Circles.Life 20GB Mobile Plan for $18/Mth (New Customers)


Just when I thought I missed out… another circles plan!

$18 for 20GB for 12 months for new customers only

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    Which network do they use?

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    Mate I was just about to post this… haha.

    1. This 20GB for $18 offer (Promotion) is provided by Circles Australia Pty Ltd ABN 25 630 647
    (Circles.Life) and is available from 00:00:01 on 23 October 2019 and ends at 23:59:59 on 30 November
    2019 (Promotion Period). All times listed are in AEDT.
    2. If you successfully sign up to the Circles.Life $28 Monthly Plan during the Promotion Period using the
    Promotion code advertised by Circles.Life and activate your SIM card by 31 December 2019, you will
    automatically receive a $10 discount on your Circles.Life bills for 12 months. Discount issued as a $20
    discount on the first bill (covering a 2 month period or part thereof) and a $10 discount on the remaining
    bills, to a maximum total discount of $120.
    4. For new customers only. The Promotion code may only be redeemed once per account. Discounts
    are not transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash. This Promotion cannot be used in conjunction
    with any other offer or promotional codes from Circles.Life.
    5. You may terminate the Circles.Life $28 Monthly Plan at any time in accordance with the Standard
    Form of Agreement. If the Circles.Life $28 Monthly Plan is terminated, any remaining $10 discounts will
    be lost and you will not be entitled to any credit or refund for any unused balance.
    6. This Promotion is subject to you acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and Circles.Life’s
    Standard Form of Agreement and the Fair Use Policy (which you must agree to as part of the account
    sign-up process), available at https://circles. life/au/legal. Refer to the Critical Information Summary
    available here and the General Terms/Standard Form of Agreement here for more information about the
    Circles.Life $28 Monthly Plan.

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      Good form on the T&C pull out. Reading this I read it as a "cancel at any time" I believe

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        Yep. People need to be aware that this is postpaid though, not prepaid. However, the risk of running over data is not as high as other postpaid services as they have a 3gb bill shock protection thing which essentially gives you an extra 3gb for free when you go over 20gb. They send you messages at 25%, 50%, 75% usage of both the 20gb and 3gb. Essentially this is a 23gb plan for $18, as the 3gb bill shock protection is included at no extra cost. You could amend the title to include that.

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          However, the risk of running over data is not as high as other postpaid services

          It's the Optus network. It'll be almost impossible to go over on this plan…

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    This is 12 months plan. And no one knows whether this provider is any good and what service you can expect from them. So, would you really want to commit to 12 months?

    Also need to be aware of the T&C when the time to cancel comes.
    T&C say:
    "The cancellation date of the Service will be processed at the end of the month, when you have provided notice that you wish to
    "For termination scheduled in the following month, you will need to submit your request by 12:00 pm on the last day of the month. Otherwise, this request will be taken into account for the following month. All service cancellations will be effective at 10.00 pm on the last day of the month."

    In other words, you need to submit cancellation request the month before!
    It is also unclear what they mean by this: "All service cancellations will be effective at 10.00 pm on the last day of the month."
    Does it mean that you can't cancel in the middle of the month even if you submit your request the month before and will have to wait until the month ends? Then when and how can you port?

    Really confusing conditions.


      To avoid the t&c - port out & keep your number. But seems more difficult than other providers (see comments below).


        They call their service post-paid, even though you pay in advance.
        So when you try to port out it may become an issue…

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      Its not a 12 month plan.. its a discount for 12 months


      Their plans are all from the 1st to the 31st of the month, it's not dependant on the date that you activated.

      Hence why they say that it'll be effective by the last day of the month.

      I've been using it for about a month and overall it's good but the Optus network is crap, I can't believe how big of a difference it's with Telstra.

      I'm planning on going back to Telstra on the TGG plans because I'm already so frustrated by the Optus network.

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    Personal experience, their customer service is quite good at this time.

    However, be aware that their format of account numbers starts with alphabat and when porting out from circle to other providers it will be issue as other providers don't accept alphabat in account number.

    I am currently struggling to port out.

    Thanks to their customer support they are trying their best to help. It's their system, which is not same as pther providers in Australia.

    Another thing to note is that their port in is also manual, not automatic like other providers.

    Its cost effective otherwise.

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      I got their 4 months free sim in the mail last week, hoping to port out to catch/kogan once it's done. This doesn't bode well. Does Circles provide any solid timeframe/solution as to how you are able to port out or are you stuck in limbo for now?

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        Port out is a bit of hassle. Still waiting to get thru today when systems online. Failed twice already.

        This is the story.

        I have total 6 services in my home. Plan was to move all of them to Circle. But after second port in took one full day of my intervention few times before it could go thru. Then I decided not to move other services to Circle and instead bring these ported services back to Kogan. Port out is in limbo at the moment.

        I must say that their customer service is very helpful but the system they follow is not.

        Initially i was very keen for Circle and wanted to give a fair go. At the same time I like to keep all services on one bill.

        Also note that they send separate bill for each service, means you can not have all services on one bill. That was also one of the deal breaker for me.


          Hey samgill any update on your porting out issues? I'm deciding whether or not to use them for a few months before jumping back on to a telstra/JB Hi-Fi deal.


            @Zalur: Finally Ported put today


              @samgill: samgill, are you able to elaborate on your experience? Was it all carriers you tried to port to that rejected the alphabet character in the account number? What was the solution? Did Circles provide a new account number without letters to satisfy the new carrier, or did the new carrier manually work around it?

              Any detail will help as if this is a major problem we are going to see a lot of posts here as people’s 4-5 months free come to an end. I am about to port in but have held off due to potential port out drama.


                @quirdan: Circles customer service was very supportive. They personally watched fpr port out request to let it thru. Kogan also contacted circle once port was rejected. I assume both providers communicated about it.

                Took few days thou.


    Just to clarify this plan is 20gb per month right? Not 20gb in total for the life of the plan?

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    Another mobile service reseller, I cant wait for ozbargain mobile service to come…….

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    Ported to Circles from Telstra and I already miss my fast 4g and good reception. Once the 4 months free promo ends, will be looking to port back to Telstra

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      Where do you live?
      I'm running both sim in my phone and so far is outperforming Telstra. Telstra is horrid nowadays in speed as the network seems over subscribed and they're prioritising business users.


        I agree, I ported from Optus to Telstra and speeds are definitely worse around metro Melbourne. In some cases even the reception is worse.


    So indirectly 40GB data for $28/m for the next 12 months. Not bad I guess.


    anyone actually using this? im with jeenee atm and looking to switch.


      I've been using Circles for about a month.

      It's good overall, they've been quite helpful on the customer support.

      It's easy to do changes on your account on the app.

      I'm not too happy with Optus's network but Jeenee is on Optus too so you won't see a difference.

      They seem motivated to listen to their customers as they invited me to do a 1h paid marketing study session asking me all sorts of questions which as interesting as I wanted to know what they had planned. They mentioned thinking about doing data rollovers, international minutes and some other things.

      Also, they said that they will give their customers some bonuses randomly like maybe one day you'll get an email giving X more data or X international minutes, I'm guessing that it would be a way for them to gauge if they customers would use those extra.


    You will get a credit check if you sign up


    Ported from Optus - can confirm service is same as full Optus network.

    My results on 4G LTE 119mbps down 32.3 mbps up in a city coverage area

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