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AmEx Offer - Spend & Get up to $400 Back at Specified Retailers (Coles, Wool + More) @ American Express (Platinum Charge Only)


Got this very new offer on my Plat Charge, easy to get $400.

Offer valid at participating brands where American Express is accepted: Coles, Harris Farm Markets, Woolworths, David Jones, Deliveroo.

Payments can be made in-store at Coles, Harris Farm Markets, Woolworths, David Jones.
Payments can be made online at shop.coles.com.au, harrisfarm.com.au, woolworths.com.au, www.davidjones.com, deliveroo.com.au.
Payments can be made in-app via the Woolworths Scan&Go and Deliveroo app.
Not valid at Coles Express locations.
Not valid for gift cards purchased online.
Not valid for payments to Coles Insurance, Coles Mobile.

Harris Farm Markets
Not valid at the following locations within Harris Farm stores: Charlotte Cafe, Hudson Meats, Salt Meats Cheese, Sydney Fresh Seafood.

Not valid at Caltex Woolworths or Caltex Woolworths Metro locations.
Not valid for gift cards purchased online.
Not valid for payments to Woolworths Insurance, Woolworths Mobile.

David Jones
Excludes eGift Card purchases.
Excludes products purchased online from the following brands: Luxaflex, Miele, The Daily Edited and Ultraceuticals.

Offer valid for payments made in Australian Dollars and deliveries made within Australia.

Transactions must be charged to your Card by 27/08/2020 to be eligible for the offer. If a business does not charge your Card by this date (e.g. due to a delay in dispatching your goods), you will not be eligible for the offer.
Offer is limited to a maximum of AU$400 credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.
Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, in-store, in-app or online via the above noted payment methods.
Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.
Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.

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David Jones Card: random (40)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

David Jones Platinum Card: random (3)

Referrer: 30,000 Reward Points
Referee: 40,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • Targeted

  • Does this description need a bit of a re-write?

    What is the actual offer?

  • +15 votes

    This looks very specific and targetted. I got this on my Plat Charge only. None of my other Amex's (Plat Reserve and Plat Edge) did not get it, neither did the supp card on the Plat Charge or other cards.
    Given this is essentially a $400 rebate (spend $400 at Coles/Woolworths, including gift cards as long as not online, to get $400 back is very easy to do), this seems like Amex trying to give some of my annual fee on the Plat Charge back, especially with the value proposition of the Charge down the toilet with no travel etc.

    But thanks for the posting - might have missed it otherwise.

    • this seems like Amex trying to give some of my annual fee

      Absolutely this. I would say a lot of people who have had their annual fee come up during corona time would have cancelled on the basis the card benefits currently mean nothing.

  • Obviously it's targeted for Plat Charge, and Per card account.

  • I see it on my charge card thanks
    Loved the 4.5ppd, then came the bonus points at supermarkets and food delivery on my reserve cards, and now this!

  • Only got it on primary charge card. Nothing shows up on any other cards including Exp, Exp additional, Plat additional, Plat Reserve, Plat Reserve additional.

    • how many darn credit cards you got there bruh??

      • Dude… myself and my boyfriend so all together is 6… which is not a competitive number to normal ozbargainers.

    • I’d assume it still works if you have a secondary person in your platinum charge card account right? My wife way more likely to use this offer than me.

      • Supplementary cards don't always get the offer (and vice versa). Subjectively, when I had a card, I found the easiest way to check was via the app. Nicer interface and much quicker than the desktop UI.

  • Didn't get it on my DJs Amex, Velocity Amex, or Westpac Amex. Must be for Platinum Charge cards only.

  • Got it thanks

  • Plat charge card primary cardholders only

  • Yep on my charge only.

  • Single or multiple transactions - can't tell clearly from the description. Suspect multiple but would like to clarify.

    • It uses “transactions” in the plural , so I’d agree multiple. Other AmEx offers usually have usually stated in one or more transactions, or single use. It could be stated clearer.

  • And $725 on Centurion.

  • Got it on my Platinum Charge only so I'd say it's targetted at that card.
    Fantastic offer though if you do have access to it.

  • awesome thanks

  • So I can walk into Coles and get a $400 Amazon voucher for free?

  • Nothing on Edge or Explorer :(

  • Great deal!

  • Got it on plat primary card - what an offer from Amex, cheers OP

  • Any idea if this would be up to 400 in a single transaction?

  • I just noticed this in my Amex offers as well, seems too good to be true :)

    • Likely Amex trying to provide value to the card. My annual fee is coming up in a couple of months and my plan was (is?) to call them up and demand they waive it because I can't use any of the benefits at the moment because no travel, possibly going to cancel it if they don't budge. Throwing $400 out to stem losses of a $1450 annual fee seems reasonable (even if they end up making a loss with this and other promos this year, they keep customers for next year's fee…)

      • Yeah agreed it’s a good deal, they also doubles lounge passes recently and doubled the points earnings until 20th of July. I was going to ask they apply my annual travel credit to the annual fee if travel restrictions stay the same through the rest of the year.

      • Keep in mind if you threaten to leave, they can't do anything to entice you to stay anymore.

        Legally they no longer can offer anything to try and get you to stay. Whilst it was a good idea, it ruined things for a lot of people who use it as a tactic to save some money.

        • My experience is that if you say "I want to cancel" (which used to be the strategy) they won't try and entice you not to, but if you say "I'm considering my options, the annual fee is higher than I'd like" they can waive. YMMV of course, and may depend on lender.

        • Yeah I don’t bother with leave threats, I only use this card and love it.

  • got $725 on centurion

  • Professional Platinum charge card. Not received this offer.
    Is there anyone holding prof card and received it?

  • Why didn't get it on my Platinum Charge Card.

  • It might have to do with when your annual fee was due or how much spending you put through. I just paid my annual fee last month… didnt really see the benefit of the card as couldn't travel for the next few months but thought I may be able to in Dec and didn't really want to fluff around and cancel and re-apply. I'm still wondering whether it was multiple transactions or one…guess will have to call them up.

  • Is there a bug with the Amex system at the moment? Just logged into all my cards and each of them said "no offers are available at the moment", as in not a single offer is showing while yesterday I can see 10+ offers.

  • This is a great offer. SadlyI have never, yes never, any offer in my Plat Charge card after the welcome DJ offer, that was in 2017.

    Called Amex multiple times and was assured that there is nothing wrong with my account and selected offers will be sent to me. Interestingly no selected offer for the last 2 years?

    Have any of you had this experience?

  • -1 vote

    Got this on both charge cards. Thanks.

  • Nice, got it on my plat charge.

  • Nothing here on Plat Charge and renewal due next month

  • Anyone spent $400 for this offer yet?

    • Yeah did it 1st day. Went and bought a $400 coles group gift card. That way it’s done and I can use the gift card over the next 4 years :)

      Haven’t got credit back yet

      • Nice, normally I get an email to confirm you made a transaction that qualified for the cashback almost immediately. Did you get that?

  • I wonder if this and the DJ spend 100 offer stack at all…

  • Nothing on my Plat Charge card.

  • Are people getting emails or app notifications like normal Amex offers after making spend? Are credits coming through?

    Have the offer activated, spent at Coles for the first time today since the offer started and no email.

    • E-mails no, for a different offer. Same with other OzBargainers for yet another offer

    • You don't get an e-mail - credits will just appear in your acccount within the week.
      You can also check if you've "redeemed" by going into amex through the browser (not the app) and down the bottom click savings

  • Nothing on my amex djs platinum and supp cards, not happy Amex

  • Spent $950 on Woolworths' e-gift card (via cashrewards with 5% off) and got $400 back although T&C said no gift card purchased online…

    evidence: https://imgur.com/a/1NJ4HR7

  • Already got around 200 bucks back on Coles and Deliveroo spends.

  • I bought a $400 Coles gift card in store and received the credit the following day.

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