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Viva Paper Towel 3 Pack $3 @ Woolworths


Viva Paper Towel 3 pack for $3.

Cheapest it's been for a while.

Currently $16 for a 12 pack at Amazon, or $14.40 S&S.

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  • Come on amazon price match !

    • they only have pack of 12 and 16

      • ohh damn!

      • They usually price match the equivalent pack size, eg 12 pack for $12 or 16 pack for $16.

        • +1

          Hope so. I’m far too lazy to go to Woolies just for this.

  • +1

    Nice. Never thought I'd have paper towel brand loyalty but the difference between this and something like Woolies' Titan paper towel is night and day.

  • Is this better than tuffy?

    • +4

      Quilton Tuffy ones are better in my opinion.

    • +2

      I prefer Tuffy as well, waiting for the next Tuffy sale!

    • +1

      Tuffy #1 on Choice but Viva is not far behind.

      Tuffy is also usually $2.15 for 3pk vs $3 for 3pk of this deal, but who knows when that will be available again. Might have to get a few packs of Viva until that happens.

  • Wonder if they'll all get snapped up 😳

    • +5

      Someone might buy all the stock and really clean up…

  • Empty shelves in several woolies.

  • At regular price, Woolies Ashfield Sydney. $4.

    What gives?

    • Did you try scanning it? Otherwise go to customer service and show them the catalogue.

      Or you can get it from Coles tomorrow for $3 (in catalogue) or Tuffy from Woolworths tomorrow

      • +1

        I looked it up on the WW website on my phone and the deal wasn't there anymore (this was on Tuesday) and I figured OzB references wouldn't cut it. If it was in the physical catalogues maybe… didn't think of that.

        Ended up with the Tuffy's today, thanks.

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