Nissin instant noodles

I’m in Sydney , anyone know where to get them? My local area now price go up a lot . Thanks


  • I'm in Adelaide so probably not the most useful info, but my woolies online can deliver most of the nissin flavours, both the regular and premium varieties

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    Asian grocery shops …

  • My local Coles has them in Melbourne, although they cost about 50% more than good asian grocers in the CBD. I’d go for a browse through an area with a few asian grocers, as this is where I find them cheap (~80c a packet).

  • How much is the price point you are referring to?

    It is about $14 for a box of 20 in Asian grocery shops

  • nissin has many cups or packets or in bulk package or in cartons.

    what are you looking for exactly?

    nissin can range from $0.50 cents a single serve

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    Where have you looked? Sydney is a big place.

  • Where is your local area? Where have you looked? What specific flavours and sizes are you looking for?

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    Have you tried your local Nissin dealer?

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    More information required. Your request for help is too broad and generic. Which variety of Nissin noodles do you usually purchase?

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