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[eBook] Free - Authentic Tokyo Dinners: Your Cookbook for Home-Made Japanese Meals & The Best Udon Recipes @ Amazon AU


For those after US link: https://www.amazon.com/Authentic-Tokyo-Dinners-Home-Made-App...

Do you think Tokyo dinners are too difficult to make? Would you like to try your hand at preparing them yourself?
The authentic and fusion dishes in this Japanese style cookbook have that special taste you’re craving when you want Asian food but not Chinese style. They have a taste all their own, based on Japan’s food palette.

Can you craft delicious Japanese dishes at home?

Many Tokyo dishes are very easy to make. So yes, try it at home!
We’ll show you how in this Tokyo Recipe Cookbook.

You can prepare and enjoy your own authentic Japanese cooking, from appetizers to entrees. We are sharing 35 authentic Tokyo recipes in this e-Book, and we think you’ll enjoy making AND eating them!

Also available: The Best Udon Recipes: A Complete Noodle Cookbook of Ingenious Dish Ideas! https://www.amazon.com.au/Best-Udon-Recipes-Complete-Ingenio...
Do you love udon noodle dishes? You probably think you need to spend hours online, searching for authentic recipes. But you don’t!

In Japan and other areas in Asia, cuisine using udon noodles is an important part in their traditional, as well as modern, diet. Udon noodles are made using wheat flour, and they are versatile, being used in many types of noodle dishes.

Would you like to learn to integrate udon noodles into your recipes at home?
If so, you’ve come to the right place.
This cookbook has all kinds of udon noodle ideas for you.

The media has been exploring Udon cuisine more in recent years, since people are becoming more conscious of their health. Udon noodles are a great source of healthy carbohydrates, they are free of trans-fats and they have almost no overall fat. The condiments, soups and sauces used in udon noodle cooking offers a wide array of healthy ingredients and subtle flavors.

Learn to include healthy udon noodles in your diet today!

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