Rental Property Security Ideas

Hi, I am currently in a rental property and do a lot of nightwork. There is a fair bit of street crime in this remote town generally and I am Unable to have a dog.

I guess, I am just looking for ideas that I can install at / around the property to make my family feel a little more secure while I am away working. Obviously, because it is a rental property I don't want anything too elaborate / expensive and hopefully I can remove it when I leave in a couple of years.

I have been looking at the Doberman Window Alarms (Vibration) which are stuck on inside the window. Looks ok.

Does anyone else have any other ideas that I can use to make the missus feel more secure ?


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    Camera at entrance (front and back), activated by motion? It'll be easy to remove at the end (well they come with 3m stickers, so may peel the paint. But repainting isn't too hard

    Otherwise a door/windows sensor, so it notifies you when they're opened?

    Are you doing this just in case the guy that you stickied a note onto his car, retaliate? Lol

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    funny :D

  • Security Cameras & Window Sensors are a good idea. I was hoping someone might be able to recommend a particular brand or model. PS I don't know what you are talking about with regards to the "stickied" note. Thanks anyway.

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    considering it's a rental property might consider using wireless security cam? I personally use Eufy ones and I personally find them really good. Having said that I've never used any other ones before.

    You can set eufy camera so it sounds alarm if it detects a person/movement, and it also comes with a base station which can also sound alarm when your camera detects something. I also have a Eufy door sensor, so if certain door (maybe can work for window too) has been opened, an alarm will sound from the base station etc. There might be other integration you can buy to go with the security, but all I have is the camera and door sensory.

    They are also really easy to set up plus have awesome battery power too.

  • I have razor wire installed around my house, seems to do the trick.

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    Maybe dig a moat?
    Cricket bat at front door
    Dowel in window track
    recording of dog barking on a loop
    Beware of dog sign
    CCTV/alarm warning Sign

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      The neighbours won't be happy with this:

      recording of dog barking on a loop

      or even this,

      dig a moat

      Befriend your neighbours. I was able to take out an intervention order against an acquaintance after my neighbours reported seeing her snooping around my house and asking questions about my family. Without their witness statements , it would have been impossible for me to prove that she was stalking me.

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        Pretty sure those are jokes.

        But I wonder if a motion sensor can trigger alexa to start playing a dog barking sound. That would specifically target those who approaches the house.

        Hope you're safe and sound now!

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          We had to go court but we are safe now, thank you.

          Wouldn't a flood light be better?

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    Couch on the front lawn.

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      Or a Partly stripped car.

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    Replace the bulb with a movement sensor combo

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      Life insurance? My understanding was that he was more worried about his family than his furniture.

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    Check out the Anker Eufy Cameras. Here is a recent deal To mount the cams, screw in the bracket (3 screws) and camera mounts onto the bracket. Totally wireless and battery powered. They claim 365 days battery life, but I get much less due to lots of activity. When you want to take them out, just fill the screw holes with putty. I did that to a rental and got my bond back no probs.

  • Thanks everyone. There's some good suggestions amongst all that. Cheers

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    From what I've read and experienced of home security, all that matters is looks. You want your house to look like more of a challenge than your neighbors. This will deter thieves/ vandals who are opportunistic. Unfortunately if they have seen your brand new 70" flatscreen from the street because you watch with your blinds open, there's little you can do to stop a determined thief who has targeted you, especially if you are in a rental.

    Simple and cheap things you can do are; install a solar flood light which has a motion sensor, buy a sign which says "protected by Swann security" or something similar, get a beware of dog sign, keep doors and blinds closed after dark. If you work nights, get a smart light and set it up to turn on randomly at night so it looks like someone is home.

  • Thanks Tim

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