Issue with a Purchase on eBay

Hey peeps,
Last Friday I bought an item from eBay and today after I asked about the tracking number I got the following answer:

"Thanks for your purchase. I'm so sorry to inform you that we're not able to fulfill your order. We try and keep our stock count as accurate as possible, but due to selling on various websites at once, we sometimes accidentally oversell an item. We're not sure when our next stock will be received so we're refunding you in full. Sorry again for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Thanks for your understanding!"

but the best part is he still selling the item, but now at a higher price.

Is there anything that I can do it?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long reading.

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    nothing you can do really besides a negative feedback

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      that is after you receive refund

  • Just move on and order from someone else.

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    Is it possible it is out of stock and they’ve upped the price so no one buys it?

    If not all you can do is leave negative feedback

  • Thanks everyone.
    I found the same item on amazon but apparently is not the same seller.

    Fingers crossed.

  • Is there anything that I can do it?

    They have no stock, so no. Take the refund and order somewhere else.

  • what is the item?

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    Report to eBay

    Reply back with the link to the item? Could it be old stock even old packaging for a current product that was cheaper?

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    This has happened to me as well. If they withdraw the item from sale, and then relist it at a higher price, report to Ebay.

    They won't do anything about it, especially if its a 'power seller', but at least it's reported somewhere.

    Get your refund then neg them for renegging on a sale.

    If enough people do it, even power sellers will see their rep go down enough eventually.

  • Same thing happened to me.
    I bought a very nice 1080P web cam for $12.
    Online tests show it to be very good in all respects.
    The suppiler said there is a problem with the quality (yeah right, like they check)
    Then suddenly I get a notice that I agreed to cancel the order and my purchase has been refunded.

    Next thing you know they are selling the same item for $76 !!!!

    Called ebay and they said they would look into the sellers practices.
    Not much else they could do as the item was refunded.
    I gave the seller negative feedback and now they are harrassing me.
    10 messages later they are still telling me they refunded me and requesting negative feedback to be changed and Im still saying I want the item I ordered for the price I paid.
    Round and round and round

    Just goes from bad to worse

    So OP there is your answer

  • Thanks Amayzingone, I just did the same as you. Right now just waiting until they start to complain about it.
    So convenient, They will have 0 complaints if they did not increase the price for the same item, plus today miraculously instead of one in stock they have two.

    Cheers everyone and Luffy.

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