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60% off All Anker Products, Nebula Carry Cases, 50% off Clearance Soundcore Headphones, + More @ Anker


60% OFF All Anker Products
60% OFF Nebula Carry Case
50% OFF Clearance Range Soundcore Headphones
30% OFF New Range Soundcore Headphones
40% OFF All Eufy Home
20% OFF Selected Eufy Security

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Anker Australia

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    You png file won't let me order.

    • +17

      you need to delete your system32 folder to activate the buy button on each item.

    • The sale does not begin until 7pm tonight, I will update the link at that time.

          • +5

            @Aurian: Go easy on yourself. Don't feed the resident troll.

  • +1

    What site is selling this stuff?

    • myanker.com.au Sale begins tonight at 7pm.

      • I'm after the wall charger Powerport 5, but on their website the product isn't even there (but it was advertised for 60% off)

        • +1

          Not active until 7pm AEST.

          • -5


            Not active until 7pm AEST.

            No, I'm not

  • +4

    Guys if you can't click on the PNG file, try restarting your computer. If it doesn't work still, I recommend reinstalling windows

    • +2

      I ordered a new Macbook pro in case that was the problem…

      • +1

        You forgot to order the wheels for it

        • aren't they included?

          • +4

            @jv: neither are the pedals

            • +1

              @inamberclad: Pretty sure you won't be able to reach the pedals anyway :P

  • +1

    20% OFF Selected Eufy Security

    which ones?

    • Thought same thing - guess we just have to wait and see. Probably the older HD cams and wired doorbell, rather than the newer models. But happy to be surprised.

    • Seems like a few of the floodlight cameras are reduced but those prices are same as Amazon and elsewhere anyway

  • +3
  • Hmmm does Anker even make any high wattage USB-C PD powerbanks? Cant see anything that can do 45W.

    • Yeah pretty sure they do but they just have the dumbest naming methodology ever.

      It's something like the PowerCore+ 2 I think, but can't see it on their Australian site. The PowerCore speed is next closest at like 22.5W.

  • Seems to be live now. Can't find the clearance earbuds though?

    • +1

      they have like 9 audio headphones/earbuds. The ones without the NEW tag on top are the ones on clearance (thus getting a 50% discount). Not sure if they are bargains or not.

  • Well, was looking at buying a new replacement battery for my Eufy Robovac. Normal price was $70, with 40% discount it comes down to approx $42, but then you have to add $10 flat shipping, which is kind of meh….

    • Was the shipping free before?

      • dont think so, but i though they would ship for free, considering their products are not that cheap

    • I ordered some earphones and there was a free shipping option under the $10 option.

      Has anyone ordered from this site before and knows how long shipping usually takes?

  • Does Eufy wireless doorbell for 279$ with homebase 2 sound like a good deal ?

    • Is that what it is coming down to?

  • +2

    Did their website get OzB'd?

    • +1


    • It was running really bad even before the sale started.

  • +9

    Bruhhhhhh these Aussie sites running on potato servers and hessian bag internet.

  • +4

    crash frenzy

  • +1

    Narnia is down

  • +3

    website is hammered, completely

  • Website still down? When does the sale end?

  • I picked up the Eufy cam 2c 3 camera kit (T8832CD3) for 20% off at Supercheapauto, $549 down to $439.20 using FRENZY20

  • I dont see any wall chargers on their website

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