JB Hi-Fi Refurbished Galaxy Tab s 5e

does anyone (ex JB hifi or Samsung employees) know how to check whether a Samsung galaxy tab s 5e is new or refurbished? Samsung online help were no help.

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  • Give us some background on where this was obtained…

  • the tablet has been behaving erratically. the screen has flashed yellow a couple of times & scrolling has stuttered a couple of times. i wouldn't expect this from a new 2 day old tablet.

  • I’m not affiliated but heard a rumour any electrical device with issues is definitely a refurb, otherwise they’d have nothing to fix.

    Problem solved!

  • Question would be was the box sealed with the Samsung Factory sticker? Otherwise no real chance to check if refurbished or not. Unless you work at the Samsung Repair Centre or have access to their repair system. The Samsung PBA (Mainboard) gets programmed with the same Serial/IMEI if they are replaced.

  • doesn't address the topic but yes the box was sealed with Samsung stickers but wouldn't a refurbished unit also be in a box sealed with Samsung stickers as jb claim on their website that the refurbished models are refurbished by the manufacturer or ex demo units. the ex demo units obviously wouldn't have Samsung stickers cause the box is already open.

    • So it's not an ex-demo. If box was sealed, it's not even a chance of being opened to show someone the colour or check the charger or whatever.

      Sounds faulty. Take it back. Within 30 days, you'll get a straight swap with no issues.

      Silly question though - have you done any software updates for the device yet? Not the apps - the device itself.

      Check that first.

      • have done all the software updates for the device. the product codes on the receipt & hand written on the unit's box are the same as those on the refurbished units on the jb website. this has heightened my suspicion that it is a refurbished unit. the wrapper the tablet was in is yellowed & a bit tatty looking. not clean & white as would be expected. if it is a refurbished unit that was not disclosed to me when i bought it. the real pisser is that on the jb website the refurbished unit is $599. i paid $649. thx for your help.

        • That product code is just an internal stock code (SKU). I imagine the SKU is for the model. As far as I know, only online sells the refurbished units. The model would be the same and I guess the SKU is too as only online sells the reburbished stock.

          It's a mid-range tablet that's a year old, in packaging that is stored in a warehouse and not shrinkwrapped.

          If the box is sealed, it is new.

          The unit would have some form of plastic over the screen, back, edge of the tablet too. That would indicate (along with the seal sticker on the box) that the unit is new.

          Just return it if, like you say, it's faulty.

          • @millhouse: the $50 price increase instore as against online? i don't think that is ok. the tablet did not have any plastic on its front, back or sides. it was just placed inside a sleeve that is off colour & tatty looking. but then again i don't buy too many tablets so i can't compare it against any other tablet packaging. yes it's midrange but within my budget. it got good reviews at the time & most printed & online reviewers are still recommending it over the galaxy tab s6 lite.

    • Have you updated the device (firmware/OS, as well as downloaded all the Google Play updates) to see whether it resolves the performance issue?

      If so and specifically if the 'Yellow screen flashing' is something easily repeatable, then I'd take it back to JB ASAP, and ask for an exchange.

      • yes all firmware & updates done. the problems are few & far between but i don't want a lemon & be dudded with such an expensive purchase. i wouldn't have bought a refurbished unit of that had been disclosed to me. i work in an industry that provides refurbished units & they're crap most of the time. bit embarrassing really. thx for your help.

    • I wouldn’t think that JB HiFi would risk selling you a product that was refurbished without advising you and printing on the tax invoice it is a refurbished device. They are risking more than just a fine

      You’re buying from JB HiFi that is sealed in the box with matching Serial/IMEI as the device printed on the box.

      No authorised repair centre that I am aware of would go that far to reseal a box to make extra money.

      Even if the manufacturer asked to provide the user with a replacement/refurbished device due to repair or other means it will be in a totally different box. Samsung Authorised repair centre replacement/refurbished devices would say Samsung Care all over the packaging. Telco’s have their own internal programs.

      Apple’s packaging for their tablets and phones will have printed on it Apple Certified Refurbished printed on box and also Apple Changes the serial number to mark it refurbished.

      Your thinking too much on this one. Take it back to JB and have a chat to them. I know on smartphones in the Telco world (Not sure about Tablets) they have a short period of Time where it will be classed as Early Life Failure. They replace the product on the spot with another sealed retail device.

      Hope this helps

  • Take it back and get it replaced with another refurb.

  • Apparently everyone in this thread has "not addressed the topic", yet the OP fails to realise they are the problem and the tablet is fine.

    • you must be clairvoyant! you know the tablet is fine from wherever you are! one clever lurker.😂 however clever you are guess what? you didn't address the topic.😂

  • On my samsung S8, i can go into settings, then About Phone, then Status, then there is a label 'Uptime'. This tells me the total uptime usage of my device. See how many hours you have on your device..

  • too late. unit returned for full refund. thx for your reply.

  • thx to all for your replies, especially the people that tried to be helpful. the topic was never addressed in the way i had hoped but…oh well. thx even to the inane & stupid comments. they gave me a good giggle.🤣🤣🤣