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Marbles - 50 Pack $1 @ Target (Instore Only)


In case you have lost yours during these Covid Holidays….

50 for a buck with a shooter!

Says usually $3 bucks! Mr Toys $4.99

Checked the instore and seems to be plenty around BrisVegas!

Good Luck to you!

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Target Australia

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  • Good find! I keep losing these so it's good to stock up.


  • anyone know a bargain on a Slingshot?

  • Getting ready for the marble racing would championships

  • My primary school used to have marble season before it was banned by an incoming principal. These were called catseyes, and were the lowest value denomination when used in battles/trading. Takes me back.

    • why would they banned marles?

      • Apparently it became too big of a distraction in the playground, spilling over into classroom life too. I don't quite remember the reason, but because it was such a huge thing and every boy and girl was into it and had their own marble bag/case, perhaps it might have caused too many fights and arguments. As a student I clearly did not approve the ban, and now looking back I don't really approve either.

        • Our school never banned them. Fun thing was that my parents worked in a factory than had steel ball bearing. So I ended up with Arsenal of 25mm,30mm steel balls against the normal glass ones. The results weren’t pretty after a game. 😀

      • Just like tazos, yoyos, Tamagotchis and now mobile phones are banned. They were distracting stupid kids and disruptive to class.

        • stupid kids will just find some other distraction. that's why they're stupid.

        • It was Pokemon cards at my primary school that were the menace of the day.

          Too many lower year kids kept getting ripped off in trades by upper year kids who would convince them to swap their holographic Blastoise for a Magikarp or something to that effect, and their parents complained to the school.

          If it wasn't one thing, it was something else. There always some particular object, activity or fad that was the bane of every teachers existence and the scapegoat for unruly and inattentive students.

          It became paper slingshots, jet lighters and sagging jeans/pants on guys in highschool.

          And now as an adult, it's browsing OzBargain at work (which for once, is an absolutely valid target for causing reduced productivity).

      • They banned them in our school as certain people were flicking them so hard that they ended up cracking a few windows if they missed. Wasn't me though, definitely not!*

        *Might actually have been me.

      • It got banned at my school because the older kids were buying marbles and organising a 'Marble Ditch' at recess or lunch, they would throw marbles up in the air over their head (like a boundary throw-in in footy) and the younger kids would fight over the marbles. The school staff were concerned one of the kids might cop on in the head. That's what we thought was the reason at the time anyway…

        I've always wondered how did Marble Season start, were there specific dates and kids had it marked in their calendars? lol. Or was it just arbritrary when it because popular again it was like "woohoo, it's marble season!!"

    • i used to love granites, but cant remember if they were considered valuable or not. those marbles with gun powder that made a bang when you hit them together were good fun

      • Oh those were very nice. I also remember Pokemon marbles fetched a very high value because of how hype it was (and still is), we had larger 'jumbo' marbles, and enormous 'emperor' marbles (which were highest value but chipped easily). We also had 'steelies', which were literally just ball bearings but fetched an unusually high value when trading.

    • We called these ones ‘normals’. And cats eyes were same but black with yellow and orange swirls.
      Our school banned them coz all the lost ones ended up stuffing the mower blades and playground got covered in shards of glass. Ah good times.

    • I remember some of the upper tier ones were galaxy, bird cage.. some ppl brought ball bearings. This was back in the 90s tho

  • Paintball ammo?

  • What a cracker of a deal. I lost all my marbles years ago, so this should be good.

  • Anyone know how many marbles it takes to make an adult hilariously fall over?

  • Thanks. With the kids studying from home my wife keeps complaining thay she keeps losing hers, so this should help her out a lot.

  • lost mine in a recent performance review meeting.


    will restock.

  • "lost marbles" joke count: 4 so far

  • What do people normally use it for?

  • Trying saying "marbles are red…" very slowly for a real surprise

  • Dangerous. Kids might swallow them.

  • Cheaper then paintball bullets and much more devistating too.

    If this was fitted inside the housing of (well if I understand correctly a weapon must not exceed a certain speed before it's classes as a deadly weapon) but with these anything's possible with 3d printing and illuminun CNC mill.


    Not that I encourage it or endorse it, given how dangerous curiosity is.

  • Marbles are red.

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  • I got a few chipped battle worn marbles from my older brother.
    The rest I won in the dirt, knocking 'em out of the stick drawn ring.
    Buying marbles? it is anathema to me. Tradition lost, forever less.

    • Legit. Whenever someone at school bought new marbles we would ascribe lower value to them. Marbles are won and bartered, not bought. 🤣

  • I remember back in the 80s, when marbles cost $1 each.

    • Well ye but they got more pricier than that, back in the day.
      During the Suez Crisis you could get £2000 locally for a genuine Tom Bowler.
      You couldn't get them around the Cape, South Africa wouldn't let them pass.
      Though Bondy did, he swapped a gonad for a Tom, got £1500 'rest is history.

  • Just in time for The Dutch Marble League.