Using Facebook to Sell Instead of eBay - Seeking Advice

I saw someone comment here, that they moved away from Ebay, are now using Facebook to sell and are selling more items than before.

I hate dealing with Ebay, and would like any feedback or suggestions from people on how this works please.

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  • Is this available?


    Best price?

    No response

    Get used to the above is all i can say about facebook.

    • ^^^^^^This.. all the f##king time

      had heaps of old stuff listed for $3-$5
      people want you to send it for free
      or negotiate lower. $5.. seriously

    • To be fair the Location? question is not unreasonable as the marketplace settings are a bit borked or too hard to use for some sellers.

      It's not unusal to see the item location different to what is listed in the description. Sydney CBD is included in my search radius but there are a few items which come up where the description notes "Pickup from Woop Woop Hills". I assume this may be sellers having a generic "Sydney" as location.

      • it is unreasonable when i list the location in the description of EVERY item i list.

      • I put "Location: Erskineville near Newton / Redfern" as the first line in all my ads. I still get "where are you located?" or "I didn't realise you were that far away".

        So many time wasters on FB Marketplace but I've sold stuff that I would never put on ebay.

  • Don't post anything until payment is received in your bank account. Otherwise meeting in person and cash in hand is preferred.

  • Works like gumtree.

  • +10 votes

    Item list for 50$, they bargain it down to $30. Meet up for the swap and only brings $10.

  • Depends what you are selling. I have found it good for old phones and computer parts. Often sold for cash in 24 hours.

    You do have to meet with people and deal with hagglers.

  • I seem to get more interested parties through Facebook, but 80% of them are time waters. They will not reply, or deliberately try to lowball you, complain about your price, or agree to buy it and then never turn up.

    I have people pay me via PayID so then its instant, as the amount of people who turn up with the incorrect amount is ridiculous. Sell something for $80, they turn up with $100 and ask for change. Or they bring only $30 for something that is $50, then get all pissy when you refuse to sell them the item.

    • I would tell them to bring correct change before turning up.

    • Payid isn't that great as new users the payment is often held 24 hours. So you end up in an awkward situation where they say "I've paid you" but you don't have the money…

      Some banks also hold payment for hours if they have paid money to you before - which is fairly common for FBM.

      • Never had that issue with PayID it’s always instant regardless of if they have paid me or not. That’s common with PayPal though for new users. You don’t get their funds for up to 28 days. Another reason to avoid eBay you could argue.

  • I prefer Gumtree to Facebook personally, however they both have no shows, time wasters, scammers, and tyre kickers.

    Whichever option you choose OP, or you can even use both, the safest way to be paid is face to face pickup and payment in cash only.

    • the safest way to be paid is face to face pickup and payment in cash only.

      You haven't read the stories about people getting mugged for the iPhones they were selling … grab and dash.

  • I prefer Facebook to gumtree only because it is quicker and easier to list something, and post to multiple buy swap sell groups

  • No different to Gumtree, except less security for seller (buyer has your name and photos of you). Use same due diligence and common sense. Fingers crossed you don't come across a crazy entitled buyer.

  • Gumtree

  • description

    "pickup from Melbourne CBD"

    message: where are you located?

    something listed for $10
    message: $5

  • I've sold almost 1k worth of junk on it, so highly recommend but you need to be careful and there's still timewasters and lowballers. Don't accept cheap offer within 24 hours, wait for it to be shown to more people first before accepting a low offer. Just don't respond and wait.
    I prefer FB because no fees and also it seems to work well pushing pictures of items to the right buyers if you put in the right key words. I believe the tags work similarly to how ads are targeted to individuals on FB, so the more wordy the ad, and more keywords, the more people will see your item. Whereas Gumtree you have to pay to push your a up, and I believe it's much harder for your item to appear to people. FB, you can renew a few times for free!

  • Works better if you sell in local suburb groups rather than market place

  • Be prepared to have to trawl through your messenger chats to delete tens of conversations initiated by people who are trying to lowball you, don't read the ad and ask a stupid question, or show seemingly genuine interest before dropping off the face of the earth.

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