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50% off All 28 Day Plans (1st 28d), New Long Expiry Plans (125GB/$150/6mo, 120GB/$200/1yr) @ amaysim


Amaysim end of financial year sale.
All 28 day plans, 50% off first 28 days

New long expiry plans
- 125Gb 6 month expiry for $150
- 120Gb 12 month expiry for $200


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  • 120Gb 12 month expiry for $200 is almost ok for me. But $10/gb top up? Pass!

  • Which network is this again ?

  • I remember Amaysim running a survey on their website, asking users if they'd prefer a Long-Expiry plan against 28 day plans. Amaysim has always kept "no-contracts" as their USP, hence they did stick to 28-days plans only all this while. But I guess, that also resulted in them losing few customers to other MVO, like Lebara or Boost or maybe their own parent Optus.

    An interesting thing to note is that, for the new launched Long-Expiry Plans:
    The $200 plan with 1-year expiry does NOT include Unlimited International Calls and Text
    The $150 plan with 6 months expiry includes Unlimited international Standard talk & text to 19 countries.

    Honestly, I'd say the exclusion of International Calls and Text in the 1-year plan is a let down.

  • I find this advertised rate for the "first 28 days" in big numbers and the rest of the months in fine print below somewhat misleading.

    This is commonplace but I think they should not do this kind of thing.

  • is this sale eligible for Cashrewards cash back? purchasing a new sim and never claimed cr cash back from them before.

    paging @tightarse