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[SA] Philips Hue Starter Kits Colour $70 (Was $149) & White $30 (Was $79) @ The Good Guys Mile End


Went to The Good Guys at Mile End (in SA) this morning to buy a Philips Hue White Starter Kit (HUEWHTKIT) as they seemed to be the cheapest at $79.
To my surprise when i arrived they it had a big clearance sticker on them and they were on sale for $40.

They also had a clearance sticker on the colour starter kit (HUEKITMK3) which is normally $149 and this was discounted to $70.

So i ended up getting one white kit and one colour kit.
There was still 2 colour and approx 4 white kits left when i bought mine.
Might still be lucky as they must have only just gone on special as the store assistant had to manually mark it down.
I overhead him talking to another assistant saying they are clearing all the stock. However none of the other Philips Hue stuff was on sale/clearance.


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    ohh I hope this is nationwide!

    • yes I hope so

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    $149 is still pretty damn cheap for the colour kit isn't it? I'm used to seeing them at $230+

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      Yes i have seen them for around $280 and the white one is normally around $140 i believe. That is why i went to The Good Guys as they seemed to be the cheapest.

    • Yeah I got two the other day at Officeworks price matched Bunnings ($149) down to $141.

  • I called two local stores (Sydney) and can confirm they both have it on clearance

    • Same price?

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      Called in QLD and 2 stores say still 149…. :-(

    • At the same Price as the OP? And which stores?

    • Which Sydney stores, please?

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    OP could you post a receipt ?

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      I went to the mile end store and there were no colour but can confirm I got white but the price was $40.

      I don’t know how to post a picture of the receipt though. Also no stock left at the Mile end store.

      • receipt please? :)upload to imgr and post link

      • Can you post a receipt please mate.

  • Can we Brice beat at office works or bunnings

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      Why would you beat Brice at Officeworks or Bunnings?

      • Officeworks will price match and beat by 5%.
        Bunnings will price match and beat by 10%.

      • Challenge Brice to a dance off and winner gets another 10% off.

  • Damn that's a good price.

  • Bought last one Google Home for $49 in Fountain Gate this morning. There are a lot of discount phones behind the counter,LG K50 $99…

  • I just called in local stores (Melbourne) and confirm they both are not on clearance. Can somebody post a receipt, please.

    • Did the same for Canberra stores, no luck still full price.

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      Same for QLD

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    Color bulbs pack sold out at mile end store.
    shakes fist at the Ozbargainer who beat me to it by seconds
    Good luck to everyone else on the hunt

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      Sorry..probs me. Username does not checkout in this case ;)

  • and i have no where to put anymore bulbs :(

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    2 colour starter kits in stock in Tuggeranong ACT. Unfortunately they are $149 - which is still a pretty good price…but not $70.

    No colour starter kits at Fyshwick ACT.

  • No luck at GG Artarmon if that helps anyone. One white kit on clearance but still $79.

  • New to this, how long do they last? Once they die, do you just buy a replacement bulb?

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      Philips claims all its bulbs will last up to 25,000 hours each - around eight-and-a-half years if you have the bulb switched on eight hours a day every day of the year.

      yes you need the hub to connect to wifi router (via cable), and replace the bulb if it goes out.

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      I have about 16 of them, some about 6 years old and yet to have one die.

  • Can anyone show a pic receipt \

    Some Stores are not updating their prices yet

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    Would love a good price/deal on the LED strip…

  • Are these screw only or do they do old school bayonet ones too?

  • Is everyone calling their local stores now? I just called one in Sydney and the poor guy was confused after receiving three consecutive calls with the same question.

  • I think Hue are about to do a refresh of the colour bulbs with a new generation. The single bulbs were out of stock at a lot of store a few weeks back and now the same with the starter kits - either out of stock or on clearance. I'm hoping the new bulbs will be brighter (1000+ lumens). This is still a great deal though

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      I suspect the same, there seem to be a new starter kit on Hue's official Australian website: https://www2.meethue.com/en-au/p/hue-white-and-color-ambianc...

      Pretty much the same except that these come with the newer Bluetooth+Zigbee bulbs. Otherwise the same specs as the non-Bluetooth bulbs (e.g. 806lm @ 4000K).

      I reckon anyone with a Hue bridge won't care too much for the Bluetooth control but would appeal to new Hue buyers who don't want/need a bridge yet.

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    Can confirm I got a white set from Mile end for $40 ( down from $79) , however all out of stock now colour and white. I’m on mobile so won’t let me post a receipt.

  • Called It seems to Be SA only atm

  • I want some more colour bulbs

  • Any of the smaller E14 screw thread bulbs on sale?

  • Total noob here to the whole smart home thing, but I’m wanting to get some smart bulbs for my unit. Can someone tell me what the benefit of the box thingy (sorry I don’t know what it’s called lol) as opposed to just getting individual smart bulbs?

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      Different tech. With Philips Hue you need that hub for all of their bulbs and devices.

      However stuff like Lifx works stand-alone.

      You cant just buy the Hue bulbs and run them without the box (hub).

      • So really only needed if you have a lot of Hue devices?

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          Needed if you want any Hue devices, even just one bulb. Hue bulbs won't work without it. Can cost a bit more at the start but then bulbs are cheaper later generally than LIFX.

          • @cnut: The latest Hue bulbs do work without a hub - but you have to make sure you get the bluetooth enabled ones.

  • can they just make all the gateways compatible instead of having 5 different systems…

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    Checked Kotara GoodGuys - no extra clearance going on here :(
    Can someone actually post proof of the lower clearance price?

  • Can someone post a invoice please will be great help..
    Thanks in advance

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    Colour kits were advertised as $99 with a 20% on clearance for yesterday only. Came down to $79.20 each.
    Bought the last 2 colour kits from Mackay, QLD.
    White kits were $49 each, about 6 left yesterday
    invoice: https://imgur.com/a/FVKH211

    • Will we able to price match with this one ?

      • I am unsure sorry, worth a shot!

    • -1

      Thanks so much - called my local store and they confirmed it's on clearance in store…going to pick it up now! Same price or very similar ($75ish).

  • Edit: thanks for the invoice!

    2nd edit: Does anyone have a invoice for the cheaper white version?

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