Best 65" TV under $800?

We're rocking an ancient 60" plasma from ~2007, but the picture is starting to get a lot of burn in. Bit tight for cash atm but don't really wanna downgrade in size. I'm looking at Hisense and TCL, I won't be using the Smart TV features as I have an Nvidia Shield. What are the Kogan ones like? Cheers



    We bought a Kogan 50 inch TV (4k) for $400 2 years ago. The picture is great, the sound is horrible. If you don't already have a sound system, then invest in a good quality soundbar. We purchased the Samsung 2.1 ch soundbar when it was discounted to $200.

    It also has very little features, but given you have an NVidia Shield, then the lack of features wouldn't matter.

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    Tcl p8s was 813 which I wanted to get but I store they were not budging, only people with tgg commercial could have gotten it and some did,


    DO NOT buy a Kogan TV. I could write a book about my horrible experience dealing with Kogan and one of its TVs. I am very happy with a 65" Hisense TV. 3 years warranty and excellent customer service.

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      Noted, many say the same, lowest to go is a linsar or ffalcon, recommended is tcl or hisense, the top shit is Samsung lg Sony etc

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