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AMD Ryzen 9 3900x $729 ($100 off) at PLE and PCCG


Came across an ad for local stock on the 3900x. Only slightly more expensive than amazon, for those wanting to pop by their local PLE or PCCG

3950X is going for $1199 ($120 off)

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  • That's better local stock ready to go now. Refresh must be coming soon.

  • likely in response to amd dropping pricing

  • There is a $650 deal on amazon, but it is a new seller.

    • Does Amazon offer any sort of protection if somebody buys from this seller and they don't deliver?

      I've noticed on eBay recently a few sellers with zero feedback, selling popular products at "too good to be true" prices.

      • Yes you will get your money back but you are asking for trouble buying from that seller: new seller, no info, most robot spambot name ever.

        • I guess I wonder what the scam could be, if you get your money back? What's in it for the seller if they aren't going to get to keep your money?

          • @Duckman: Maybe short term fund rising?
            1. Open 1st fake shop, sell fake stuff to get fund but never actually dispatch the stock.
            2. Close then open the second shop selling same items. Use new fund to refund the previous shop's orders.
            3. Keep doing the 2nd step. Using 1st shop fund for whatever reason.
            4. Profit!!!

            • @Squirtle: I don't believe Amazon would clear the fund before item received.

              • @bargaingod123: I Googled the seller's name and found this.

                • @Duckman: The main discussion is about name, I translated the name: "miepieshangmaoyouxiangongsi"
                  "miepie" is some random name
                  "shangmao" means trading
                  "youxiangongsi" means limited company, same as pty ltd here

                  The name is not the problem I guess, I still wouldn't try since I have never got any product with "price error" from Amazon.
                  Not sure how the scam works if it is a scam but stay away from them is the best act.

                  • @bargaingod123: They also have the GoPro HERO8 Black for $188. There's no way that's real.

                    • @Duckman: I have tried buying from them before. Always the same story, newly open store with very long Chinese looking name, exactly same products as previous closed one, and no review of course. Orders would be "dispatched" quickly after purchase with fake China Post tracking number. Of course shipment would never turn up at estimated day and support issue refund. After that lots of negative review pop up on the store page with same issue. All the products would be deleted by then from the store. Rinse and repeat for another store / account.

                      If you pay attention to this listing, you would see them popping up every other day.

  • Still $10 cheaper through this deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/540046) but for speedy delivery etc I'd probably still go PLE/PCCG.

  • seen a lot cheaper. wait for 4900x if you can i am.

    • The reason on the current pricing is because of COVID19… not sure how much it is impacting the businesses but they sure as hell are taking advantage of it.

      • yep, all the more reason to wait.

      • I have disagree with it being a lot cheaper although that's a relative term.

        If you exclude the FTC scam, there have been a couple of instances where its gotten down to $660. Most of the deals posted to OzB and looking at Amazons price history shows around low $700s are the average. So I don't think deal is necessarily bad or that far off the all time low.

        There will always be an argument to wait and things can always get cheaper, however if you need to upgrade or want to I don't think the current climate is actually that bad.

    • It's been cheaper via Ebay PRE Covid19. However the sub 600 deal from FTC computers was a scam. They were selling stock they didn't have and got banned from Ebay. I had to wait a while to get a refund after complaining to PayPal. You could always wait for the next big thing but some people need those features now. What happens when 4900x get released and details of the 5900x leak, are you going wait again?

  • I have been thinking about getting one for a while and saw that it's going for the same price at Shopping Express[1], too.

    [1] https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/amd-ryzen-9-3900x-3.8...

  • Price is same at Mwave Btw if you are purchasing Online