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[Switch] Screencheat - $3.59 (Was $17.99, 80% off), Feather - $6.75 (Was $13.50, 50% off) @ Nintendo eShop


Feather link

2 games from Australian developer, Samurai Punk, on sale for all-time lows on the eshop.

Screencheat is a 4-player local competitive fps game with the gimmick being all players are invisible. You have to "screencheat" your way to victory by figuring out where your opponents are on the map based on their surrounding colours and geometry. It's a pretty fun time!

Haven't played feather myself, so can't make a judgement in quality

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  • playing Screencheat just makes me wish someone would make a proper GoldenEye/Perfect Dark or Quake-like split screen shooter for the Switch…

    Screencheat handles great, they nailed the feel, but a lot of people just don't like the gimmick in my experience.

  • My wife and daughter are keen on Feather. Has anyone got it? Opinions?

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        Developer chiming in. Feather is a pretty non-traditional gaming experience. Since there aren't any objectives, it's hard to pin down how you "beat" the game. It puts you in a sandbox where all you do is take in the sights and sounds, and discover the different parts of the map. It's not for everybody, but the highlights of the experience (in my opinion) are:
        - The sense of flow you feel whilst flying through the scenery. It's very zen and relaxing.
        - The soundtrack
        - Flying with random players when connected online

        It's a love/hate kind of experience. If you're still on the fence, I'd recommend looking at the game's Steam reviews to see what other players' experiences resonate with you. https://store.steampowered.com/app/545040/Feather__Social_Ze...

        Hope that helps!

  • Bubsy looks tempting at 80% off. I'll wait until it's 90%.

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    I'm one of the developers! Thanks for sharing our deal, Ninternet!

    Also shout out to Lysander who posted about our deal last time, resulting in a 400% increase in sales in Australia! Needless to say, it made a massive difference for our team. <3 Let's see how high we can push it this time!

    Let me know if ya'll have any questions about the games, and I'll do my best to answer!

  • I bought Feathers cause it looks like relaxing game to play. And god knows I’ll need some chillax moments when coming back to my full time job tomorrow.

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