[iOS] 1 Month Free Posting on Break Your Lease, Save $20 @ Apple App Store


As Seen on Sunrise this morning,
Users will be able to register a lease they want to leave, free for the first month after the app’s launch, with registrations listed after this time costing just $20 for gyms, $40 for residential leases, and $70 for commercial leases.

Break Your Lease is a social platform connecting people as they advertise a lease they are needing to break, and where others can find shorter leases to suit their needs.

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    This isnt a deal, this is a newly published app advertising on both sunrise and ozbargain. Plenty of free services for this all over facebook, gumtree etc.

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    Ozbargain not Ozadvertising

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    Residential leases don’t work like that. If you break your lease, a new tenancy is entered. It’s not just handed over to someone who finds it on an app.

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      I guess tenants could sublease the property if its allowed in their contract. Some might just quietly let strangers live in the property paying the rent till the current lease runs out? but then the tenants on the lease carry all the risk.

      Do gyms allow a different person to take over a membership?


      It's not breaking your lease if you find someone to assign it to (and the landlord agrees). It's the same principle as when a landlord sells the property, the new owner takes over the lease and the clock doesn't restart.

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    This is not OzSPAM, go advertise elsewhere…


    This isn't a deal, it's just advertising

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