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[VIC] Closing down Sale - 30% off Everything @ Fishers Craft Beer Bar


Unfortunately this place at 343 Clarendon Street is closing this Sunday due to the CoVID-19. They're having a 30% sale off their entire bottle shop which contains craft beers, gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, wine and more. I've attached a small snippet from their website with 30% added on the spirit prices.

It also appears from the comments and their website (no more store) they prefer people come into the store, so I'm assuming it best to go in store to purchase with the 30% discount applied automatically.
Pop by the bar or call 03 9681 9429 to book your free local delivery or for more info! 🍻

Unfortunately, it has been short lived (established in 2018) family business run by Sarah and Alan that just wanted to bring everyone together and with it, they had created a very loved establishment that strived to serve the finest boutique beers, ciders and spirits from Australia and the world in a beautifully renovated place in South Melbourne with incredible people/company.

No doubt we will see more of them and their influence in the craft beer scene in Australia.

Webstite I think they will have more on offer in store as well

"Due to COVID-19 Fishers will be closing it’s doors this Sunday. Enjoy 30% off our entire bottle shop of craft beer, wine & spirits between now and 8pm Sunday 31st May.

Pop by the bar or call 03 9681 9429 to book your free local delivery or for more info! 🍻"

Hey Ozbargain community,
To be honest for me I don't buy craft beer in bulk unless I know it is delicious. Here as 4 and 6 packs, I agree it is a bit too expensive… however as singles its the perfect paddle board to create and stock up on. There is a large variety of different styles/types of beer to try if you want to seek out something new or revisit something familiar.
Additionally, I was a little bit lazy before and so I put on the kettle on and I have applied the discount price for you (as singles) on their prices so if you fancy a different kind of beer/cider you can head instore and mix and match with their stock. I have separated them for you as well to help find the best value.
If you do like their pricing and do go into their store please be safe and stay healthy. Be kind and respectful too as they have just essentially lost their business.

"Hard to get": -30% applied [Stock and price elswhere in these square brackets]

Quiet Deeds Festivus - 6% ABV $7/can $4.90 [-N/A no stock at the brewery]
Bridge Road Mayday Hills Table Beer 3.8% ABV $8/btl $5.60 [No single - $18/4 pack +shipping @BridgeRoad brewery]
Quiet Deeds Halftime Session Pale Ale 3.5% ABV $6/can $4.20 [*$4 @ MRWEST + shipping]
Holgate Roadtrip American IPA 6% ABV $7/btl $4.90 [N/A no stock]
Quiet Deeds Juice Train NEIPA 6.5% ABV $8/btl $5.60 [$6.50 + shipping @purvis]
Brewdog Elvis Juice Grapefruit IPA 6.5% ABV $7/can $4.90 [(International beer) $3.86 @Master of malt but exorbitant $43 standard shipping ]
Exit IIPA 9% ABV $19/can $13.30 [N/A? Previously between $5-$11. i cant seem to find stock, the prices have also appeared to rise as it has become more scarce.]
Fury & Sons Scotch Ale 7.5% ABV $7 $4.90 [N/A no stock]
Temple NWO American Stout 6.5% ABV $7/btl $4.90 [N/A no stock]
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine 9.6% $13/btl $9.10 [$9.99 @Purvis +shipping]
Young Blood Lager 4.5% ABV $6/can $4.20 [$5 @Bigeasydrinks]

"Cheaper than anywhere else as a single": -30% applied [Stock and price elswhere in these square brackets]

Colonial Bertie Cider 4.6% ABV $6/can $4.20 [$5.19 @Dans ]
2 Brothers Growler American Brown Ale 4.7% ABV $6/btl $4.20 [$4.99 + shipping @Purvis]
A Local Beer Pacific Paradise 4.2% ABV $6/can $4.20 [$6.89 @BoozeBud]
A Local Beer XPA 5% ABV $6/can $4.20 ** [$5 @Beer Cartel +shipping (low stock)]
**Colonial Pale Ale
4.4% ABV $6/can $4.20 [$4.99 @Dans]
Two Birds Passion Victim Summer Ale 5%ABV $6/can $4.20 better as a pack of 4 singles too [$5.99 @Dans (19.99 for a 4 pack)]
Brick Lane Pale Ale 4.4% ABV $6/can $4.20 ** [$4.29 @Dans]
**Bentspoke Sprocket IPA
7% ABV $8/can $5.6 better as a pack of 4 singles too [$7.19 @Dans]
Colonial Sour 4.6% ABV $6/can $4.20 [$5 @Dans/purvis/Beercartel]
Jetty Road IPA 5.8% ABV $7/can $4.90 **[$6.50 @BeerCartel]
**2 Brothers Grizz Amber
5.7% ABV $6/can $4.20 [[email protected]]
Quiet Deeds Sawtooth Pineapple Kettle Sour 4.4% ABV $6/can $4.20 [[email protected]]
Tallboy & Moose Florida Vice Orange Kettle Sour 6% ABV $12/can $8.40 [$10 +shipping @Purvis/Beercartel/winsellersdirect]
Cavalier Pale Ale 5% ABV $6/btl $4.20 [$4.99 @Dans]

Not quite the ripper deal I was looking for but lets give it a go! (maybe) :
(I've added how much cheaper another place would be or other factors)

Stone & Wood / 330ml bottle / 4.4% ABV $4.2 bottle ($75.99/case + shipping for a case at the brewery cheaper as a single vs Dans)

2 Brothers Kung Foo Rice Lager / 375ml can / 4.6% ABV $4.20/can or $0.16 cheaper @Dans per can

Colonial Pale Ale 375ml can / 4.4% ABV $0.79 cheaper here than @Dans per can but better by the pack

Brick Lane Pale Ale 355ml can / 4.4% ABV $17/6 pack @firstchoice liqour

Colonial Draught 375ml can / 4.8% ABV $0.59 cheaper here than @Dans per can/ not sure how good this is…

Colonial Sour 375ml can / 4.6% ABV More of a warmer weather beer

Jetty Road IPA 375ml can / 5.8% ABV Ripper beer and brewery! Would be heaps cheaper as a case

Stone & Wood Reinvigim8 Hydration Ale 500ml can / 2.7% ABV Cool collaboration with counter culture! $9.8/ 500ml can. Personally not too interested in Gose style beer and this looks too much like vitamin water for me, good price compared to competitors if you like Gose. $7.99 at winesellerdirect which can be picked up at greythorn cellars or nillumbik cellars

Will update when more information becomes available! Also sorry for the hideous layout…

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  • +8

    One look at their crazy prices tells you it isn't Covid 19 that's to blame for their demise. $42 for a six pack? Tell 'im he's dreamin'.

    • +1

      probably a combination of Covid-19 and unreasonable landlords.

      • I agree with Admiral Ackbar!

        Also if you look past the prices on the beer and look at the spirits there are some good deals to be had there.

    • This..^ Jetty road IPA is $19 a 4 pack at Dans. That's $28.50 a 6 pack…

    • +1

      I was thinking the same Wardaddy.
      Spirit prices seem more reasonable.
      Honestly, it's just so hard to compete with the big retailers with their volume discounts.

    • Yes, but it's a premium product. You just have to pay a little more.
      (I've heard that so often)

    • -4

      @Wardaddy You obviously know very little about beer.

      • +1

        I dislike this kind of beer snobbery. There are expensive beers I like, but there are also cheap beers I like and expensive beers I dislike.
        I'm much happier drinking Rivets that are $26(?) a case than any "dry" or "blonde" out there, for example (yes, I know they're not the super premium beers, but they're the ones I just hate).

        • -1

          It's not beer snobbery at all.

          I couldn't give a rat's if people want to drink beer that's $100 per bottle or XXXX Gold, good luck to them.

          What is annoying is when people with no idea dismiss expensive beer as a rip off.

          • @shbshb: How would you know if I have any idea about beer?

      • The beer is very overpriced. Jetty Road IPA is $90 a slab, $20 a 6-pack from the brewer. Stone & Wood $8 a can (winesellers). Cavalier $23/6pack (Dans)
        Minus 30% and they're still more expensive than elsewhere.

  • +1

    No bargains found.

  • Alright, so I've looked on the internet and quickly compared the craft beers for you.
    This deal SUCKS if it was in bulk quantities hahaha (eg slab or 6 packs of S&W, Jetty Road) with a few exceptions (eg. two birds, bentspoke). Craft beers arent for everyone and there is so much more to explore past S&W> right here, you have that tasting variety of beverage and this is where this post kicks ass because most of these are cheaper than what you can find instore/online. I think Some are cheeky buggers and are quite hard to find eg Quiet deeds Festivus or Exit IIPA.
    With the spirits you may find "master of malt" can be cheaper from a quick search but their standard shipping pricing is about $43 no matter what you buy. I definitely wouldnt go past four pillars rare dry gin for about $55, Shiraz gin for about $75 or the starward two-fold whiskey! ALL 3 are delicious, sorry I dont know much about the others!

    I hope you guys enjoy it if you get around to it!

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