60% off Down Dog Yoga (+ Fitness) App Annual Subscription for Memorial Day ~ $37 AUD


Down Dog Yoga App offering 60% off annual subscription, bringing it down from $60 USD to $24 USD (c. $37 AUD)

I used the app a fair bit during the free period in April and really enjoyed it. Excellent customisation of length, type, complexity, goals for your Yoga sessions whether you're a beginner like me or more advanced.

It does also have HIIT, Barre and other workout style classes on. Haven't tried them myself but may be handy if gyms stay shut!

More Info on the app available here on their website

Payment is by Paypal or Credit Card, so FX fee may apply

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  • can you cast this app to the tv? looking for something where I dont have to touch my phone during whole routine.

  • This is awesome. I just purchased - thanks.
    I signed up for the free month and used the Hiit, Yoga and Barre daily - love the way you can adjust workout to suit.

    • Same for me. The ability to fully customise the workout was fantastic, meaning I could do whatever stretches or time duration I needed at that moment. I couldn't justify the full price when the trial ended but I've taken the plunge now

  • Do you get a year that starts after your free period?

  • Thanks. It looks like the discount is perpetual too as it adds a subscription for that price. So good if you want to keep it as it stays cheap, but also remember to cancel if you don't want another year.

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