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Napisan in a bucket of warm water and a stiff broom.
14/09/2021 - 15:29
The petrol Pajero has a timing belt. The diesel Pajero has a chain. The Hyundai i30 has a chain and a belt system. The engine has twin...
10/08/2021 - 09:52
@spackbace. Would rather feed a troll than a new or used car salesperson.
08/08/2021 - 22:52
Never owned a rebadged Holden. Don't know where you got that Idea.
08/08/2021 - 22:44
Not saying you are but fanboys are everywhere. Nothing worse than Apple and Toyota fanboys. I've owned three Toyota's. My daughter has...
08/08/2021 - 19:25
Toyota fined $1.2 Billion in the USA for concealing safety defects. Toyota fined $180 million in USA for ten year non compliance with the...
08/08/2021 - 18:49
I'm glad you were aware that Toyota have rebadged vehicles but you included the rebadged Supra in your list of *Toyota has gold standard...
08/08/2021 - 18:40
*Further Toyota has gold standard aspirational models inc. Lexus, Supra, Hilux, Landcruiser*. Oh please. Maybe you should do some research....
08/08/2021 - 17:09
For a contract to be legal it must be witnessed and signed by the witness at the time both party's sign it.
06/08/2021 - 14:18
Not much hope of finding Engel at a discount. Plenty of other brands are discounted regularly.
03/08/2021 - 20:29
03/08/2021 - 20:26
Yep. You have bought a lemon. Same as the various snake repellents I've seen people paying stupid prices for.
28/07/2021 - 13:06
I certainly wouldn't be going off road on 215-65-16 tyres. Good dirt maybe but good dirt is not going off road.
28/07/2021 - 13:03
Everywhere in the USA. It's almost mandatory.
19/07/2021 - 16:00
If the lock is changed every owner/tenant in the building would also need a new key.
15/07/2021 - 17:12
@.dmbminaret on 10/07/2021 - 20:48 -1 vote *They will damage the internals, so yes tell the landlord. Not sure what they can do though. My...
10/07/2021 - 21:30
09/07/2021 - 16:57
Mancave? Good luck with the council.
05/07/2021 - 15:22
What colour would you prefer to dye your children?
01/07/2021 - 13:34
Because he wants one. Last time I looked we still have free choice on the type of washing machine we can purchase.
30/06/2021 - 10:05
Snake 4 commented on New Hybrid car
29/06/2021 - 21:21
Nine years and I still receive some mail from previous owner. Straight in the bin..
29/06/2021 - 16:57
Looks Toyota still haven't fixed the problem.
14/05/2021 - 18:57
Here you all go....
20/04/2021 - 10:18
Oh dear Jimmy. There is none so blind......
19/04/2021 - 13:55
@JimmyF. *Australia's population is ~25m….. So in the USA from car accidents more people than the entire population of Australian are...
19/04/2021 - 13:34
Yes there would have been 1,000s of crashes in standard cars. The story is about **DRIVERLESS** cars.
19/04/2021 - 13:26
The driver less car maybe a very long way off. [Tesla driverless car crashes into tree and bursts into flames in Texas, killing...
19/04/2021 - 12:51
It's probably Fyrchek or the James Hardie equivalent.
17/04/2021 - 17:44