Paint Protection Worth It?

Hi guys, I recently bought a car and the dealership is trying to sell me motorone hydro paint protection which apparently keeps the paint glossy and protects it from surface contamination. Does anyone have any experience with it? Is it worth the $900 or just a money grab? TIA


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    Don't have experience, but its a money grab and I would suggest going to a detailer and get a ceramic coating.

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    Search function.

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    Search ming mole

  • NOT dealer, they'll rip you off.

  • Haggle for 50-70% off the price.

  • keeps the paint glossy and protects it from surface contamination.

    Isn't that what clear coat already does?

    Another dealership rip off.

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    If you must, get a ceramic coat through a reputable person.

    That said, keeping you car washed regularly and parked under cover as much as possible is probably more beneficial than any ceramic coating.

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    Last time I got them to price match, funnily enough, the place I got a second quote from was the company they used to supply their paint protection.

    • Original quote $2400 for tinting and paint protection
    • Quote from supplier $1000
    • Dealer discounted to $900

    If they won't budge then just go elsewhere.

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    I got it on my last car as I liked the idea of if the paint was damaged, they would respray the entire car for free.

    My paint started "spidering" (not sure of correct term but I had all these little cracks all over my boot) so I tried to lodge a claim and they made the process almost impossible by sending me a 20page form, requiring photos, then wanted me to find the original paperwork they gave me (6 years ago) which proved the warranty term as apparently they dont have an online system (This is MotorOne) and because my address had changed they tried to get out of it, etc etc.

    I never ended up completing the claim as it was all too hard and after many hours on the phone arguing with them as they tried to dispute everything I put in the claim form, and get out of actually fixing it, I just CBF.

    So for me - total money grab would never do it again, stay away from MotorOne.

  • when I recently sold my car I got it detailed in and out with a ceramic coat (outside). Was $250.

    • Ceramic spray I'm thinking. A legit paint prep and ceramic coating by a professional costs a lot more than $250.

  • Geez unusual for a car dealer to rip people off!

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    $900 buys a lot of fuel.

    So the Ming **** get you. Did she flash her boobs at you?

    Ask them why you should buy the car if the paint is that bad it needs to be protected with $900 worth of whatever

    My vehicle is 13 years old with over 300,000Ks on it. Never had 'protection' applied to it and still shines and looks as it did from the showroom.

    It is washed correctly. Polished correctly and waxed correctly. Oh and it's a 4WD and not a shopping trolley.

  • They try to rip you off. ( whatever they say are lie and lie, they just want your money ).
    Just pay for your car and drive off. nothing more. Trust me.

  • If only there was a place with about 40 threads on this topic already where I could search and read other user’s experiences…

    It’s a waste of money. They buy it for about $30 for the kit, apply it and never adhere to their guarantee or warranty on the product. Read the T&C’s and you will see that if you sneeze on the car and not wipe it off with their trademark cloth, it will void the protection…

    • If only there was a place with about 40 threads on this topic already where I could search and read other user’s experiences…

  • Thank you guys. Definitely not getting it done.

    • And don't get their window tint or anything else they offer.

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        I already said no to the tinting and interior protection. I just have to say no to the ceramic coating and dash cam next time they call.

  • If you're talking about ming mole dealership paint protection - no. That's how they make the big dollars (or so I've heard).
    Get your own ceramic coating, or just wax your car (I do the latter as I enjoy it)
    Have fun!

  • We got the ceramic from Elite finishes. In Adelaide. Happy with the outcome.

    • How much did it cost you?

      • Opticoat used to be sub $600 around 2012, then went up to $750 or so in 2015 when they introduced their Pro (which really was just another gloss spray on top).

        No idea what they charge now, but their product hasn't changed much in the last decade.

        Also, if you want a lifetime warranty on it, you have to get it inspected annually (otherwise it's 5 years only)

  • If you don't wash your car yourself regularly and correctly, it's not worth it.

    $900 is more or less what I would expect it would cost to get ceramic paint protection done from a reputable detailer. Of course, it depends on lots of things like the size of the car, how many coatings you get, including interior/wheels etc.

    Most of work would be to prep the car prior to application : wash, decontamination (chemical or claybar, etc), machine polishing to correct any defects in the paint, then another step to remove remove any leftover chemical residue on the paint.

    You might think that a new car would have flawless paint but when you have a really close look under some artificial light, you will see imperfections in the paint that a good detailer will polish out prior to applying the coating.

    when they apply the paint protection (usually done by hand here), you can also opt to pay for multiple coatings of it (arguable how beneficial it is, i usually go for a single). Then they have to leave in somewhere indoors (ideally in a dust-free room) where the coating can cure. Some detailers will surround the car using large infrared lamp arrays for this curing stage.

    So if its done right, I think the price is justifiable. It is a lot of work and a lot of equipment. But there will be some providers who will take shortcuts… Who you get to do the job is just as important as the product you decide to go with.

    If you want to, you can definitely try and do it yourself with a DIY kit if you are willing to put in the time + effort and are realistic with your expectations. Alternatives to this may include using waxes or sealants. They do also sell water-based coatings with SIO2 (ceramic) which you hand apply yourself, but these only last a month or two before you need to re-apply (of course you will be very thoroughly cleaning the car just prior to each re-application)

    • Thanks for the detailed explanation. Really appreciate it. If you’re in Melbourne and have experience with a good detailer who can do a good job, please DM me.

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