50% off: Vivitar Smart Powerstrip $34.98, Vivitar LED Smart Bulbs 450 Lumen $14.98, 1050 Lumen Bulb $19.98 @ EB Games


not sure how good this compare to xiaomi stuff but quite surprise to see this items pop up at ebgames site.

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    Yeah I saw the smart lighting in store on the weekend and thought it was a bit odd.


    Can't help but notice that the bulbs specify 120V on them in the pictures. I can't imagine they'd get in the country if they were rated at that but it's a wonder nonetheless.

    Also these are all Tuya based and easily flashed with Tasmota.


    I've owned a power strip for about 2yrs now. The first one I received was faulty on arrival (relay on one of the power outlets needed a whack every 2nd switch lol). Replacement hasn't skipped a beat since!

    Unsure whether other model power boards offer control of the USB ports as well (as a whole, not individual), but this one does which I thought was neat.

    At this price, I think it's a great purchase to "have one" lying around if you're heading towards a more connected home or a no-brainier if you have an immediate requirement for 4 outlets and a bank of USB ports (mine rarely does more than be a glorified power board). I almost want to grab a 2nd


    450 lumen is very dim, only suitable for hallway lighting imo as it is too dim to use even for small rooms in a single bulb config.

    The 1000 lumen bulb seems to be a decent deal.

    Xiaomi is 800 lumens for comparison (first gen was 600).


    Damn, can't be integrated with Alexa / Google?

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    Thanks OP. Got the 1050 lumens smart bulb on their eBay site with free delivery for eBay Plus members. Some quick research showed it’s voice assistant compatible.