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Spend $120, Receive 9000 Bonus Rewards Points @ Woolworths (Online)


I just received the following TARGETED email from Woolworths;

It's the time to try shopping online with Woolworths!

Start shopping online with Woolworths this week and get a huge bonus points boost. Plus, you can choose between contactless Delivery or Pick up, 7 days a week!

Week 1 starts today - Thursday, 21st May
Activate now and spend $60* online by Wednesday, 27th May to earn 4500 points in week 1.*

*Terms and Conditions
Promotion runs from 00:01 AEST 21/05/2020 to 23:59 AEST 07/06/2020.
Offer available on Woolworths online orders only. Offer is not available in Tasmania and Woolworths Metro co-branded stores.
This offer is personal to you, and will be available only on your Woolworths Rewards card.
Activating this offer
Registered Woolworths Rewards members must activate their offer to participate in the promotion. To ensure your offer has been added to your Woolworths Rewards card, you must activate your offer at least 2 hours before shopping online. Any transactions you have made in the promotional period before activating your offer will not receive the bonus points.
How it works
Spend at least $60 (the qualifying amount) in a single transaction at Woolworths online during the designated promotion period and link your registered Woolworths Rewards card at the checkout to earn 4500 bonus points. Offer is valid for redemption once during each week of the promotional period. If eligible for multiple bonus point offers on the same product, only 1 standard Woolworths point will be earned once for all such offers, plus the applicable number of bonus points. For all Woolworths online transactions, orders need to be delivered or picked up by AEST 23:59 at the end of each promotional week to qualify for the promotion.
When will I get my points?
Your bonus points will be added to your account within 3 days of your online order being delivered or picked up.
Qualifying amount excludes withdrawal of cash, delivery charges, Delivery Saver and Delivery Unlimited items, internet cafes, purchases of smoking/tobacco products and accessories, gift cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards and tickets, bag fees, crate service fees, delivery charges, Carpet Care, Donations, lottery products, purchases using a Caltex StarCard, a Country Age Pension Fuel Card or on a charge account and Pre-order Kiosks. Excludes the Woolworths PFD bulk ordering range.

Delivery and Pick up is available at selected areas only.

Free same day Pick up for orders placed before 11am.

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  • Targeted.. I didn't receive any offer

  • +4


    no deal…

    • Calm down

    • -2

      no deal…

      Not for you at least.

  • I don't received such a high offer (V_V)

    • -2

      why not?

      • Woolworths doesn't like me (V_V)

        • +7

          Maybe they saw you shopping at Coles?

  • +1

    I received it too 🙂

  • +2

    I got 4000 points every week for $90 each week for 4 weeks. Seems like a decent deal.

  • Yeh got the same online offer spend $60 each week earn 4500 points for 2 weeks.

    • +1

      Yes I got this one also.

  • +2

    No offer received (yet).

    But still have a few 4000 Points for $50 spend by 24/5 which is more bonus pts/$ (80 vs 75 here).

    Woolies have been generous…
    Got 18k bonus pts for $200 spend in a day recently, through other Deals. Using that credit to pay towards this week's spends on same cards!

    • Do they count spending woollies dollars towards the total spend amount?

      • +2

        Rewards Credit is only a form of payment, so doesn't affect total purchase.

        Yesterday scanned $50 of groceries. Paid with 6000 pts & $20 of discount egift card. Awarded 4000 bonus pt towards next shop.

        • Oh okay thank you, that's good then

    • +1

      Past 18k bonus pts for $200 spend:
      4 family cards with 4000 Points for $50 spend by 10/5
      Other card with 2000 Points for 5c min spend by 10/5
      Handy as was stocking up after lockdown.
      (Offer was in-store or online.)

      As others found, same cards have another 4000 Points for $50 spend offer.
      So up to 20k bonus points this week, partly paid for with those 18k bonus points🎉

  • +5

    I never receive offers from Woolworths, I wonder if I unsubscribed from something I shouldn't have at some point. Anyone in the same boat been able to get them again somehow? The app gives me 3 x point offers but I never receive an email.

    • +1

      Consider getting another Rewards card & only use it occasionally. Seems to trigger offers - my family get so many. But not this one.

  • As always not targeted to me :(

  • I got spend $60 each week and get 4500 points, so 9000 total for two weeks.

    • I got same deal as you, pretty good

  • +1

    Just 3x for me. I wish they stop doing it via emails to click, just feels like an unnecessary risk. Just make it automatic.

    • me too, 3X points only, will do my coles $100 for 4 weeks challenge.

  • +1

    I got 9000 points for 2 weeks of $60. Definitely worth taking over flybuys recent offers..

  • Anyone know if it's one spend $60 or $60 across the week?

    • +1

      In one spend

  • Got 8000 (2x 4000) points for $90 spends over 2 weeks.

  • +1

    Does the system indicate you will get the points when checking out or do we have to wait until later.

    • within 3 days.

      When will I get my points?
      Your bonus points will be added to your account within 3 days of your online order being delivered or picked up.

    • Usually shows on receipt straight away in-store.
      Online orders should also show on receipt. Was the case before the lockdown.

      In the current 4000 bonus pt for $50 spend:
      Yesterday bought $50 of groceries.
      Showed on receipt 4050 pt added.

    • When you do an online order it shows how many points you will earn on before you check out. This is great because you know beforehand if you used the wrong card on purchased at a wrong time.

      • +2

        This time it's not showing the 4500 points for me even though I activated the offer.

        • That is strange. I have done many online orders and it worked. You may need to talk to them. Try the online chat but you have to get past the bot.

        • This time it’s not showing for me as well. Have you worked it out yet?

      • +3

        Did not show for me either when doing the order. The 3x points showed but not the 4500 points. Hopefully the 4500 points will appear after the 3 days as per the conditions.

        • +1

          I would keep an eye out and call them if they do not.

        • Same here with me,any updates on the 4500 bonus points on your end yet?

          Or is it because of the 3x points we dont get the 4500 points?

        • +3

          update: I got the 4500 points two days after i picked up the order.

          • @maccam01: Lucky you, I only received the 3x points and still waiting for the 4500 points.

            They also ran out of stock and brought the total to less than $60, hope it still qualifies

  • I have a 3x and the 4500 for $60 at the same time. Will I get 3x4500 = 13500?

    • +3

      Lol wishful thinking. They don't stack. From previous experience with multiple activations they're all separate.

      So when you spend $60 you'll get 4500 + (3x60) points.

    • +2

      From t&c: 3x points equals 1 (one) standard Woolworths point and 2 (two) additional Woolworths points.

      The 4500 in offer are BONUS points, not standard Woolworths points.

      Normally 1 standard Woolworths point is earnt per $1 spent.
      With the offer 3 are earnt per $1 spent. Bonus points are not a spend!

      So on a $60 spend it's 3x60 standard points + 4500 bonus points as Maestrok commented.

  • Got this !
    4500×2 with $60 for 2 weeks!
    Thanks OP!

  • Nice work, Todd.

  • +1

    ONLINE ORDERS ONLY! Be warned!

    "Offer available on Woolworths online orders only"

    • +1

      lol yeah shit I royally stuffed this up and shopped instore on Sunday. Doesn't matter, will do an online order anyway.

    • +2

      Lol! snagseb said it best in response to an earlier comment by Slapstickz…

      Can someone convert this to English?
      I tried Google Translate but it came up with an error. Anyone? Anyone?

  • Lol is that a challange

    • +1

      I think the drugs are wearing off - that almost makes sense…

      • or the alcohol.

  • +1

    only 8000 points for me but still a pretty sweet deal.

  • I don't wanna buy unwanted stuff because I'm getting points. I still have not received my 10 Qantas Status Credits from my last 2000 points.

    • Are sure you will be getting status credits or QFF points.

      • Sorry I have now came across the deal where you do get status points.

  • Great deal Toddy!

  • Does anyone know how this works with egift cards? If you spend the required amount with an egift card do you still get the points?

    • +2

      Yes, you do.

    • +2

      Spend requirement works with any accepted payment method, including egift cards & Rewards points.

      With Woolies online orders, if the item is out of stock, you still receive the bonus point offer if original order is over the minimum spend amount.
      (I have added items showing for purchase, that I know are likely out of stock - to pad out orders to get the bonus points offer!)

      But if paid with egift card, the refund is a code to apply to future online purchase.
      You can contact Rewards & they will instead convert that to an egift card for refund amount & email that.

      • Do I have to spend more if use the refund code? When I enter the code into the online checkout the total and subtotal are still above the min spend but the 'amount to pay' is below the min spend. Should I spend more?

        • +3

          A refund code should be a form of payment. Total amount of order is what counts. Check with Rewards if concerned.

          It's been too long since I've used a refund code - I ask for an egift card to be sent.

          • +2

            @Rather be Travelling: Yes that is correct, I have used some recently. After you use it it should still the amount of bonus points earned should not change

      • I don’t think they give out of stock stuff points anymore.
        Ordered on Monday, picked up on Tuesday, spend $65 and got $13 out of stock. Still haven’t receive points yet.

        • +1

          That would be a worry and very unfair. I like that the Woolworths bonus points were locked in at the time of purchase, at least last week when I purchased. I have had many out of stock and weight difference credits meaning the final purchase was lower than the amount required for bonus and received all points. With Coles you have to call them as they do not deduct from your CC till they pack and twice I have had the charge be below the amount needed for the bonus. I rang them and both times the bonus points were credited.

        • +1

          picked up on Tuesday

          Your bonus points will be added to your account within 3 days of your online order being delivered or picked up …the clock is still ticking!

          I don’t think they give out of stock stuff points anymore.

          See if the points arrive by at least 3 days (late tomorrow) before jumping to that conclusion!!

          If not - contact Rewards if you ordered at least the minimum spend. It's a Woolies problem if they fail to supply what you ordered. They'll add the points.

        • +1

          Same situation here. Spent $65, a few items went out of stock and ended up at $59 and still no points

          Spoke to live chat who said I qualified and should wait 3 days, its been 3 days already. Will chat with them again tomorrow

          • @OCD Completionist: Hi just wondering where can I do live chat?
            I think because the new rewards app only showing the total amount without the out of stock item.

            • @edw0000000: You can do live chat by going to the Woolies Rewards website, bottom right of the screen. You'll have to get pass the bot first, just type in customer support
              They'll ask for your personal info so have them ready

        • Spent $62 was refunded $6 for an out of stock item messaged them via fb messenger and they happily added the points to my account within a day just had to send a screenshot of the offer email and order email.

    • +4

      Yep, I used an e-gift card and I received my points today.

      • how soon did you get points after spending $60 ?

  • I don't seem to be getting a single offer from woolworths at all… Anyone got the same issue?

    • +1

      I had the same thing happen a few years ago and just made some small purchases and it seemed to work. Also check communication settings. Get some new accounts.

      • Haha didn't think of creating a new account

  • Can i still order today and pick up tomorrow? and the offer still works?

    • It's in t&c:
      Woolworths online transactions, orders need to be delivered or picked up by AEST 23:59 at the end of each promotional week to qualify for the promotion.
      That is by tonight to earn points in week 1!

      Pickup / delivery after AEST 23:59 tonight qualifies as a Wk2 offer of points, with no bonus points in Wk1.

      • Oops - One day too early in those dates - as long as pick up or delivered by Wednesday, 27th May - get points for wk1.

  • Damn looks like i missed out week 1. Even for deliveries.

    • +1

      How? It's only Tuesday. Week 1 ends tomorrow.

      • +1

        Thanks mate, date was confusing for me.

      • The 2 of us were a day ahead!
        I blame the virus for the confusion😉

        • lol I replied with what I wrote after reading your comment above! ><

  • Points posted pretty soon. Just the next day after pickup day.

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