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Wild Rhino Men's Dawson Boots (Brown Tan) $54.22 (RRP $179.95) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Wild Rhino leather Men's Dawson Boots available in all sizes
Reviews seem mixed, majority suggest to order 1 size bigger for wider feet

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  • Is it made of a wild rhino? :P

    jesus almighty the toe pictures in the reviews totally made me gag wth

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    I personally find that boots like these need to be tried in store. It's too hard to get the right fit considering there are no laces or anything…

  • Lots of reviews saying the sizing is bad, and they're narrow in the toes to the point they hurt the toes and cause wounds. I would be careful on purchasing these online, unless they're free to return.

  • These are a very very narrow European fit. The ones that they used to make in Asia were a good fit and lasted me two years wearing most days per week. These look like the Portugal made ones and they are too narrow even if going one size up and will still be very tight for most people.

  • Quality is very hit and miss with wild rhino. I've had shoes from them that have started to fall apart in the first few months of purchase but others that have lasted over a year without a drama.

    At this price it's worth a punt, but I wouldn't buy anything from them at their inflated rrp's

  • For the Amazon drop-down haters:

    Price Size Colour Availability Merchant Discount
    $64.44 8 US Black (Black) [IS] Amzn AU $64.44
    $65.65 10 US Black (Black) [IS] Amzn AU $65.65
    $66.64 13 US Black (Black) [5 left] Amzn AU $66.64
    $68.30 9 US Black (Black) [IS] Amzn AU $68.30
    $79.32 14 US Black (Black) [IS] Amzn AU $79.32
    $99.00 12 US Black (Black) [5 left] Amzn AU $99.00
    $99.00 11 US Black (Black) [IS] Amzn AU $99.00
    $51.44 14 US Brown (Tan) [3 left] Amzn AU (Was $179.95)
    $54.22 11 US Brown (Tan) [4 left] Amzn AU (Was $179.95)
    $54.51 10 US Brown (Tan) [IS] Amzn AU (Was $179.95)
    $57.55 13 US Brown (Tan) [IS] Amzn AU (Was $179.95)
    $68.48 8 US Brown (Tan) [IS] Amzn AU (Was $179.95)
    $92.66 9 US Brown (Tan) [IS] Amzn AU (Was $179.95)
    $99.00 12 US Brown (Tan) [IS] Amzn AU (Was $179.95)
    $68.27 10 US Grey (Dark Brown) [4 left] Amzn AU (Was $179.95)
    $78.73 8 US Grey (Dark Brown) [5 left] Amzn AU (Was $179.95)
    $87.60 9 US Grey (Dark Brown) [2 left] Amzn AU (Was $179.95)
    $99.00 11 US Grey (Dark Brown) [4 left] Amzn AU (Was $179.95)
    Do not buy.

  • I have bought Wild Rhino shoes before and found the quality to be very good. Thanks OP. Just bought one. Don't think you can find a good leather shoe for Under $55 anywhere. US Size 10 comes up with Free Returns if need be. :)

  • Would these boots be considered an "acceptable" replacement for typical office leather shoes or are they more dressy boots?

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