep them safe on their journey.

Between 20th of April and the 15th July, eligible Health Workers will receive free car rental with Thrifty at selected locations around the country. All you’ll need to pay for is fuel, tolls and optional extras.

To book simply call 1300 367 227 and provide your driver's licence, relevant personal details and Health Department employee identification at vehicle pick up.

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    I will vote negative for this, as it's just another cheap marketing trick under pretence of caring.

    Almost nobody is renting cars anymore. There are no flights, no business travel, no interstate trips, no holidays, no Uber drivers using rentals, …

    Parking yard in local Thrifty office in my area is completely full. But they keep piling up cars, which are spilling around the neighborhood. There are dozens of their cars parked on the (zoned) street, taking up the parking space from local residents and commuters. They probably don't have any more space to park unused cars, so in a way they're outsourcing their parking problem to health workers, with some marketing sugar on top.

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      I agree with you, but personally we will get some value out of it.

      My mother in law is a nurse and is without a car after it was stolen recently. This is going to ensure she can keep working until insurance sorts it ot.

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      Free market capitalism is not about intentions. Some people will benefit from this, and so it's a deal.

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    I appreciate these companies are offering free / good deals to medical staff / healthcare workers
    but I don't really see why medical staff needs all of these offers (free delivery, free food, free hotel, free flights…etc)
    What they really need is those protective gears and support from the community by staying home as possible to keep the infection cases low

    If these companies are really willing to help
    they should offer to those people who lost income or lost their jobs because of this COVID 19

    • +20 votes

      Sad to see in today's world when something free is offered and someone misses out there's always people complaining. People can choose to give away whatever they want to whom ever they want.

    • +15 votes

      I don't really see why medical staff needs all of these offers (free delivery, free food, free hotel,

      Maybe they need to self quarantine away from family. Maybe they are working their butts off and have no time to take time off to cook? Or to make them feel rightfully valued or to take their mind off stuff?

      I don't know thought it might be sorta obvious

      they should offer to those people who lost income or lost their jobs because of this COVID 19

      Why not both? There are many businesses already helping people who are not health professionals.

      Maybe some of these companies are not in a position to help in the ways you think they should be due to a massive drop in revenue such as Thrifty?

    • -1 vote

      other than a free coffee from maccas on night shift I dont know a single hospital worker that has taken advantage of any of these offers.

      you might look at the financial aspect, but my cleaner friend makes more than me (nearly double my hourly rate and no hecs debt)and while they may have harmful products to work with they can lock them away and not bring them home to their families, dont have to put up with weird people reacting badly or aggression or telling people their loved one has passed away.. nonetheless i know nobody forced me to take this job and i could very well be a cleaner

      this what about those that lost their jobs comment makes it sound like jealousy, have you lost your job? there are associations ect there to provide appropriate help

      • +1 vote

        cleaners for NSW health make approx $24/hr and are continually exposed to infected surfaces with all sorts of diseases incl COVID19

        it is not a nice job and does not pay well


          i meant cleaners as in the guys who come to your home, obviously not hospital cleaners they are just as expsed as other healthcare workers. Thepoint was a lot of healthcare jobs are not well paid and why complain some offers are addressed to them

          the cleaner wages you mention are also roughly what they were for enrolled nurses too

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    Marketing disguised as altruism.

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      Very true. No idea why people are down voting this. I suspect the media has them all convinced Australian doctors are doing it hard.

      • +3 votes

        But it's not just doctors is it? Other health care workers like nurses greatly outnumber them and are on far lower wages. Many on part time or casual packages.

      • +4 votes

        Whether they're currently "doing it hard" is irrelevant. They've dedicated their lives to saving the lives of others, and the number of people who have little to no respect for that is depressing.

        We get it, you don't think literal life savers are worthy of having a free coffee or rental car. So how about you just don't offer them anything instead of throwing hissy fits when others do?

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    Doctors out there are struggling to put food on the table while everybody is taking Centrelink holidays. We're all in this together. It's our duty to support them with freebies.

    • -6 votes

      Doctors who are on $250k+ - yep. That's struggle town wages eh.

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      • -15 votes

        Hence why we need to give them free car breakdown, free plane trips, free food, and now free car rental. $250k is barely enough for anybody to get by on a luxurious lifestyle.

        • +3 votes

          I doubt any doctor is going to take up a free Yaris when they can drive there Merc. Ha
          It's all the other health workers that don't earn anywhere nearly that much and are tacking all the risk with covid.


    Pull your heads in and watch us dance on Tik-Tok while you relax at home as we save the nation. As as hero I refuse to pay for food or rental cars

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    Please people stop posting these marketing scams.

  • +10 votes

    Not all in healthcare are medical practitioners or nursing staff..
    Environmental services and food service assistants are really some of the most under-appreciated work and they matter the most. I do think this is good for them and I hope they do use it.
    $48K per year and they do the greatest things. They clean up the rooms to be safe and feed the patients.
    I would encourage them to take these offers if they needed it.

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    Once again, throwing shit at people who have jobs and singling out a select group that are easy to label as “heros”. That’ll do pig.

  • +6 votes

    So much jealous anger here. Healthcare workers include more than doctors. Nurses who get abused by delirious patients, abused by drug addicts and uncouth families. Now they’re 24/7 high risk to exposure of COVID19 to help others, and risk bringing it home to their own families, and people here want to complain about whataboutme-ism.

    Hey, go work at a hospital so you can get your free car rental if that’s so important.

    FFS, when did people become so selfish?


    What companies are offering cheap daily rentals for "essential" workers? Is it just AVIS at $10 p/day?

    Also does anyone have any recommendations of rental excess insurance using a 3rd party?

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    Demand for rental cars has collapsed in some areas by 90%, so franchises are desperate to get the cars used any way possible and score either a tax write off or income from up selling extras.


    meetings are lesser now face to face, pathology tests deliveries are in company cars, and local tourism is not active in lockdown in city.

    they might sell more to the healthcare worker, insurance, petrol.
    some rentals rip people off with car damages not done by the worker.

    its good bargain for workers if no troubles and cash grabs from the companies for holidays, to lower wage healthcare workers needing break, domestic travel opening in june july.

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    Are insurance and accident excess free too ? It might be free with hiring fee but better check those tiny details before signing up. I remembered I got stung having free rental after car accident finding out later on I got to pay “extra” $30 per day to reduce excess in case another accident , but it’s “optional” !! That’s how they bite you as nothing is really free in this world !!

    • +1 vote

      Why in the would insurance and excess be free? It's an optional extra, exactly the same as a normal rental, you pay extra to save yourself on the total repair costs. What a ridiculous neg

      If you've previously claimed an accident, it's in the insurers interest to charge you a higher premium as you're at a higher risk. They're not just gonna let you rent a car for free and crash it with no repercussions.

    • +2 votes

      What we must remeber is that the car rental revenue model is about selling insurace, its not about renting cars. There is no profit in renting cars.

      A $30/day (often it's more) excess reduction implies an annual policy of around $11k. A 1000% increase on a standard policy.

      A free rental and free excess reduction insurance would be a genuine offer.

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