Low Printing Cost : Laser Vs Inkjet

hi Guys

Need recommendation for printer. With WFH, I bought HP Envy 5020 ($50 printer) from officeworks. Can get the HP XL ink for $30 each for Black and Color from InkStation thats supposed to print 300 pages. But I am finding I am printing a lot mostly B&W and some color too and also its using way more ink. In the last 1.5 months, I have used 3 black and almost 2 colour ($150) ink cartridges and hv printed perhaps 600 -700 pages.

Any thoughts if the above usage is typical or printer is not efficient?

Should I go for laser printer as they are suppose to cost less per print? Recommendations pls


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    Laser printers are waaaay cheaper to run. Inkjet is good if you need like high quality photo printing.

    For documents, laser all the way. I have a cheap $50 Fuji Xerox laser printer. I buy knock off cartridges from ebay, like 2 for $30. The cartridge lasts me about a year, thousands of pages of B&W printing per cartridge.


      Thank you..thats what I need..

      Can I pick up a cheap laser printer and it will do the job? Any model recommendations pls

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        Yeah man for sure. Personally I use a B&W laser printer for my documents. Colour ones are expensive.

        Since I barely ever need a colour print, I just keep a colour inkjet just for those ones.

        For the laser printer, just get the cheapest name brand one you can find. Look on eBay to make sure that you can easily source knock-off cartridges on the cheap.


      @boioioioi can you pls link me with the bay seller


        Varies for various printers mate. Just have a search and choose a seller with a good rating who is located in Australia. I actually found one quite local to me and pick up the toner locally to save postage time sometimes.


    One Ecotank may last for 3 years.

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    Just go a BW Brother Laser Duplex model and use high yield generic toner cartridges. Plenty of posts.

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    brother printers are pretty good and yeah, go laser if you can

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