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KZ S1 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones $19.99 (~$31.22 AU), KZ Z1 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones $29.99 US (~$46.84 AU) @ GeekBuying


Two different earphones on sale from KZ with the KZ S1 receiving a very good review by Scarbir for it's high quality sound and features, as well as comparisons against other top rated earphones. Australia Priority Shipping has also been made free for both earphones.

The KZ S1 features True Wireless Stereo, Bluetooth 5.0, gaming mode for reduced audio delay (same as QCY T5), charging case providing an extra 24 hours of play time, dynamic drivers for better sound, inbuilt mic, touch gestures including play/pause/skip/voice assistant and 3 different sized eartips.

The KZ Z1 is the latest model and has a "XUN Dynamic Driver" that improves upon the sound of the KZ S1 even more and has a larger battery case providing extra hours of playtime. Other features including the gaming mode for reduced audio lag remain the same.

Free Australia Priority shipping included. AU$ based on current Mastercard rate.

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  • 3 hours and 2 hours battery life respectively for the 2 models…

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      That's standard. Airpods for example are 3.

      • I never said the Airpods was good in anyway possible.
        If you are using them as industry standard I guess you ain't wrong.


          3 hours is industry standard. Given the small size you can't expect the battery of a phone.

  • the case has a standby time of over 100 hours

    Does this mean that, even if the headphones aren't used, the case will drain every four days if it's not charged?


      No. Rather after 100 hours of standby the battery will start to lose it's charge very slowly. Many devices have similar ratings and it's why when you dig up your really old phone it's often dead… or low charge.

  • I have their wired one before and they are quite good, just wondering how is their wireless models.

    I am using Soundpeats now.


      The linked Scarbir review is a good reference. You'll find he replies to comments if you ask how it compares to X.

    • I too had 2 of their wired ones before and can confirm the sound quality is amazing for the price. BUT, and that's a big but, I hated the rubbery wires and they were so uncomfortable even just after a while and stopped using them altogether. Hope they improved on that for their TWS ones but until I confirm that is the case, I won't be buying it.

      • These are wireless, so the subpar wire / wire lottery issue with KZ wouldn't apply here. It can be a bit of lottery with the wire so some sellers offer KZ + slightly better wire option.
        My issue with KZ is that they have so many products and products can have different sound signature. Some are more V shape like, and some are flat. The naming is also quite confusing.

  • I wonder how they compare to A brands like Sony, Samsung and Sennheiser? For example, I like the function of Sony where it has active noise spression and also can let you hear ambient sound of surroundings to compensate them blocking your ear cannal.

    • These products have the latest codecs and good sound, but not big on features. They're a fraction of the price, as are Qcy and the dozens of other options that are more focused on sound and price than marketing and ticking every box.

  • anyone know if the mics are any good on these?

    • In this price range, they are good enough. In quiet environment, they seem okay. Doesn't appear to handle the noisy situation well. However, one reviewer indicated that if mic is an issue, remove one ear and hold that one closer to your mouth for mic.