[PC] Steam - Project Cars 2 - $8.79 US (~$13.45 AUD)/Project Cars 2 Deluxe $12.81 US (~$19.60 AUD) - Gamebillet


All time lowest price for the standard edition of this game.
If you do not have a card without foreign currency fees, use GreenManGaming instead at $13.49 AUD: https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/project-cars-2

Project Cars 2 Deluxe: https://www.gamebillet.com/project-cars-2-deluxe-edition

Project Cars 2 Deluxe at $20.24 AUD: https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/project-cars-2-deluxe-e...


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    Really enjoying this despite absolutely sucking in the Formula C campaign :(


    I downloaded this Project Cars 2.0 game 2 weeks ago onto my i5-8290U Windows 10 desktop NUC ,
    no graphics card installed and it works fine on medium settings @720p, very playable. It's a great game, you can just select a track and car and then play,
    none of this storyline interfering with your racing pleasure, well worth sub $20 price.


      Not an official reseller. Risk of dodgy keys.
      I will send you a little article later or tomorrow reporting the repercussions of these sites to the devs.


        I found this link in the comments in your another post, people recommended cdkeys.com


          G2A is another site that sells grey market keys. However, they also happen to sell stolen keys once in a while.

          See this article for example: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/05/g2a-confirms-stolen-g...

          Of course people recommend those sites as they are cheap - there are some people that recommend pirating sites and try to promote them here as they are even cheaper.

          What it comes down to is: if you want the devs to continue making great games for you, games you enjoy, do not rob them off the reward for their work, even if it means paying $2 more.
          You would not want your work devalued and would not want to be cheated so do not do it to others.


            @Lysander: Yeah you're right. But I wonder how can I differentiate between the official sites and the grey market sites?

            I purchased twice in G2A as I don't know about this.
            I purchased once in greenmangaming (as you had a private chat to buy The Crew 2 - if you remember), but greenmangaming is fine, right.
            Also in the private chat with you, you also recommended me GRID AUTOPOST in Gamesplanet.com.

            So I only know it's an official site when you told me, otherwise, it's hard for me to differentiate between them.

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