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Free: $10 Welcome Reward + Yearly $10 Birthday Reward @ David Jones Rewards


Get a $10 reward for signing up to the free David Jones Rewards program, plus another $10 reward every year for your birthday. Rewards can be used in store or online with no minimum spend, but have a 30 day expiry. Each purchases also enters you into a monthly draw to win a $5000 gift card.

If your birthday is within the next 30 days of signing up you can stack them together for $20 off. There is no verification of your birthday required.

Currently this deal stacks with the AmEx $15 credit on $100 spend deal. So you can get up to $35 off a $120 spend. AmEx deal expires 09/06/20.

You can no longer purchase additional eGift cards online with your Welcome/Birthday rewards in order to extend the expiry.

Thanks to nocure and dealbot for posting the Welcome Rewards offer previously. I spoke to live chat today who confirmed that these offers will be around for a long time, so I'll mark this deal as long running.

Update 26/05/20: Birthday reward emails are being received, but welcome rewards emails don’t seem to be coming through at the moment. When I spoke to live chat, they were able to provide me the details of the missing reward so I could redeem it. I will chase up with DJs, but suggest people also speak to live chat to get their welcome rewards until this is resolved.

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  • $10 welcome reward not working.
    Tested on 2 signups last week few days apart

    • I did have issues with the welcome reward as well, live chat initially said there may be an IT issue and said they could raise a case for support team to fix it, but then I asked for the card number/PIN and they provided it. They also confirmed that the offer was still going.

      Live chat are closed at the moment. I can try to raise a case with them tomorrow to confirm it's working for everyone. What dates did you sign up? Did Birthday rewards come through, or not applicable?

      • signed up on the 21/22/24 one per day, and none of them received anything.
        going to try another one today and c what happen.
        it should be sent within 24hr or never right ?

        • Samelight / easternculture, if you didn’t get your welcome reward, and if you have a chance, would you be able to let live chat know, so they know it’s a widespread issue? They should be able to also give your the details of your rewards voucher. I will also try to follow up with them tomorrow.

          • @Hargain Bunter: the live chat is not working too…

            Unfortunately there are no Agents available right now.
            You can try again later or leave us a message.
            Our Chat Team is available between 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

    • Were your accounts Gmail or Hotmail?

  • I never got my birthday reward, and when I contacted DJ about it, they told me "my account has not been selected for this offer during this instance" lol? :(

    • That sucks, they still have both the Welcome and Birthday rewards advertised on their page, and live chat said they were both still going, so not sure why they didn’t honour it.
      They worked for me, so hopefully should work for others. You could try signing up for a new account?

    • I never got my birthday reward in April. But I did get the $10 welcome one back in August when I signed up and then another $10 one in December for whatever reason.

  • $35 off a $120 spend, not $45

    Will give this a try then vote.

  • Assuming the birthday rewards is every year or one off?

  • Didn't work on gmail or hotmail accounts for many previously.
    Think they realised people were signing up with multiple emails.

    • The birthday reward came through to me on a Gmail. They could have systems in place to detect multiple accounts, not sure.

      • I am talking about the welcome credit which you didnt receive through email either and had to go through live chat to get.
        It made an account for me, but didnt send me the welcome voucher. This was over 1 month ago.

  • Never received the rewards, even my business email, not worth to try.

    • Agreed there does seem to be issues with the welcome rewards. If you have a chance to speak to live chat they can give you your voucher details, it will also help them to identify a widespread issue. I’ll also chase them.

  • Really want to neg this.

    It's totally hit-and-miss whether DJ will send the reward, and more likely-than-not that you won't.

    I think I might have got the reward on my own account a long time ago, but my Mum, who signed up after me, never got hers, even though she made a few purchases from DJ's.

    • I agree they seem to have issues with the welcome rewards. I’ll try to get an update from them about it. As Infidel posted below is it possible that your Mum had inadvertently unsubscribed from the emails?

      • Didn't get mine when I signed up on Saturday either, so it's still not fixed. Although I get reminders from them that I have something in my cart.

        Anyway on Monday the person on the chat told me I need to wait 36 hours for it to come through. I tried again today and the person told me that they need to raise a case, so now I have a case number and still no credit. This is becoming a bit of work to save $10

  • No welcome credit, tried with a gmail and a business email.

    • I had the same issue with a business email (as well as Gmail). I haven’t had a chance to speak to DJs about the widespread issue yet. But if you speak to live chat they should be able to give you the details for your voucher.

  • Make sure email communication is turned on in account, in Your Preferences.
    Otherwise you receive no offers or loyalty credit.

    You can join by creating an online profile and opting in to receive emails from David Jones, or by providing your email address instore.

    • Thanks for posting this, I think this is the reason some people haven’t received their birthday rewards in the past. I know I have unsubscribed from the emails, not knowing that it would stop my birthday reward coming through.

      I think that there are also other issues with their system causing welcome emails not to come through.

    • My preferences were already set up like that when I signed yesterday (and I didn't change them) still no welcome voucher.

      • Yep I think they have issues with the Welcome emails. I have updated the description to reflect that. If you have a chance, would you mind chatting with live chat to let them know. I will also chat with them when they open tomorrow to ask what the go is.

  • When is the birthday credit given? eg. My birthday is 5th June, I receive notification on 1st June of available credit to be used in following week…

    I ask because my birthday is coming up just before the AMEX deals ends :)

    • should be 6days be4 ur birthday, or never.
      hey btw have you received the welcome reward?

      • I just registered, entered my birthday. It's in 6 days, so I am hoping to receive applicable discounts. As yet, I have not received anything — just the signup email.

  • Am I right they don't give points for purchases ?

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