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Garmin Fenix 5X $549 (Was $999), Garmin Fenix 5 $449 (Was $799) @ Rebel Sport


Save $450 on the 5x and $350 on the 5, both in slate grey.

Garmin Fenix 5 is here.

Don't forget Shopback/Cashrewards!

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  • +2 votes

    Would love to know if the Fenix 5 is the Sapphire edition.
    Although it’s not listed as this, Rebel aren’t renowned for accurate details on their website.

    Edit: Looking at DC rainmakers description the Sapphire only comes with the granite blue band so this would not have the sapphire glass.

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    I bought my F5 for $399 nearly 2 years ago. This is an old watch now. Id be waiting for a 5plus or 6 deal again, they seem to come fairly regularly. That said, it was a solid watch until the battery died on me

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    cheers OP.. ive been holding out for a 6 Pro but this deal is too good to pass up for the 5X Sapphire. it will do the job

    • -1 vote

      Are you sure, it's two generations old

      • +1 vote

        does what i need. im not fussed over payments or music. for me its an outdoors watch and this is still one of the highest regarded ones out there

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          thanks for the neg.

          want. good battery life. maps. ABC nav.

          can I get this for $550 any other way? maybe in the $800 range if i get lucky with a good deal on a Fenix 6 pro version.

          Does the 5x do these things? yes.

          Does it do all that other stuff I don't really care about? no.

          I have a Samsung watch that does that stuff should I choose to use it for said stuff. I want a reliable outdoors watch with a good battery life (5S does not meet this criteria , pro or not). has maps, ABC nav. at $550 this is a good deal best I've seen recently anyway. would have loved a 6Pro, but can't hold out anyway, and won't get close to this price for a while.

          anyway, there's my justification, appreciate the neg but I know what I bought. simply make your own mind up don't be a drone and assume newer model mean a this is pointless. the Fenix watches are an amazing range for what they do

          i would add though, i would avoid the 5. if you are keen, get the 5x at the deal price. the 5 would be very arguable to be a waste as it does not have the maps and a lower battery life than the 5x (and no sapphire screen). in that case, absolutely get the newer model. or a suunto 9 (non baro) which can be had for similar pricing

  • -2 votes

    Avoid, it's a really bad deal.

    It's a great watch but as above I got mine years ago for $399. Old technology

    Get the 5 plus or 6

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      The Fenix 6 is $1000, on sale it'll be 30% off at best.
      Cant compare the two with that big of a price difference.


    This deal is still active on the rebelesport website


    Runs till the 30th now I think.

    The 5S is also available for the same price at JB now


    Had the 5 for a week now. Very comfortable (was a bit worried about that) and great features - exactly what I was after (running and crosstraining tracking with ability to link to power meter on bike too so I can see full Garmin training analytics) and nothing I don't want (music, payment, maps). Awesome!

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