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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 12GB/256GB Dual Sim $1299 Delivered @ Samsung


I have seen the price for samsung galaxy note 10 plus as $1699 AUD.
But now it's $1299 AUD

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    Cheaper at Amazon and there is the option for cash back


    • Unfortunately, I am not a student or teacher…

      • Cheaper on Amazon at the moment, can also combine with gift cards for further savings

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      Extra $50 off by subscribing to marketing.

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        $50 off your next purchase when you spend $250 or more @ Samsung Education Portal


        *It may take up to 24 hours to receive your $50 promotion code via email

        • Yes $1054 and 1034 historical low. Telstra employer cheaper again. Beat deal at moment for non membership buy. Star Wars version best deal at moment of you can find one.

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      I was expecting a further discount since its 35% on retail price.

  • U would wait for the note 20 in a few months

    • I think note20 will be much more expensive than note10 at current situation:

      • Yes but price protection helps lol.

  • How come Samsung is not giving more than 2 Android software and Samsung One UI updates for their flagship phones people buy for premium price and updating Samsung A20 with latest firmwares. It sucks when your 1st firmware update is received by brand new device straight out of the box and all you get is 1 more update.

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      They and many other android manufacturers often aren’t as interested as they should be in updating devices after they’re released. With the large number of models being released every year, there’s little incentive to put a lot of work into updating an older model that’s been replaced by a newer one or going to be replaced soon, especially when they’d rather encourage consumers to buy the newest model anyway. Sad but true.

    • I've been impressed with Samsung experience based on the S9+. Monthly security updates and major releases.

      Coming from a Moto and and LG handsets previously, Samsung is ahead of the game and onpar with Google for updates.

      Note Google only provide assurance that Pixel will receive major releases for 2 years also.

      Security updates continue.

      Samsung has come a long way since my first S3 handset, I think from memory had one software update and no monthly updates.

  • I agree. Apple iphones continuosly get ios firmware updates certainly for the life of a phone in a practical world. I am saying with my experience that it got updates for 5 years.
    You pay premium price for a flagship phone to pretty much ensure you continue to get new features, security updates and device enhancements so to not upgrade phone every year.
    Samsung clearly lacks it specially when there are strong competitor brands selling Android phones on much cheaper prices.

    • Yeh but running new software on an old iPhone is a terrible experience.

      • This was the case when Apple made people to upgrade phones after updating their phones and the updates making the phones run sluggish giving impression that the phones are old. Apple did move away from this dodgy tectic. I am still using iphone 6 with ios 12 running in it and it works reasonably well.

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    Note 10+ comes with 12gb not 8gb i believe. Correct the title please

  • Spending more than a grand on 4G phone mid 2020??

    • And your point is. You can also get a $2600 phone with crappy battery and 4G. You can also get a $100 phone.

      • easy If you are spending that much, I would prefer its 5G!. I own the 10+ 5G model for the same reason.

        • 5g network isn't everywhere yet. By the time the Note 50 + comes it will be more worthwhile to get the 5G model for the price to go 5G.

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    • +1

      Very nice and much better deal. Comes with bud and leather case as well.

    • Awaiting stock. No deal.

      • Delivery is $5 man

        • On or before 12/6. Fair enough if you can wait.

  • Toby Deals have it for AU$1,235.00 free delivery

    • Is Toby Deals reliable? Will they give tax invoice for purchases?
      Sorry that I am not very familiar with this site.

  • This is the new standard price, Jbhifi had a big sign saying $400 off Note 10+.



    No bargain.

    • Till out of stock. May get a bit cheaper closer to when the Note 20 comes out. This is the start of the run out. Still an option even when N20 comes out as no doubt the top spec will be high. Get on the presales as that might be the cheapest you will be able to get it once shipping starts.

      • I'll almost pulled the trigger on Note 10+ earlier this year during Samsung sale events, have held off as my Samsung S9+ is still going strong.

        Not sure if I'll have the same will power when the Note 20 is released.

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