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[Prime] Zowie GTF-X Large Mousepad $25.29 @ Amazon AU


Prime: $25.29 delivered.
Usually goes for $60 on MWave and is the largest mouse pad out of the two available, measuring 480mm x 400mm
Without Prime: +$6 give or take.
It's a plastic/cloth hybrid and is more of a speed pad compared to the GS-R.
Comments indicate the product being received in a flat box or rolled up with issues of the mouse pad curling when shipped in the rolled up box however people have fixed this issue by placing a cloth over the mouse pad and ironing it down, zowie says this will not damage the mousepad.
I assume the reason to its price reduction would be because it is old stock and is shipped in a rolled box, however for 25 dollars I've taken the risk and I hope I don't get it warped.

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