Dove Body Wash Fresh Touch / Gentle Exfoliating 375ml $3.14 with S&S Delivered @ Amazon AU


Softer, smoother skin after just one shower
NutriumMoisture technology delivers natural nutrients to the skin
Exfoliating beads gently wash away dead skin

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  • Pay hundreds of times more for soap than buying soap.

    Spread microplastics throughout the world. Not that it matters given human civilisations imminent collapse in as little as 50 years due to climate change.

  • 1L Bottles at Aldi and Woolies for $6.75

  • No plastic beads - " We stopped using plastic scrub beads in 2014 in response to concerns about the build-up of microplastics in oceans and lakes. We had formerly used them in some of our exfoliating products. We now use alternative exfoliating ingredients, such as apricot kernels, cornmeal, ground pumice, silica and walnut shells."