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Oculus One Year Anniversary Sale - 20% Discount on Select Quest and up to 90% Discount on Rift S Software


Hardware is in short supply, so the sale only applies to software. Don't know how long it lasts, or if the titles will change throughout the sale. Heavier discounts on the Rift store can be used by Quest owners by connecting to a suitable PC using a USB 2 or 3 cable, or wirelessly using the Virtual Desktop application enhanced through SideQuest.

Quest store:

Rift S store:

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    As a new Quest owner I plan to buy Vacation Simulator ($37.59 after 20% discount) direct onto the Quest, and Trover Saves the Universe ($27.89 after 40% discount) from the Rift store. Highly recommend the Virtual Desktop application for Quest owners.

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      FYI Trover is cheaper from the Epic Game Store ($10.77 after the automatic $15 sale coupon) and can be launched in SteamVR


    Hardware is completely sold out, all three models, all internal storage sizes


      I think in the US you can order now with sipping expected in July.


      Which hardware? I can see Occulus go 64gb available, but I’m guessing you’re talking about better/more expensive versions?


        The Oculus Go is pretty much redundant at this stage. It cant make use of any of the sales above.

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    Oculus is the bomb for isolation.

    Big Screen is decent for a free app.

    Nothing as good as Half-life Alyx though.

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      Yeah I started on Half Life Alyx this week connecting my Oculus to PC. Amazing experience. The definition of immersive.

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      Alyx was amazing as far as VR goes.

      What other games would you recommend?


        Far from all of them just the ones I would play more than once

        Saints sinners
        Arizona sunshine
        I expect you to die
        Escape room VR
        Beat sabre
        Asgards Wrath
        Fishermans tale
        Lone echo
        Pistol Whip
        Keep talking & nobody explodes


    If anyone wants recommendations, Thrill of the Fight is a great Boxing game and it's pretty cheap. One match and your exhausted haha

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    Pavlov is the best online multiplayer shooter.

    There is a good one called Racket: Nx if you are into multiplayer sport kind of games.

    SuperHot for parties.

    I didn't mind one called 'Proze' which is generally on special a fair bit.

    Lone Echo is rather solid too.

    You can also check out Viveport which is good when you are new to the oculus and just wanna try new games.

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    Quest sales are horrible! You call nothing more than 28% discount an anniversary sale?? You gotta be kidding me, some of the daily sales were even slightly better!


    Thanks for bringing my attention to this. I noticed they had stopped doing daily deals and weekly bundles, I'm thinking it was because of this being on the horizon.

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    My picks of games that I own and enjoyed on a decent special:

    Arizona Sunshine for $22.99 - one of the first shooters I played in VR that had a story and has free movement. Co-op is great fun.
    Superhot for $18.41 - Still the best Matrix simulator in VR
    Eleven Table Tennis for $22.99 - best tracking and physics, and the VR game that closest feels like doing the real thing.

    I haven't played The Morrigan and for $17.99 I'm tempted to try it. Anyone here played it and can tell me if it's any good?

    Overall it's a pretty disappointing sale IMHO. I was hoping for Sports Scramble on Rift (not Quest) to finally be discounted.


    Damn.. No sale on Vox Machinae


    Only wanting 'The Climb' to go on sale, havent seen it on sale ever


    Any good rift cross buy games that I can use for quest on sale that people recommend?


      I just purchased Eleven table tennis from the Canadian store. It's CA$17 so around ~AUD$18. Have been holding off for a sale and only recently discovered the whole cross buy thing. Is a great place for sales for those interested.