UGreen Has an Indiegogo Campaign for a 4 Port (3x Type C and 1x Type A) 65W Charger for $57 Free Shipping

I have come across a Indiegogo campaign for a new charger UGreen is bringing out - if you do a search on Indiegogo for UGreen, it should be their first campaign listed.

In this campaign they have a single port 65W PD charger at $27 (51% off early bird deal) and a 4 port (3x USB type C + 1x USB type A) 65W PD charger for $57.
They all support nearly all the Fast Charging Protocols, (PD 3.0/2.0, QC 4.0/3.0/2.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, SFCP).
It also monitors heat generation.
It does not have a Aussie plug, but would work just as well with an adapter - just ask them for one.
These will be available for shipping in June 2020 with free shipping

Features -

1.GaN high frequency power controller: SC1936 from PI, built in Gallium Nitride Metal Oxide Semiconductor, improves the efficiency, consume less power, integrates with power control circuit, clean and tidy; De-rating design, secure and reliable;
2.Fast recovery bridge rectifier stack: reduces the cost of EMI, complaint with EMC standards
3.Low RDSon: sync with the Metal Oxide Semiconductor, efficient, low temperature with stress de-rating design, secure & reliable;

4.3 USB C &1 USB A layout: intelligent power management, with a max 65W power output. Suits for fast charging for phone, tablet, Nintendo Switch, laptops;New devices coming with Type C charging port, the USB-A port for old device for the transition period;

5.PC+ABS Anti-burning casing: 94V-0 rating;
6.High density insulation sheet: isolated the primary voltage against the secondary voltage, ensure product application security;
7.Copper radiator: high thermal conductivity, efficient heat dissipation for components, meet the thermal stress reliability requirement;
8.Foldable prongs: tiny to fit in the bag, avoid the scratch for other items;
9.High voltage electrolytic capacitor:store energy, coupling signals, bypassing low-frequency signals;
10.High frequency transformer: transform the AC mains to low voltage direct current, power supply for your devices;
11.Solid capacitor: store energy, coupling signals, bypassing low frequency, offer low ripple DC

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      To be fair, I think OP is the lazy one for not providing the link.

      • To be fair, I was not lazy as I tried, but I was not allowed to post it - a moderator told me.

  • My first thought is "Is this legit? Why does an established brand like UGreen need to launch a fairly basic product with a known market on a crowdfunding site like Indiegogo?"

    • I wonder about that. Their products, service and price were pretty good, pre-covid and their volumes must have been huuge. I wonder if they were loss-leading, as they managed to send cheap items priority for rock bottom prices. Their offering seemed to change quite heavily during the covid factory lockdowns/cheap mail readjustment.

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      All the Chinese brands are doing it. They're using Indiegogo as a platform for people to preorder their products and it provides much better exposure.

      • I asked them the same question as I have seen it now with a couple of products and they said the same thing

  • Why is that dude throwing all Apple chargers in the bin?!

  • this is legit gonna burn someones house down

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      Nah, UGreen stuff is good quality… The plug adapter might be a problem though!

      • i was being a bit facetious tbh
        but yeah Ugreen are a good product but just seems like a lot of power in one power brick.

  • This is a "Power play" by China. lol

    First Hong Kong and now this…

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    yes i just come to say, this brand is totally legit and GOOD.
    similar quality like xiaomi blitzwolf basseus, but with slightly cheaper price.

    they have local amazon store.
    i bought a cable, arrived in 2 business day.
    amazing. even jbhifi takes longer sometimes

    • I have a couple of their products (a single USB charger with PD and QC, 2x drive enclosures) and they all work very well.
      The charger was surprising as it gives feedback to the phones about the charging - even an old Samsung S3 - I hadn't seen that before even with the stock chargers.

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    No au plug no deal for me

  • I don't see why I'd go with Indiegogo when I can buy it from Amazon, get it straight away, and know that if there's any warranty issues I can deal with Amazon directly.

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