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Firstly, FYI – JB HI-FI has a sale where you buy one Blu-Ray Disc or Pack, you can get another for free. Pretty much a steal and I have already used this to buy all the Harry Potter 4K HDR Blu Rays, came down to $99 bucks or so, which was cheaper than the collections boxset which doesn't even include extras. Also used this for Boxset TV series hehe.(tip: they calculate the cart so that you have to pay the most expensive items, if the price difference between the orders are quite wide, you can save more by doing multiple orders to ensure at least some of the more expensive ones are free)

Amazon has a similar sale.

On to the question:

I'm planning to do the same for the MCU Blu-Rays but the information out there is quite scant. I know they aren't your sleeved kind of Blu-Rays (where do I get these anyways) but my question is, can anyone confirm if the 4K Blu-Rays for the MCU movies are HDR and include Object Based Sound format?

I know the newer ones definitely have Atmos sound (not sure about HDR), but the older ones that have been re-released on 4K don't state Atmos anywhere. Why don't they show the back of the pack uurrg!!

Can anyone confirm this?



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    That is for Iron Man 4K Blu Ray.
    I highly recommend this website. Have a look through that review and if you find enough information in there, use the same website to look through the rest of the older films.


      Looking at that review, Iron Man is HDR and WCG, and contains a Dolby Atmos audio track.


      Hi thanks for the feedback, however, I'm pretty sure these are based on the American releases. I cannot find anything in regards to the Australian ones and wouldn't be the first time we'd have subpar releases.


        I would think that all releases that are done officially by Disney/Marvel would have the same specs.

        But I know that there's been a few releases in other countries such as Germany where there wasn't any Atmos, so who knows to be honest. Good luck!

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