Used SUV / 7 Seater Recommendations - Volvo?

I need suggestion for a used 7 seater around max 11K budget and 150K kms .
I dont want captiva and have so far shortlisted Volvo xc 90 around 9K with 145K km.
any more cars which could fit my criteria and reviews for buying used Volvo.


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    You don't want a Craptiva, but you're ok with an old GeelyVolvo? Good luck with that.

    7 Seater, 150,000km, $12,000

    My pick would be a Mitsubishi Outlander in that price range. Much more reliable than a Craptiva and cheaper to repair than a Volvo.

    Does it need to be an SUV? What about something like a people mover?

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    Who is sitting in the rear row of your 7 seater? If it’s an adult, a lot of 3rd rows are so cramped

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    Check last year's What Should I Buy poll on 7-seaters, and the top 3 are:

    • Hyundai Santa Fe
    • Kia Sorento
    • Toyota Kluger

    I have friends with XC90 and have all the typical European car issues…


    nissan cube

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    I'd still recommend an XC90. The last generation was a solid car. Find a specialist and ask what to look out for.


    Nissan dualis +2 with a panoramic sunroof is grouse. However doesnt have the name badge, or reliability issues, or expense of owning a euro car.

    Volvos do have nice interior though

    Also love the looks of a good soccer mum car in the audi q7. Just dont expect to have any money left if theres an electrical problem or the air suspension goes


    With that budget, get a newer Korean SUV with low kms. An old Volvo with 145K kms may end up costing you more in repairs and maintenance than the purchase price of the car.


    Grey import Nissan Elgrand, the E51 model up to 2010.
    The majority of 7 seaters give you almost no cargo room with the rear seats in use, the Elgrand has heaps as the seats can slide forward.

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    Honda Odyssey


    Budget for a new transmission for this Volvo right away after you purchase it.


    Go a Kluger if you can find one in your budget. No brainier. Japanese, cheaper parts, lower servicing costs etc


    BMW, Merc, Volvo….. Get ready for having a great new friendship with the local mechanic. They will love you to bits. It is nice to have a luxury car, but if that car is going to potentially get dept collectors knocking on your door it's not worth it. I'd only recommend owning one of those older, getting up there SUV's if you know your willing to get underneath it to work on it.

    Remember, if you're not going off-road, you don't need AWD/4x4. AWD adds costs of:

    Needing all the same brand/model and relative tread level on all four tyres.
    Extra fuel use having to lug around extra weight.
    More things to go wrong with added diffs, drive shafts etc.
    More servicing requirements.

    The less there is, the less can go wrong.

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