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Why, once the plotting has completed read speed isn't an issue, initial write will be slower but shouldn't affect your plotting too much...
16/06/2021 - 23:55
Just a reminder that this cannot be used on tinted glass due to being ammonium based. It will strip the tint over time
05/05/2021 - 23:30
Edit: bad connection Did you end up getting this working? If so which connectors did you use. Using the red to No and black to COM I get...
28/02/2021 - 05:35
I had to remove the cover which is held in by one screw at the back, once the cover is off the terminals are inside, feel free to pm me for...
23/02/2021 - 21:32
I have an Avanti (Centurion) wireless garage door with the following ports Ground Antenna NO +24 COM SB RS Does anyone know if this will be...
26/01/2021 - 15:10
Thanks mate! Made me check my inbox and I had one too!
02/10/2020 - 10:37
You'll only get the difference back if the product went on sale within two weeks of purchase source: Use to work there
06/06/2020 - 00:48
Wild Rhino Men's Dawson Boots (Brown Tan) $54.22 (RRP $179.95) Delivered @ Amazon AU
Wild Rhino leather Men's Dawson Boots available in all sizes Reviews seem mixed, majority suggest to order 1 size bigger for wider feet
01/06/2020 - 02:31
Still looking to split for anyone keen
29/11/2019 - 16:49
Interested in splitting ?
29/11/2019 - 14:08
Can't PM you, your settings must be turned off, just waiting on reply from someone else, keen to split though if he doesn't want to. PM me
29/11/2019 - 13:02
Anyone in WA Perth want to split ?
29/11/2019 - 12:25
Good form on the T&C pull out. Reading this I read it as a "cancel at any time" I believe
23/10/2019 - 01:46
Edit* States on the promo page "Powered by the Optus 4G Network"
23/10/2019 - 01:44
Searching previous circles.life posts they use the Optus network
23/10/2019 - 01:41
Circles.Life 20GB Mobile Plan for $18/Mth (New Customers)
Just when I thought I missed out... another circles plan! $18 for 20GB for 12 months for new customers only
23/10/2019 - 01:36
Anyone have any comparisons on how they are compared to my current Meizu EP52s ?
19/03/2019 - 22:23
Cheers bay, shall give it a shot with my flat top Panasonics first I think
11/03/2019 - 00:45
Thanks Skinner, I did see them but they are a fair bit more expensive, was hoping to see if I could still use flat tops Q30s
11/03/2019 - 00:44
I was going to get some Samsung Q30's but noticed it said button top and most of the Q30's are a flat top, is button top definitely...
10/03/2019 - 15:32
PSA: The website seems to have been hijacked, both Google Chrome and Avast have flagged it as malicious / phishing, be careful
01/05/2018 - 00:17
burnsy16 was awarded a badge.
04/03/2018 - 23:48
I plan to use them for painting instead of drop sheets
04/03/2018 - 22:13
04/03/2018 - 21:27
Not suitable for dead people over 5'10"
04/03/2018 - 21:25