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Qantas Wellbeing App: Earn 10 Extra Points a Day for Each Day You Walk 7,500 Steps in June @ Qantas


Update: Confirmed now it's in the Android app as well

If you've not joined the Qantas Wellbeing App (previously Qantas Assure), you can earn Qantas Points for walking, running or swimming. Not many, but it's a handy way to also make sure your points don't expire by still earning some each year. Plus they all add up.

In the Frequent Flyer Australia FB group, it was noticed on the Apple version update:

"We’ve added a new challenge! For the month of June, we’re giving away 10 bonus Qantas Points each day you complete 7,500 steps. Join the challenge anytime from June 1 by tapping on the Frequent Walker Challenge tile in the challenges page and tapping “Join Now”."

Not a huge amount, but if you're walking anyway, time for some more free points! This is on the Apple store, but presumably will work with the Android version too.

For more ways to earn Qantas points, check out our post: Free / Easy ways to earn Qantas Points.

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  • +16

    I'll be lucky to get 7,500 steps in a week thanks to covid and my laziness.

    • If the Qantas Wellbeing iOS App simply reads your health data from the health app, just use the "add data" button to add 7500 steps to your steps data:)

      • +7

        It's recorded as manual input in Apple Health, and ignored by the Wellbeing app ;)

        • Oh damn.
          In the past it's worked with other apps to receive freebies.
          I guess the Wellbeing app is too smart

        • +2

          Have you tried doing it with a third party app?

          Create (or duplicate, or download some marathon runners) a workout file with plenty of steps in it, upload to Garmin or Strava and then have those linked to Apple health or the wellbeing app?

    • +13

      Step 1: Attach device to dog
      Step 2: throw ball for dog, repeat as required.
      Step 3: …
      Step 4: profit.

  • +68

    10 QFF points for 7,500 steps.

    7,500 steps is an average of 5.72km of distance.

    134,900 QFF points gets you from Sydney to London return on economy.

    Meaning you simply have to walk a total of 77,162km (approx twice around the earth) with this app enabled over a period of 37 years to earn your free flight.

    Go forth, Ozbargainers!

    • +12

      /r/theydidthemath :)

      Fortunately there are plenty of ways to earn points, and they all add up.

    • +2

      Forrest Gump accepts your challenge.

    • To be fair, that's 10 bonus points. For 7500 steps you also get points for the daily challenge, and the weekly challenge. And the sleep challenge if you set that. But yes, still a lot to fly to London.

    • +1

      This offer is only for the month of June. So the maximum point you can earn is only 300. Thereafter, it is only 1.2 QFF points for 7500 steps.

      • +3

        shouldn't have said anything, higherdestiny sounded like he was about to start his 37 year marathon.

  • +6

    Thanks for being so generous Qanats

    • +1

      I love flying Qanats!

    • +1

      QaNat's what I reckon

  • +8

    i earn more points through this app than by other means lol

    • Yikes, that's not setting a very high bar then

      • Well I don't spend much anyway

  • +1

    I use a Fitbit charge 3 and easily average 20k steps a day midweek(meat lumper) Free easy Qantas points

  • +7

    pro tip: if you're polishing your car by hand, wear your fitness device on the polishing hand…easy points ;)

    • +35

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • +19

      oh that's what you call it. i just call it slapping the salami.

    • That wasn't a euphemism for something else. For once 😝

  • +4

    They should launch their own covidsafe app. Earn points whilst tracing/tracking.

    So its around 150points/dollar, Google pays me more to track my shopping habits.

  • How do we add the referral program to the top of this post?

    Qantas Assure / Wellbeing - App Download

    Referral links also look like they've changed so maybe mods can expire all the existing codes.

  • +1

    Just here for the comments! 😂

  • Does it work to attach a device to a pet :D

  • +1

    I’ve had this app for a while. If you’re with snap fitness you can scan a QR code daily at the door and earn points daily (maximum 3 visits a week nets you 80 points) (QR scanner is enabled in the app after a push update when contacting quantum wellbeing and providing you Snap member number)

    You can earn points by doing sleep practices and also checking your car tyre pressures etc.

    I just opened the app and have this available to me now too.

    Earn 1,000 Qantas Points in 3 easy steps
    Tell us about your needs
    To earn 1,000 Qantas Points, start by ticking a few boxes that’ll help give an idea of what you want from your health insurance. It’s quick and easy.
    Take the call
    A team member will ring you to discuss what Qantas Health Insurance covers might suit your needs. By talking to us you’ll earn 1,000 Qantas Points, with no obligation to buy.
    Get the rewards
    Equipped with new information, you may decide to switch your health insurance to a more rewarding one and earn Qantas Points that you can put towards a holiday.

  • Can it pul the data from fitbit etc

    • +1

      Yep. Fitbit, strava, Google fit, Apple Health and more

      • Mine is linked with the Garmin app

  • +1

    Some of these apps and trackers are pretty erratic anyway.

    My watch decided that I'd walked 6-7kms yesterday when I'd been digging a trench for 4 hours and barely left the yard once.

    But then when I actually go for a run it decides to low ball my distances despite the fact I know exactly how long the trail is.

  • +1

    If you are on Android and lazy, you can link the Qantas app to Google Fit, and then link Google Fit with the DeFit app to walk automatically.

  • +1

    Only if it was 7500 mouse clicks a day for Ozbargainers..

    • and some OzBargainers might like to double click their mouse daily (yes, another euphemism)

  • Continue using without purchasing an eligible product for a reduced rate, anyone know how reduced that is?

    • +1

      You only get 10%. I was with Qantas Health until March but switched. It's painful how little I get now. Have been contemplating deleting it, but hey, an extra 1.2 points per day. Wow!

      • I left it on my phone. You can get bonus points by checking your car tyre press, your blood pressure, booking a car service. At the end of the day all the little points add up fir little or no effort. It pulls the data from the Garmin app. I just need to remember to open the Qantas app

  • Easy points - average around 13k steps per day.

  • +5

    Qantas making money from this by having less fat people on planes and saving on fuel.

    • Since NIB provides the Qantas Health Insurance, they make money by not having to pay out hospital and doctors fees for people keeping fit by walking and earning points.

  • +3

    This is actually a really good way of keeping your QANTAS account active if you don’t have Woolies linked to your QFF or a card that attracts QFF points.

  • In over two years time when you finally accumulate sufficient points to fly one-way SYD-MEL you would have already walked the equivalent distance more than eight times over, but you will still need to cough-up $40 for taxes. That's assuming Qantas do not "enhance" their FF programme again by then.

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

    Didn't even know this app existed and I could've been earning QFF points all along! It's not many points (eg. fill your Apple Watch rings daily to get 5 points) but still better than not using the app and earning free points.

  • +3

    I've accumulated over 6000 points just by walking every day and doing their sleep challenge. Sync to Fitbit.

    • Since how long? I'm usually doing 10k-12k per day.

      • +1

        I think about 18 months. According to my stats I usually average 6km/day but occasionally they throw in bonus points for stuff to bump them them up.

        • -2

          So you've earned about $60 in points for 1.5 years. Banks pay better interest than this lol

          • +1

            @toobzy: Huh? This is free points. So exactly what are you basing your “bank rate” on? There is, also, the side issue of better health through exercise.

    • That’s a lot of points! How long did you accumulate this over?

      I’ve had an Apple Watch for years and never knew about this app :/

  • Bummer that there isn’t some kind of cycling scheme for bonus points. I would love that.

    Might just have to do some more walking!

    • +1

      My cycling seems to count for a lot of steps. 3hr ride this morning = 7,900 steps

      • Yeah, I went for 30kms this morning and recorded 630 steps for the whole day. I didn’t have my phone in my pocket for the ride though.

        • Are you recording the ride as a workout?

          • @ChickenTalon: Not directly, but my Strava and Health apps are linked. It does get recorded in the Health app.

            • +1

              @CBrads4: Hmmm not sure. I have mine linked to Health via my Garmin

      • How to use cycling for steps?

  • +1

    I’ve had this app for ages. Great for free qff Points. Although after the trial the daily points are small. I’ve done over 9.5million steps with this app.

  • +1

    anyone wanna friend me so we can do the weekly walk challenge for more free points?

    • +1

      How do I find you?

      • Me too. PM me

    • I can. PM me

  • Seems every time you click ‘invite friends’ your referral link changes?

  • +1

    The 10 bonus points incentive is not appearing on my android phone.

    I have the android version of Qantas Wellbeing linked to Google Fit and average 6000-6500 steps a day (around 45,000 a week). So with the 5 sleep points I get 177 points a week or 9204 a year. Easier than spending $9000 if you can get 1 point per $1. App is telling me I have earned nearly 55,000 points but that will include the points for my monthly premium as well. Not bad for nearly 3 years with QF health insurance.

  • +2

    Make sure you have updated the app to the latest version to include the challenge.

  • Not having much luck with the latest version of the Android app, it keeps logging out