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BlueAnt Pump Zone over Ear Wireless Headphone - $89 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Key Features

  • Sweat proof antimicrobial ear cups
  • Built-in microphone
  • Bluetooth & NFC
  • Lasts up to 30 hrs

Cheapest price it has been on Amazon.com.au. Next nearest price from a quick google was $99 at Catch.com.au at time of posting. JB Hifi and Officeworks has it at $199 etc (maybe try and price beat there?)

I have had two of these. Sounds great and battery life is awesome. A bit too bass heavy but can't complain for the price.
My only complaint is , if you are going to be using these for workouts, the ear pads will eventually start smelling and no amount of washing/soaking will get rid of the smell completely. In the end I just bought another pair after the first one caused Olfactory fatigue lol. In saying that, don't get put off by that, it did last a year or so before I had to look for a replacement. Could not find replacement ear pads unfortunately. YMMW.

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  • OP, how's the mic quality?

    • It's great. I have only used it in an office environment and a gym environment though. Not sure how good it would be in say a busy outdoor environment, well now that covid-19 is happening you probably won't have to worry about that for the time being lol.

      • I need a pair where people can hear me on the street, post COVID-19, of course.

        I use an Arctis 3 bluetooth headset. It's got a retractable boom mic so I don't look like a (profanity), but the audio quality is below average and it doesn't block any sound out.

        Any suggestions that don't cost an arm and a leg?

        • I use my Sony WF-1000X earphones while out and about and while they are not a cheap bluetooth headset, they work really well with noise cancelling and even taking phone calls in reasonably noisy environments (that is with the latest firmware update).
          Sorry i don't have any other bluetooth headsets other than the blueant and sony, so cant really help you out.

        • The Plantronics headphones are best for calls in noisy environments (IMO, but I did research that use case quite a bit before buying). ANC is for reducing noise you hear, but what you need is cutting out noise others hear. My Plantronics Voyager 6200 has 6 mics and I've done calls at the bus stand etc with all noise cut out.

  • Music any good? Like DSD play back?

  • Made the jump at $89,hopefully they go alright. Thank you OP

  • I have these headphones & I love them. I carried them through three countries whilst on holiday a few years ago and even after using them near constantly, only had to charge them once. The only issue I've had with them is a little plastic cover on both sides that breaks off due to being held on with a couple of inadequate screws. Happily I got them replaced under warranty but the replacement paid suffered the same fate almost immediately.
    Even with this minor issue, I would gladly buy another pair & recommend them to anyone and everyone.

  • It's pretty good for the price. I paid $170 years ago when it was pretty new to the market. Battery lasts forever. The only problem I have is the bluetooth with apple phones (I used 6S and 7) and it is pretty loud even just on minimum volume. It's better with Andriod phones.

    I use it for workouts and wash it with soap under running water and hang it dry. No issues so far.

  • I paid $180 for these a few years ago - they are great and hold their charge really well. I recommend them!

  • Cheers, just what I was after, I just price matched these at Officeworks for $84.55, just by calling 1300 office (633 423) without any drama. They are priced at $199 and I believe at time of posting this there are 2 black pairs available (product Code: INBLAPZBK) at their Glebe, NSW store. They also come in rose gold (Product code: INBAPZBKRG) so maybe there's more stock available in that colour.

    • Unfortunately had to return, the sound I found is just terrible, makes the shower radio sound good in comparison. Explains the 2 star rating on the Officeworks website. It says on the box designed in Aus and assembled in China so maybe they've gone for a cheaper contract since my experience just doesn't tee up with the OzB reviews. I have checked the sound with a pair of 5 year old Sony headphones I bought for about $70 in the day, which still sound great but the foam has had better days.

      • 2048addict did you find the sound the be not like clear. Almost like muffly? Just trying the pair I bought now, don't seem as clear as I was expecting. Vocals aren't really clear and the treble sounds hollow and lacking in details to me

        • Muffly is a great way to describe it, kind of like the sound on some old guys handheld radio listening to the races. It's so annoying having to take them back but seriously a $20 pair of headphones from kmart would sound better. I'm no expert in bass or treble but it sounded bass heavy and pathetic treble.

          • @2048addict: Yeah cool, exactly how I feel. My galaxy buds sound better. Just wanted to validate my opinion. I had Plantronic backbeat pro 2's before, they were great. So if a Deal pops up again, might get those or wait for the ozbargain favorite Sony xm3. Thank you.

  • These are good quality with great battery life. The only problem I have is since my head is a bit too large they're very tight. I thought it wouldn't matter since they would flex and loosen over time but thanks to the good build quality it hasn't happened.