Manuka Honey UMF 10+ for $39.99 UMF 15+ for $69.99 (500g, Nutrivance, Made in New Zealand) + Postage @ Kogan


A very reasonable price for NZ Manuka Honey.
They also got the UMF 20+ for $149 (500g, MGO 820+)
Shipping for me for 2 jars to Sydney was $5
Their RRP is bit high ($199, $299 and $399 for the UMF 10+, 15+ and 20+) but the current price is below Chemist Warehouse Comvita prices

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    They now sell in ALDI 10+ for $20


      I know in the past they had claimed UMF but I think did not have the certification. I may be wrong. Could not see Aldi prices it online.


        The certification isn't cheap - Aldi is probably wise not to bother with it, or their stuff would also end up 10x the price.

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    Good prices! Note that current evidence is pretty limited for actual in vivo efficacy. Quite a few promising case reports though.

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    Damn, I paid $400 for this a week ago. Anyway, after drinking a jar it cured my smallpox and added an inch downstairs.

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    An inch around the waist line!


    Didnt independent university studies show Aussie Manuka was better?


      The amount of active ingredients vary, a lot, between plant species, time of year, region etc, percentage of Manuka Honey producing species. Some honey is very high, some is very low. A small amount of Australian species do outperform the NZ species (which also occurs natively in Aus, it originated in Aus), many don't.


    Regular honey only a few bucks for 500g

    Arguably equal in health benefits :)

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    Didn't science recently say Manuka honey was total bollocks?

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      this isn't for people who listen to 'science' ;)


        People who listen to Science constantly or once in awhile? You know, contradictory scientific findings pop up regularly, though not much more punctual than public transportation in Sydney, just saying … ;P

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