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Boost Mobile: $150 Prepaid SIM Kit, 80GB for 12 Months $135 ($128.25 w/ OW PM) @ Best Deal Plaza


For those who do not have an ebay plus account.

for price match over the phone call officeworks on 1300 633 423

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Best Deal Plaza
Best Deal Plaza


  • I rang earlier and OW said they do not PM Best Deal Plaza - said its a different product code. But hey if you have the time try

    • I got it price matched at Chadstone (VIC)

    • Looks like they are out of stock now. According to the OW price beat conditions, the item has to be in stock, so price beats will be refused at the moment.

    • They price matched it for me at Taren Point, NSW.
      One of the employees jumped onto Best Deal Plaza to look it up themselves and then checked where they're located and if they have an ABN. Took about 5 minutes and I went home with a new sim.

    • OW (Milton, QLD) price beat it for me too, about a month ago.

  • Please Dont Put This Ads On Ozbargin As Not Allowed Limited Stock.


    • lol, but I wonder why, isn't good to always sell out?

      • (can be backordered)

        especially at this time they should get as much money they can. But if people are lucky enough to price match then they should try.

    • yeah but…

      we are mobilephone wholeseller based on Australian with 3 realty shop !

  • BDP has had this deal for some time - but have specifically asked that it not be placed on Ozbargain.
    I think we should respect that request.

  • I price matched this last week at Office Works Woolloongabba. Got 2 boost sims for $128.25 each. It was very busy, so maybe the cashier was rushing a bit, but he did seem to check the website for postage fees, etc.

    • Likewise however when I tried to get it price beat in WA store they kept telling me if they can't get to the site being blocked by their corporate OW firewall then they can't honour a pricebeat as it's not a real site, and also some other BS about it being a different product, although it is the same reseller BOOST Prepaid $150 Sim card, I believe it's an easy throwaway line and that's not a good look for OW if they promote that they definitely price beat by 5% when they have all these caveats that means they wont honour it generally.

      Also a little confused by why BDP doesn't want the deal on ozbargain.

      • I've had that happen when I tried to price match a different product years ago. Had the postage excuse trotted out, wouldn't price beat the price + postage total, which would have still have been cheaper. The sales person just flat out refused. It just depends on the person you get. The two times I have got a price beat, I have just shown the sales person on my phone and they accepted it.

        If you get refused over the phone, can you call back and see if you get a different person?

        As the BDP for not wanting it on ozb, I think it's a simple case of not wanting people to price beat at OW.

  • Where is the discount code to get $135? Sorry incorrect post

  • For those wondering i've bought this and received. Now activating. Cheers!

  • Is this site legit?

    Has anyone else noticed the dodgey PayPal payment address.. [email protected]

    • Yes, I think so. Perhaps it is a small family shop business.

      TeleChoice Jackey Mobile | Shop 50A Market Plaza 61-63 Grote Street Adelaide SA 5000

      Last time I asked a price match for this shop and it was approved by Office Work Highett.

    • wait till you have paid - Paypal account name is a chinese name - but that's ok. Paypal protect purchaser anyway.

    • Bought one from them about a month ago. Paid to the same email address via paypal. Arrived via Aus Post letter a few days later. I have not activated the SIM yet but no issues thus far.

  • Bought one from them a month ago $135. All good.

  • I tried price matching over the phone with Officeworks, was refused. Saying its different product.
    Some might be luckier.
    I bought it from Auditech from this deal instead.
    Got my Sim card in 2days, I am in Sydney
    I ported from Telstra postpaid.
    So the steps I took was
    * Changed my postpaid to prepaid. Changed to Prepaid Complete. Did that over Live chat using the MyTelstra App. I did not actually top up any credit.
    * Called Boost, wait times about 5-10min.
    * Ordered a Blank Sim. It never came even after 2weeks
    * Then called them again to order another one, but was told I didn't need a blank sim
    Activated the new Sim over the phone in the same call
    Was ported in under 5min

    • Some might be luckier.

      Yeah I was able to price beat it over the other week. Depends on who you talk to.

  • Does boost gives free live afl via the AFL app likes Telstra?

  • Couldn't price match over the phone with OW so backorder it is

  • mine got delivered last week. they ship registered free of charge. interesting.

  • Seems to be back to $150 now

  • What is the expiry date on the voucher please? I just port out to Kogan for 3 months

  • +2 votes

    Guys, did you notice? On Boost Mobile Website, the $150 Plan now carries the words: "Offer Ends 30 June 2020"

    This is mentioned on the homepage on the $150 tile (scroll down a bit) at https://boost.com.au/
    and also on the $150 Prepaid plan page: https://boost.com.au/shop/150-prepaid/

    All good things come to an end. Is this plan ending, or this is just a Financial Year End gimmick to get more customers?

    Offer ending 30 June 2020 is also mentioned on $100 6 month plan
    But is NOT mentioned for $200 6 month plan and $300 12 month plan.

    Looks like the lower priced plans may be going :-(

  • The $150 and $300 plans are not discontinued, only the $150 and $300 SIM cards and physical vouchers. Customers can still recharge onto these plans in the standard way:


    From 1 July, $150 and $100 recharge vouchers will no longer be sold. All of our other recharges will still be available as vouchers.

    You can continue to recharge $150 and $100 using your credit/debit card or paypal on the Boost App, boost.com.au or #111#

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