Palmolive Antibacterial Liquid Hand Wash Refill, 1L $6.50 (+Shipping/ $0 Prime/Spend $39) Was $7.69 @ Amazon AU


Price-drop once again from Amazon and Woolworths:

Bigger Pack Better Value (4x 250mL)
Contains a naturally derived antibacterial agent
Kills 99.9% of germs
Contains mild cleansers
Provides a gentle clean for the whole family

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  • Same in Coles too with other scents. Note: Non-foaming. Found out the hard way…

    Coles own brand ones are back on shelf too now at about $2.

  • The Woolworths link is unavailable for me what price is it usually or showing now on sale?

    The Balnea refills are $3.30/L so roughly half the price per litre of this deal both are antibacterial but the Balnea comes in 750mL whereas this deal comes in 1000mL but it is better value going the Balnea way but Palmolive could be better quality but I have no idea only making estimations.

    Lastly no subscribe and save option on this item sadly.

    • It's very high for a sale price. You probably wouldn't notice the difference from balnea.

      • This is very true just thought it might be worth asking just in case there is some study or research/test/review that says Balnea is better than Palmolive in this regard or vice versa etc.

        Choice might have a say in it but I am not a subscriber so I wouldn't know.

      • Balnea is the worst soap I have ever used.
        Hardly any lather

    • Can the Balnea one turn into foaming too by mixing it with water?

  • I'm starting to become sceptical - over the past 10 weeks in ISO/WFH, I've bought 8 litres of similar palmolive liquid soap, 6 litres of sanitiser, 5 litres of Viraclean, 50 bars of aloe vera soap a UVC germicidal lamp. I take 4000IU of vitamin D a day plus 1hr of sun and eat stuff in more fruits & greens than a polling booth. I've been religiously cleaning everything - but last week I still caught a cold. I've saved heaps from OzB & the bulk tissues have come in handy, but was it all worth it?!?!?!?!?!

    • You're drinking it wrong, need to dilute first like a juice squash/cordial. Could have saved over half those amounts… Tsk.

    • No. Steve-O has taught us that you can do some pretty crazy stuff and still live to tell the tale especially in the germs and bacteria department it's mostly all mind over matter.

      Don't believe me watch some Jackass and stuff from Steve-O he is living proof that you can literally cover yourself in other people's faeces and still be ok somewhat lol.

      And on the insect and deadly creatures end watch Brave Wilderness on YouTube you will be in awe and amazed at what the human body can endure if you put your mind to it.

      Most sickness is just yourself getting self paranoid over stuff or stepping beyond your boundaries either accidentally or on purpose.

      Stay safe and take care friend.

    • same i have so much soap and sanitizer i’m set up for a 4th corona wave …. i think a lot of the hype is to make people feel like they are in control ….. someone with corona sneezes or coughs on you soap and sanitizer won’t help …….

    • Same here, left home like 2 times in a week to go shopping late evening with barely any people in sight and somehow managed to get cold. How???

  • I bought one 1-2 months ago from reject shop for $5

  • 1 L refills have been $3.25 on Amazon in the past, at least of the honey and milk variety.

  • Actually Aldi's antibacterial foaming hand soap is so good, I am surprised by the quantity despite it has a cheap looking packaging. It comes with passionfruit, ginger and mint smell and leave my hands clean. Not expansive but my son loves it so much and washes his hands all the time.

  • Antibacterial but not antiviral. Does nothing for viruses that normal soap wouldn't do. Experts even believe Antibacterial soaps can lead to superbugs.

  • I'm sorry, how is this a deal? This is the everyday price from Coles, Woolies and just about everywhere else. Even the worst case scenario, a 10% special at Woolies would beat this deal.

    • at least no more toilet paper deals …… another few weeks and then only soap deals will be coles or woolies 50% off hopefully …. only thing i can’t get regularly is aldi orange juice ……

      • Aldi orange juice is back! well in melboure at least with a nice $0.50 price increase to go along with it ($4.49 now). I find the woolies house brand for $5.49 is comparable.

    • and $2 more than exactly the same from Aldi

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