Seiko 5 Sports SRPD71K & SRPD73K $312ea @ Angus&Coote (Instore)


$312 ea at Angus&Coote Joondalup (possibly nationwide, not searchable online)

Record low price for these 2 particular colours on mesh bracelets I believe.
Olive dial SRPD75k has been $269 elsewhere.

Seiko 5 Sports SRPD71K - Blue dial, mesh bracelet ($399 at Starbuy)
Seiko 5 Sports SRPD73K - Black dial, mesh bracelet ($379 at Starbuy)
(it's worth noting that these dials are different from the blue and black dials offered with the oyster bracelets, namely white chapter rings and faux aged lume)

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    Case Size - 42.5 x 13.4mm

    reasonable size for a desk diver… and lol… a pull out crown

    and $625 is the seiko official rrp

    yikes… a real 200m diver from orient is probably a goer at this level

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      Like this new bad boy from Orient. Looks very similar - 43mm x 51mm x13mm, 200m, sapphire, hacking automatic.


        around $400 usd so another price category

        the kamasu and a few of the sapphire rays? makos? might be the go instead

        if you dont care about sapphire then any of the mineral orient divers are fine


      To each their own I suppose.
      I personally prefer the pull out crowns on my 5kx to screw-down ones on my turtles and samurai, I collect and wear my watches in rotation so always have to adjust them.
      Haven't found myself deeper than 30m under water so never had any problems with 100m vs 200m rated watches, I suspect other desk divers like myself share the sentiments.
      Also, RRPs means nothing for watches, 5kx can be had regularly for $230 to sub $400 depending on models, these particular models are as cheap as they have been though.

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        yeah i would give up all that crap for sapphire but even then this aint it

        i really only rotate maybe 2-3 automatics now, an omega, a swiss eta7750 and a orient gmt

        i struggle to buy any seiko at under $1k… sad state of affairs. I have the money ready but nothing ticks all the boxes.

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        I enjoy adjusting them. But for me $1K Seiko is where it is at now, along with a couple of Swiss divers, and a solar.

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    Seiko 5's for close to $400. I still haven't gotten used to this. Surely an Orient Kamasu is better overall at this prices range.


      yeah i get ya… i remember buying seikos 5s for $50… and buying a few and giving them aways as gifts!

      here ya go, everyone gets a 7s26 powered pile of shit

      but then i started to get into swiss watches and then its all over

      like the guy above the market seems to have shifted to $1k seikos

      i'm looking at orient triton, even at an inflated price like $600 or so its a bargain compared to seiko

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