Bluetooth Headphone Easy to Use with TV

Hey guys. I need to find some Bluetooth headphones that will work on multiple TVs and are easy to use.
My dad used to have 2 pairs of Sennhisers but they both broke so I need to find a replacement.

Would be good if they pair to 2 devices but really just need something comfortable that has good sound.

Anyone have any ideas on what would suit or what I should look for?

I don’t know anything about audio nor do I have a TV from the last 10 years so have no idea what specs he would need.

I’ll point out that he always has the TV too loud so others in the house complain so for last few years he has been using the sennhisers that he got when some family members passed away.

He was using the sennhiser RS 180 before.

Any help is much appreciated.


  • I use the sony xm3 and they work fine with my tv.

  • I recently discovered that the Telstra TV has a Bluetooth listening mode, which I thought was pretty cool

  • im buying the sennheiser 4.50se, is that the one you had? if not, i will tell you how it is after i try it on the tv when it arrives in a week

  • More than likely he still needs to stick to the IR or RF headphones (like the Sennheise), but it will depend on how old the TVs are.
    The other reason I would suggest these is: when you say it's too loud for others I assume he may listen to the TV with headphones while someone else in the family listens to the TV at lower volumes. TVs that output by BT will turn off the TV speakers, so only he would be able to hear the TV. IR/RF headphones can play the same time as the TV sound.

    Most TVs that are more than 2 years old, don't have the BT built in. Some have BT input for keyboards etc, but not output for headphones. So you will still need a transmitter on those TVs. Many BT transmitters (but not all) will experience lag so does not give the best experience on TVs.

    Newer TVs will likely have BT out for audio, but make it harder to use non-BT headphones as most have removed the headphone jack.

    So unfortunately it depends on your TV.

  • Open standard Bluetooth headphones have unavoidable lag (which some people fail to notice until it's pointed out to them).

    The mitigation for this is to use propietary Bluetooth protocol(s?) APTX-Low Latency. For this to work the recieving and transmitting devices must both support APTX-Low Latency. You can purchase APTX-LL dongles which will transmit the TV audio to BT headphones.

    Or of course you can purchase IR headphones to avoid this.

  • Sorry. Someone dropped in today so hadn’t seen replies. He usually watches tv when others are in the room but not watching tv. So single source is ok. But he has tv in lounge room and in a spare room so if it could seemly move between them without setting them up again it would be good.
    I’ve had a bit to drink Tonight so I’ll go through these suggestions tomorrow and see what works.

    • Not sure if the current technology allows auto switching between units. Don't think such a thing exists yet

  • 65un7300ptc & 55lb6500
    Are the tvs

    • So it looks like the 65" is BT headset compatible, and it mentions apt-x meaning you shouldn't have lag if you get the right headphones.

      The 55" just states "BT Yes (Uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology to send audio to compatible LG home audio products)" which I think is designed for soundbars.

      Which means you will either need a BT adapter for the 55" or get another IR/RF headset which would suit both.

      • Thanks @dizzle.
        Sounds like he will need 2 sets, one for the older one that has headphone jack and a Bluetooth one for the newer TV that doesn’t have a output jack.
        Going to be a pain but I’ll find some examples and then tell him from a safe distance or through a proxy (I joke of cause).

        Or maybe I can get a single Bluetooth set, and a dongle to convert the old one to Bluetooth. I look for that too.

        • Rather than 2 sets you could use a BT set that also has a wired jack. I have Beats Studio that do this. I use them wireless most of the time but use the cable on planes (with plane adapter). Similarly your dad could use the cable for the 55 tv, but wireless for the 65.

  • Not quite what you're looking for, but I can confirm the Fetch TV boxes work brilliantly with my Sony XM3s and Jabra Elite Active 75t.

    I'm VERY particular with sound quality and can confirm no noticeable lag using either.

  • You can do yourself a favour and look at Avantree
    They have low latency Bluetooth transmitters and headphones.
    They will work with most TVs as the transmitters can accept 3.5mm and optical audio.
    I purchased the TC419 which is capable of having 2 Bluetooth headsets and 1 3.5mm output. No issue with the lag as long as the headset have the right codec. Or just get their headsets to make it easier.
    You can have multiple transmitters to other TVs and you need to pair them up. Which isn't too hard. You can also buy a bluethooth receiver and turn your good wired headset into a bluetooth headset.
    I suggest you buy a set to try first.
    I did a bit of research before and found them to be great valve for money.
    Good luck.

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