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NutriBullet 1200W Series Blender 10 Piece Set, Silver $107 Delivered (Was $199.99) @ Amazon AU


NutriBullet 1200W Series Blender 10 Piece Set, Silver

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    Thanks mate, got one. My neighbour's orange tree, here we come!!

    • +27

      I am pretty sure it won't handle the tree…

      • +3

        This machine will handle the tree just fine

        • As long as you can fit the tree in

      • +2

        It just needs to handle the oranges. My father in law will handle the tree, I will take care of the output. Team effort!

    • -7

      So you're going to turn a healthy piece of fruit into something with the same disastrous health benefits as drinking many cups of Coke at the same time.

      While the con artist that sold you the device explains that it's actually making the unprocessed food healthier by processing it.

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        you're thinking of juicing, sir. this is a blender.

      • +1

        Yea, this is a blender mate. Besides, we do eat them normally too. But the tree makes shitload of them. And the damn bats eat away half of them. So this how I plan to compete.

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    Thanks OP, I've been wanting one of these. Also got a further $10 off for ordering through their app for the first time.

    • Good reminder for first time app use, thanks. Needs to be the Mobile app, and first use for existing account. I first tried on tablet and didn't follow through. Then installed on phone and saved another $10.

      • havent ordered from the app, how to get the $10 off?

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    Can you add the small cup to this? I'm looking for something that does smoothies and also blends spices.

    • You really need a spice blender. I use mine for making oat flour out of oats (use a a binder in burgers), turning garam masala into curry powder, turning desiccated coconut into coconut powder for curries. I got the ALI one.

      • Yeah, I've been looking at the Breville one. Problem is that I'll end up with a seperate appliance for each job which means most of it will need to go in the cupboard. Defeats the purpose in my view.

        • The guy at Peaceful Cuisine built his kitchen with things out in the open. He worked as a Japanese chef while in uni. He uses a robot coupe as a food processor.

        • The NutriBullet 900W Mega Pack comes with a milling blade for blending spices etc. Not sure whether you can buy a milling blade separately for this one or not.

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    Can anyone tell me if the bearings in these are any good. My budget version has a nylon bush and it's gradually wearing. The teeth then start stripping and it's nearly scrap now. Looking for something like this, but sure if the brand is a go or just hype.

    • Nutribullet recommend you replace their steel blade every 6 months. I suppose they all got general wear and tear.

    • Warranty period expires before spare parts needing replacement, and the spare parts are expensive.

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    We have one and it is REALLY noisy! I would recommend the Dome of Silence -

    It's Aussie made and works a zillion times better than the cardboard box I had over it. Not cheap but if you use the blender every day like we do then it is well worth it for your ears!

    (I am not associated with the Dome, just have one it works!)

    • +11

      I like the idea of the dome of silence, especially if its an Auz product. With this working from home, I wonder if they could increase their product range to include a larger version to place over small children.

      • +2

        Yes officer, this comment right here.

      • I'm sure you meant a dome to silence the children, but my mind went to silently blending the children.

        • I guess it's an option I hadn't considered, problem there is you only get to enjoy that once.
          Is that a flickering blue light outside?

    • Do you have this 1200W model? Reviews seem to indicate it’s not a noisy as the less powerful ones.

      • Yep it is the 1200w model. Extremely loud. I couldn't be in the kitchen while it was running.

        • Thanks. Cancelling my order now.

    • Out of stock. Do you know how much they were?

    • Yes this! we are looking to get rid of ours due to the pure noise! they are so loud its not funny.

      Like loud enough for hearing damage loud.

  • Price beat at bunnings for extra 10% off

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      I think Marketlink products are excluded from their price beat policy.

  • +5

    Thanks finally got my first Nutribullet. If its noisy I'll use my NC headphones (also from OzB deal!)

  • Once I tried cold blender I can't go back…. But it's 5x more expensive than this…

  • Thanks OP. I'd had the aldi one for a long time. Expect this to be 4x better

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    FWIW After having a Nutribullet for years, we tried the Nutri Ninja with Auto-IQ (BL480) and haven't looked back. Superior cups, locking system (Tabs break off nutribullet over time, meaning you have to replace the cup or it won't blend); the auto-IQ feature is great too - press the button and walk away and it will pulse and blend on its own (no need to stand there and hold like the Nutribullet).

    Looks like comes down to $110 on Amazon AU on camelx3

    After recently returning from overseas we just purchased again on Good guys commercial for $118.

    • Thanks for the review. I was confused between the bullet, ninja and the vitamix. Now I am confused between the ninja and the vitamix (E310). i am wondering if the vitaminx will last longer and will be worth the extra money.

    • Same Same, noisy but blends my butter coffee perfectly!.

    • We have the Ninja professional, blends well, but holding it down to blend is a PITA.Should have gotten the Auto-IQ model.

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    I got the $30 ALDI version years ago. Use it all the time. It fixes lumpy sauces, makes gravy, makes whipped cream in seconds, makes almond butter. It comes with a blender attachment which I use too.

    • can you use it to make smoothies from frozen fruits?

  • Just so u know this does not come with the stainless cup, even though the advert says so.

  • Agreed they are noisy. My neighbour called the cops

  • Good for smoothies only.

  • +1

    I got price matched at Target. It's noisy but only for less than a minute. I twist the cup and leave it there, no need to hold it down and it will stop automatically. Only concern will be the wear and tear on gasket and blade. Otherwise so far so good.

  • I have Nutribullet 600W for last 2 years and works fine and blends fine. only issue is my cups are getting old, worn down and scratched with everyday usage. And blades are probably worn. Otherwise still works.

    Can someone tell me with experience, the 1200W upgrade is worth it?
    It seems too powerful?

  • whihc is better. Nutribullet or Nutrininja??

    • +1

      IMO we've had both and not impressed with either. 1200w nutribullet lasted about 15 months before burning out. Nutri-ninja has doubled in motor volume/noise in the past months so will die soon. It's 2 years old. I reckon the wife would have used each one maybe 100-150 times max. At new the Ninja seemed better, but it is bigger to harder to store

  • Missed out :"(
    Anyone bought a spare?

  • Anyone received theirs?

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      got mine a few hours ago - not half as loud as I expected.

    • +1

      Received ours yesterday, I'm in metro sydney

    • +1

      Yes, mine came yesterday (outer Melbourne suburbs). Going to play with it on the weekend.

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