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Penrite HPR5 5W-40 5L $39 (45% off) @ Repco (Stacks with 20% off @ Cashrewards)


Once-a-year (or twice-a-year) $39 Penrite HPR5 5W40 oil. I use this oil in all of my cars (Renault, Mercedes). It has MB spec 229.5 approved.
If you buy this by May 23, 2020 with 20% Cashrewards cashback, it will only be $31.2 per bottle. I just purchased 10 bottles this time.

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    Good deal OP

    Other option is the Valvoline Synpower 5w-40 full synthetic and Price beat Autobarn

    @ Bunnings to make it $‭34.191‬

    Then get $20 cashback per bottle up to 3 bottles (per "name")

    Makes it $14.191 per 5L bottle

    Like I did :-) 3 for me 3 for the wife's car

    • What car are you using?

      Is it good for toyota corolla, menu says 5w -30

      • +3

        He's driving an R32 GTR.

      • yes

      • Fine for a Corolla

      • I personally follow this SAE vs Temp Guide.

        I find it spot on.. I used to be an avid user of 0/5/10w30 when I lived in Sydney, but found moving to Queensland with 'generally' higher sustained ambient temps and for longer throughout the calendar year, have switched to 5/10w40 as I don't have to change it out as often if I don't hit my KM change interval. But then again, am also a lot older now and no longer rev turbo/vtak hoon cars in favour of the sweet torque of turbo diesel.

    • +Coles 5% off e-gift card to buy Bunnings gift card… Ozbargain gold


      +Myers 9% off gift cards > Coles /Myer> Bunnings… Ozbargain platinum

      • how do you get Myer 9% off gc? I don't think Myer staff let you buy Coles Myer gc using Myer gc.

    • Bunnings has it in store for $37.98. 1c less than Autobarn. Still a good deal with Powerpass 5% off and cashback.

    • Isn't the limit is 3 per household? i.e address

      Edit: I just called them to clarify. They told me you can have 3 bottles on 1 single receipt, 1 receipt can be used to claim 3 cashback of $20. And there is a limit of 3 claims i.e 3 receipts per household so that is a total of 9 bottles you can claim per household.

  • Sorry for digressing, but Valvoline VR1 10W-40 is also eligible for the cashback.
    Never bought it but generally use a 10W-40 or 15W-40.

    But why is this $150 at Supercheap:

    Only $35.96 at Sparesbox:

    • Supercheap are off their mad chops and Sparesbox has 20% off everything. Normal price is around $45.

    • Nice find. Can also use the $10 first time Amazon app discount. $37.99 -$10 -$20 brings it to $7.99 for one 5l.

    • keep in mind this is Semi Synthetic :)

    • Supercheaps listing is a box price for x3 bottles.

  • My favourite oil. I've recently disposed of the cars I serviced at home, but this is the only oil I'd put into them. At ~13 years old each they still ran smoothly. Even the mechanic who serviced both prior to my selling them remarked at how good the engines in both were, considering their age.

    • How often did you change your engine oil? Every 5k or 10k? What make/year and model were the cars that you were servicing?

      • +2

        I had a 1.6L Hyundai Getz and a 1.3L Toyota Yaris, both 2006 plate-year models. The service life on both was 1 year or 15 000 kilometres, but I would always change the oil around 7-8K and never more than 10K. One thing I was really pedantic about, though, and likely contributed to the longer life, is I always changed the filter at the same time as well. Many people argue you can get a full duty-cycle out of a filter with multiple oil changes, but I counter that with why fill your engine up with sparkly clean oil when you've got 200-300ml of sludgy oil caught in the filter? All you're going to do is contaminate the new oil IMHO. Sure, it cost me extra at each oil change but in the long run I expect it saved me a lot. (I'd always wait for the Repco 25-30% off weekends for auto club members and stock up on 2-4 filters at a time for each car.)

        Now, I only have a single brand-new car that I'll be getting dealer-serviced (built into the contract) so I won't be doing anything myself for a number of years. Unless Penrite changes between now and then I'll definitely be going back to them in the future.

        • Yeah the 1.3L Toyota 2NZ-FE engine is solid. Seriously with regular engine oil changes like what you have done it just keeps going. Haha yeah that's really bad advice of using the same oil filter with engine oil changes. Yeah like you might as well change both the oil and filter at the same time while your doing the whole change itself especially if the filter is located underneath the car which is most of the time. Gives you a whole lot of peace of mind in the future when doing so.

          Also, did do you do regular transmission oil changes often for your previous cars?

          • @MysticalWok: No, transmission was done less regularly. I didn't have a lift at home so it would've been awkward to do, so I always had a mechanic do it for me. They were done every couple of years.

  • Does anyone know if this oil is compatible for Mercedes diesel with DPF?

    • +1

      For dpf equipped engines you need low sulphated ash content oil. Or mb229.31 or 229.51
      Enviro+ has that spec.

    • +2

      Straight answer is No. Mercedes needs 229.51. The 1 at the end only oils that’s got C3 on them work. I use this oil for my vw petrol, and shell ect-c3 for the merc. Dun go for enviro+. Not the best from penrite imho and a mechanic mate.

      • Thanks mate… So is there an oil that you or your mechanic mate would recommend?

        All DPF oils are so bloody expensive, so obviously want to get the "best" one for my money.

        • +1

          I wait for the shell ect-C3 to go on 50% than buy it. If not it’s usually $75. About 2 weeks back , did 50% off so it probably will rotate through to the other guys in the next few weeks. I find shell better than Castrol’s c3. Just my opinion.

  • Chances supercheap auto do the same price?

  • This or Castrol Edge for a Toyota Aurion?

    • this one have higher viscosity, better for summer?

  • good for my 2012 passat diesel?

    • Watch out for DPF cautions, if diesel engine.

  • What's the shelf life of engine oil? If I buy a few of these, would I be able to keep them for 12 months or longer without affecting their viscosity?

    • +2

      Why bother? These specials come around multiple times a year

  • Wow, is it good for N55B30 engine? I am looking for Motul full synthetic 5w-40 for the next service, this sound like good option but I've never used Penrite oil(another family mile run Castrol Edge 5w-30 since new). Stock oil is made by Pennzoil.

  • How do I get the $20 cash rewards cash back?

  • Hmm, thicker oil equals more fuel right? Have an older 98 V6 Camry 220ks on 10/40 magnatec. Getting really bad economy 10km/l or something like 8mpg. Was interested in a 5w30 to help slightly. Or is it better to go for a high mileage oil?

    • +1

      Older car use a little thicker oil to reduce noise from engine, even my old 2003 4 cyls Camry around town take more than 10L/100Km

    • mate, what are you expecting from a V6 3.0L?? getting older will certainly not reduce the petrol economy! you need to aim for a smaller smaller turbocharged engines which are more fuel efficient while producing more power and torque!

      • 23mpg is the best reported result from Toyota nation. 15 mpg would be nice…

        • +2

          Depending on gallon US or other, 23mpg is 10L/100km. 15mpg is around 15-18L/100km which is worse than your 10km/L which is 10L/100km??

          For a med-large sedan with a decent V6, 10L/100km isn't to bad around town.

          You'd need to go down to a small car to get better economy, or alternatively a diesel. In saying that, fuel use is only a small part of overall cost of running a car. Buying a more fuel efficient car to save fuel is a false economy, as you'll then just incur depreciation cost. Similarly buying a diesel to save fuel (if you don't do a huge amount of km) can be a false economy as you run into DPF issues and/or higher maintenance costs.

          Yes the Camry might not be the most efficient, but in terms of maintenance probably needs oil and filter and not much else, service after service.

          Changing a car will only save the difference in fuel use between those cars, which can amount to as little as a few hundred dollars per year. Simply not worth it.

          Personally I prefer the refinement and smoothness over a larger car, rather than save a bit on fuel and drive around in a go-karty feeling shopping cart crap box.

          • @placard: Ok thanks, good to know it's normal mpg…

    • 10km per litre is about 23.5 mpg, not 8 mpg :) .

    • 10L is good economy for mid 90's V6

  • How do I get the $20 cash rewards cash back?

    Agret 16 min ago Comment unpublished. (Requested by Commenter)

    Why did you report my comment?

  • Ugh I paid full price 3 days ago

    • +1

      Buy again at cheaper price and return with old receipt!

  • Does cashrback 20% stack up with RACQ 10% discount from Repco or not? Thanks

    • Nope

      • thanks, will keep it in mind. ordered without the RACQ code :)

  • How does this oil compare to this:

    Yes I know one's 30 and one's 40, but apart from that? Quality etc? Both can be on special from time to time at similar prices.

  • My car can take this grade but Repco's website says not suitable. Supercheap on the other hand says suitable. Apart from the oil grade and fuel type, can we ignore other fancy factors?

  • -1

    So first time oil changer, how do i tell if this oil is compatible with my car? 2015 toyota camry?

    • Read your car manual.

    • +3

      You could use the tool available on the repco website or on the penrite website to search your car model or simply put in your registration number.

    • It's not compatible - Check here

  • !$14 with the cashback deal is amazing.

    • how did you get to $14??

  • Good for summer

    • You mean winter right? The 5W refers to the cold start viscosity which you need lower in colder climates. In summer the ambient temperature is already high so you can run a thicker oil like 10w or 15w.

      In fact if you're not going to the snow you're fine running 10w here in winter too as it never gets below 0 (at least in Melbourne)

      • Well, 40w is the aim here when car is at running temp? Guess cold start is important too. Anyway, I usually just use 5-30,seem to be just nice for all season.

  • Nearly all of the click & collect orders in Caroline Springs (MEL) were this lol. Just grabbed 2.

    • That where mine are waiting. Haven't gone in yet 😂

  • Sorry, car newbie here but don't they replace oil for you when servicing your car or do you DIY car service at home?

    • You can DIY at home or just provide the oil for your service and you won't be paying their markup on the oil and have some left in the bottle for top ups between the servicing.

      Whenever I take my car to the mechanics I always shop around for best prices on fluids/parts and provide them with the car when asking them to install. I also pay cash in hand to get a discount.

      • Guess you really gotta trust the mechanic. No one would know if he put other oil in your car, and keep your "premium" oil for himself. I did it once before, felt a bit iffy when he told me no oil left from a 5L bottle, when my car only takes 4.6L. Since then, I jumped on YouTube and just do oil and change myself.

        • but when you go service your car wouldn't they drain the oil completely to put in new oil?

          • @ashopper: Yeah so you should be getting back 400ml in the bottle

            • @Agret: They probably just poured the whole lot in…
              … or spilt half a litre doing so

              • +1

                @albanyson: Or soemtimes you could tell the person is lying?

              • +1

                @albanyson: some mechanics are notorious for overfilling.

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