Fraudulent Order on

Hello Guys,

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on this issue.

Around 11am today I noticed on my email that an order had been made last night at This was around midnight - in fact there were 2 emails. The first was sent to my email under my correct name, saying a new address had been added. Following that was an email about an order made worth 2.2k (imac and airpods). Clearly account was hacked and I (stupidly) had a saved card. Not only had address been changed, they had then changed name on the account - given it is from a new IP address and he changed password on the account, I would have hoped Kogan would want authorisation on the order but evidently not.

First issue - realised Kogan have no phone number. I had to reset password on account myself but unable to cancel order. I send emails straight away to Kogan requesting callbacks and explaining issue.

In meantime I called American Express, lodged a paypal dispute and also called police station. I assumed the money I could get back but the address he had entered was a parcel locker (2 I think) not too far from my actual address. They said would run the name, lodge internal report and took my details but unsure they will/can do too much.

This afternoon Kogan sent the email saying had been dispatched - sent them further messages but without a phone number it is ridiculous. Called AusPost and gave them tracking number and explained it all but since it is not in my name they basically can't do anything. They were saying I could be a frauster trying to get it re-sent to me even though I explicityly said I want it returned to Kogan, nothing more.

So that is where I am at - waiting for Kogan to get in touch with me. Even used facebook messenger in case was any more fruitful but they just redirected it as an email to customer care anyway so zero help.

I am thinking best to call Police again now I know package is underway - is there anything I am missing? Very frustrating.


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    Explain to police and see if they can call Kogan, at least lodge it with them so you have it on the record

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      Wow I certainly won't ever be purchasing from Kogan.

      Is there really no phone number for a site that can sell thousands of dollars of purchases per transaction?

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        you get what you pay for

        cheap prices and non-existent customer service

    • I got his number, would you call his mobile or landline?

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    Camp at the Parcel Locker till you see the person picking it up, and make a citizen arrest.

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      how do you know what they look like? there is many people picking up many items

      • But he knows the parcel locker number?

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          But he knows the parcel locker number?

          That number is useless to normal people - when someone picks up their parcel, they scan a generated QR code or enter a pin that AusPost will email and text.
          Only AusPost and the account holder knows who owns that number.

          The only way for the OP to know who it is is to stay at the locker and refresh the tracking after someone opens it up.

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            @CC123: the lockers don't have physical numbers on them, randomly assigned per package so you don't know whos picking up what, tracking is usually delayed by a minute or two also

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              @monkeyfood: Aware.
              As the thief ordered an iMac, that wouldn't be put in a locker as it would be too big and won't fit - the OP could hang around the LPO and wait until someone picks up the iMac over the counter and (perhaps) confront them with the police.

              • @CC123: yeah I think in this case this is as close and best as he can get to the thief, however police would probably advise not to take it into their own hands

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    get bikkies to wait outside the parcel locker until the thief shows up then they can do their business with them

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      Monte Carlo or Tim Tams?

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        Hand sanitiser

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        I hear Tim Tam "Slams" are quite effective, and delicious.

      • Sorry, but i don't get it, can u explain?

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          Commenter said bikkies (biscuits) instead of bikies

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      where do we find these bikies? At ???? LOL

      • These particular ones, you'd find at your nearest colesworth.

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    Yeah I called local police station earlier as in same suburb as the parcel locker. I will call them back and see, he didn't seem too clued up with it but he took my details at least.

    I went past and checked the parcel locker too as I have never used myself - basically just electronic isnt it so he has the codes and can access what is in there. This parcel locker is literally 5 minutes from my legitimate address though, way too coincidental unless that is deliberately done to make it less blatant and he just has a long trip down to pick it up.

    Kogan are terrible though, had no idea was no phone number for something as blatant as this. Changed name, address, password and logged in from a new PC - orders 2.2k of stuff and that is legit to them.

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      Maybe partner tried to buy you a birthday pressie surprise?

      Kogan are terrible though

      Understatement of the day. Have been trying to tell people this for ages and not support a dodgy grey market product, no support, price jacking company but not many listen in favour of saving a fiver…

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        I only used them for tiny items before now ha! Last order was a $15 dough scraper so they upped the ante with this one. Just cannot believe it didnt trigger some sort security check at their end and now its impossible to resolve it.

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          More likely to trigger something with your bank. But if it went through Paypal, it may be harder for them to see, particularly if you have used Paypal for larger purchases before.

          Unlikely to trigger something with a seller, because they want you to spend more.

      • I'd agree, but given steam cleaners in Australia are so expensive, and never have good reviews, the kogan one I'm willing to take s gamble on.

        What's insulting is, I have to wait from march 21, til June 23rd til the items sent.

        Seems Logans sending it's supplies from China to Australia 😐😑

    • Unfortunately my bank seems to have the same absolutely inadequate security as Password changed and 4 mins later $5,000 transferred out of my account. Happened every day until I noticed a week later. No recourse, nothing. You are lucky you could have an eventual return of money. I hope you do. Because it wasn’t on card I don’t have the same luxury.

      • You should be able to get your money back? Did you escalate to AFCA?

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    And the moral of this is…..never shop at unscrupulous crappy places like Kogan that don't care about anything except taking your money.

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      moral for me, in addition to that one, is more don't leave linked cards to accounts - didn't even realise I had selected that option, thought at least they would need the 4 digit code to use an AmEx for that amount.

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        Kogan has a reputation for very dubious business practices quite often just shy of illegal practices. Google Kogan complaints. You may be shocked.

      • I checked my account and had a saved CC as well, I was quite surprised. I imagine it is a default option.

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      Not really. The main lesson is not linking your cc details, amongst many other secure practices, irrespective of the merchant. They're all susceptible to being hacked.

    • Kogan hasn't done anything wrong in this case, perhaps they have done some stuff like price jacking in the past (and been fined for it) but I don't think any of this is on them.

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        Yeah maybe but would think that someone changing name, address and password on the Kogan account from a new IP address - then ordering 2k worth of stuff would trigger some sort of warning for further checks?

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          is that a thing that happens on other retailer websites?
          ive bought bike stuff from websites where i have an account and get it sent to my brother, so the name and address is different (granted i havent changed the password at a similar time) and i havent had anything stop me.

          Its pretty shitty that you couldnt get in contact with someone at kogan though to nip it in the bud, but good to hear you'll get your money back.

        • Id be outraged too if any of that was standard practice for retail companies. Can you find me any retailers that have 2FA? That alert you if you log in from a different IP Address? If you change your address, name etc?

          Personally I can't.

          Also on the IP Address thing, how do they determine what is legit? You might log in from your phone, your home PC, from work, that's 3. Then if your home connection or phone get a new IP (likely), there is another IP or two.

          There is the possibility that orders placed from known sketchy countries using credit card might get flagged, but sounds like yours was done through PayPal, in which case the onus is on PayPal to do any checking for potential fraud.

          I know we all like to think 'its simplez, why didn't this raise any flags' but determining what is fraud and what not is not easy and not many retailers do it well.

          Also the changing of a password right before making an order is not exactly suspect either. I reckon a lot of people will go to login to buy something then have to reset their password, or after several attempts work it out and then change it to whatever they currently use on everything else (which is terrible practice and probably how you and many others, became a victim of this fraud).

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    Called AusPost and gave them tracking number and explained it all but since it is not in my name they basically can't do anything

    As someone who uses AusPost's parcel lockers quite often, why don't they [AusPost] just hold it at the nearest LPO? I have had parcels sent to my parcel locker but they have 'redirected' it to the nearest LPO as it's either too heavy, too big or they've run out of lockers.
    That way when the thief turns up, AusPost has the item and them in their LPO where they can call the police or security (if it's in a shopping centre).

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      Yeah makes sense - auspost couldn't help but I will call first thing tomorrow and try again. Police also couldn't really help again - said I really need to speak to Kogan (thanks for that). Couldn't help with putting a block or hold up on the parcel.

      On the address it is being delivered there are 2 numbers, 5 digits XXXXX. Would that be the lockers said items will be delivered? I cannot use those numbers for anything myself presumably, have never used one. Otherwise I would at least try to get to items first and get them returned.

      Am hoping Kogan call at some point tonight or tomorrow and re-route parcel, would be by far easiest outcome. So difficult to go with the easy option.

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        On the address it is being delivered there are 2 numbers, 5 digits XXXXX. Would that be the lockers said items will be delivered?

        That's their AusPost customer number - you could try reporting those to AusPost and the police.

        Also, the name on the package must match their AusPost account details otherwise the package is returned or held at the LPO. Meaning you have their first name and (at least) the first initial of their last name as long as you can see the shipping details.
        Have you tried searching them up on social media?

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          Thanks for that info - is good to know.

          So yeah there are 2 numbers there as mentioned which are the auspost details as you referenced. The name they left was no use to the police but there is someone on social media with the name, though obviously cannot be sure if its same person. Parcelocker is East Suburbs of Melb and the social media profile is Geelong so not unfathomable.

          Police were just useless really - nice on phone but clearly not their usual sort of report so didn't have much to offer outside of the fact they couldnt help with auspost and speaking to Kogan is only resolution.

      • police are lazy with this sort of thing. This is clearly fraud and should be investigated as such.

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          What this tells me is that getting away with stealing and fraud in Australia is stupidly easy.

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    Why didn't Amex stop or block payment?

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      The girl there just said 2 options - one it gets cancelled by Kogan or 2 it gets posted. That could take 4 days at which point she is calling me back to sort it out.

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        I would be demanding to speak with a manager or you take it higher.

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          Yeah I am pretty sure if you contact the Credit card company, they are meant to take action immediately and stop all payments / redact the payment and follow up on it?

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            @lonewolf: They can only cancel/hold the card. They cannot cancel an authorisation that's already been processed. Only the merchant can cancel, void or refund.

            When OP/Amex says "posted" they don't mean the goods are mailed, they mean the transactions have been applied to the credit card (ie funds have been debited).

            Generally speaking, credit card transactions occur in two stages, 1st stage is authorisation request (0100), the 2nd stage a few days later, is the financial advice (0220) (or posted transaction).

            Eg I noticed 4 fraudulent transactions on my wife's card the other day, we called up the card issuer to report it and get a new card. Just recently the auths (or pending transactions) disappeared (didn't post), so no chargeback is required/possible.



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    Worst case you could try a credit card charge back, especially with the purchase being made in a different name etc.

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    I can’t believe that Amex couldn’t do anything. They should be able to at least refund your money even if it takes them a month to investigate.

    I’d be dealing directly with Amex and making them deal with Kogan.

    Make a report to the ACCC as well. Not having a phone number is BS…

    • Called AmEx twice and they just say until its posted I cannot dispute the charge. It was through paypal also so I have a resolution with them and AmEx advised to see what happens with that, wait for it to be posted and then can look into it.

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        How was it through Paypal though? Kogan saves CCs but that wouldn't go through Paypal unless they had your Paypal password. Or did you previously allow Paypal to have that 1-click checkout option?

        • Yeah I must have had the 1-click option. I questioned it also as when I regained access to account the saved account was just listed as the American Express card, no clear mention of paypal. Has to have been the one click option I think for it to have gone via paypal.

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          Pretty sure 1 click is tied to a single computer, perhaps a combination of mac address and ip or something? If they are ordering from somewhere different, unless the selection of paypal in checkout didnt trigger a paypal window to open and press continue, it shouldn't have been automatic.

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        Pls relax, that is the standard way of how credit card dispute works.
        The bottomline is, you are not liable for fraudulent charges and once you lodge the dispute Kogan will have to bear the loss. Too bad they didnt wanna resolve it early. I can guarantee you that Amex will protect you for these kind of fraudulent transactions.
        And unless you feel morally obliged towards Kogan, you dont really need to chase it up personally with the Police. This is purely a matter between Kogan and the fraudster, and Kogan should be the one running around to save their ass.

        • +1

          Yeah you are right - was paypal who resolved it in the end but AmEx had assured me that would take of it had it been posted. Thankfully it never got to that point and as you state, Kogan will likely lose out now after taking so long to get in touch.

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            @ArtMaster: Well Paypal is more of a hit-or-miss. They are generally OK for fraudulent transactions protection but they frequently favour the seller if an item goes missing somehow. For low value items, they seller only need to supply proof of shipment, higher value ones then they require proof of delivery. However they tend to side with the seller even if they have provided some nonsense proof such as the place of delivery is clearly different from your address.
            So when paying with Paypal to less reliable sellers, never use account/balance/gift cards. Always directly from a credit card for full protection.

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              @truetypezk: Have been an online merchant for more than 8 years and I never had a single time that PayPal would favour the seller even if the item wasn't missing….

        • Correct, Years ago I had 5k over about 7 purchases charged to my CC. The transactions were made across South America. The Bank was onto it real quick. They refunded them within the week.

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        AMEX is the last resort, Paypal will sort it out for you don't stress. You've report it as an unauthorised transaction and informed the merchant before it was shipped; you have done your bit here.

  • you dont want to receive the good because you are doing the charged back, right?
    so just focus on the charged back, get the money back, let the bad guy get the item, and kogan sorting out between kogan, police and the bad guy.

    yes i delete the payment methods from most site, but not all.
    aliexpress and amazon, i trusted them.

    • Yeah fair enough - I guess its 2 issues. I want the money returned obviously foremost and hopefully with Amex/Paypal disputes that will be OK. I hoped the police could so something with the locker numbers on the address but that was the second issue. Not sure if those numbers had any meaning in terms of used for past/future fraudulent activity or were just random locker numbers.

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      Also helps to have a throwaway card for random purchases. that way you don't have to chase up detail changes for your regular trusted companies. I really can't wait for disposable virtual CC numbers to come to Aus like they do in the US.

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    If you can get hold of the tracking number, you could add the number to your Aust Post app, that'll let you open the parcel locker once it has arrived. But it'll be a race to who gets to the locker first.

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      Yeah I do have the tracking number still - I contacted auspost soon as I got a hold of that but they would not help me as the names were different. Annoying as I was just asking them to hold or return to Kogan, not redirect to me etc. but can see their viewpoint

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        Then add the tracking number to your Aust Post app, it'll give you the code to open the locker. You're in a unique position where the parcel locker is not far from you, so you can actually piss the scammer off by beating him/her to the locker and keeping the item (or returning it to Kogan or whatever).

        • +2

          Paypal dispute refunded the transaction now so be kind of dodgy if I do that now? If I was to do it would return to police or something I guess. Wouldnt be able to return to Kogan if I tried given the customer service so far.

          Guessing they (Kogan) will soon perk up when they realise the funds have not been taken from the credit card anyway.

          • +1

            @ArtMaster: It is actually already showing in my auspost - he changed my name and delivery address but didn't change my email at Kogan so assume that is why. I could access the trackng page with number but it is actually under my account also, I just cannot redirect it or anything like that.

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          Having the tracking number doesn't give you the code to open the locker. You have to track it whilst logged into your MyPOST account or use the code they text to you

          • +3

            @realfancyman: Should give you the QR code though no, especially if it's linked to the OP's AusPost account?

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              @kerfuffle: It will only give you the QR code if your logged into the MyPOST account linked to the parcel locker receiving the parcel. Which would be the fraudsters

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    After all of that paypal refunded the payment so drama avoided. Guess it is up to the police if they want to persue the fraudster - I lodged additional report at so not much more I can do. Still annoying that some joker is potentially getting 2.2k worth of gear for free even if not at my cost. Thanks to everyone for advice and comments posted.

    We've reviewed your case and determined that the payment(s) you reported were unauthorised.
    Transaction details
    Transaction date: 1 June 2020
    Transaction amount: $2,132.99 AUD

    The payment will be refunded to your PayPal account.

    For more information and to see the status of your case, please log in to your PayPal account and go to the Resolution Centre.

    • +6

      Good to hear - what a relief ……

      • +14

        Ha yep, felt a palava all day calling everyone but paypal dealt with it inside 10 hours or so in the end. Didn't request further details, assume fact it was in someone else's name was enough. Lesson learned from all of this anyway to be tighter with storing card details/improving password quality.

        • +1

          Word of the day!

        • I don't trust Paypal honestly, Like I got my refund back after calling them on the phone, but the first two time when I lodged the case with them they rejected it two times.

          what happened was, someone hacked my Paypal account SOMEHOW. I REALLY DO NOT KNOW HOW and used about $250-300 on some stupid gaming coins website on called Gamvino - it looks like some kind of money laundering site. I really don't trust Paypal's authentication practices, because I got the text messages for authentication on my phone and I didn't reply to them because I was asleep when this hacking occurred and somehow the payment got AUTHORISED???? WITHOUT CONSENT.

    • +5

      Good to hear OP

      Pls keep us updated with what'll happen with the parcel etc

      • +4

        I will try - not too sure what I can do in that regards. I already told local police etc. I assume he will still turn up at some point to claim the goods. I am getting tracking notifications and according to a post above I could potentially access if got there first but that probably isn't a sensible thing to do.

        I assume Kogan will get notification of payment failed and try to recall it ASAP, which is what I wanted them to do from the start! It is express post though and was sent from Melbourne also so time is ticking on that front.

        • Are you able to get the police to stake out the parcel locker with you?

          • +1

            @Google Chrome: I'm thinking this too. Not often you can be there to catch a fraudster (or am obvious close relation if they send them) in the act since you know ahead of time.
            Just chilling on the park bench with your plain clothed mate :P

            I know there's that common theme about cops not prioritising these sorts of cases but come on, right there for the taking.

            • +2

              @dufflover: Yeah police were polite enough when spoke but just didn't seem interested - I figured same thing, you literally know where parcel is heading and when it arrives there. Someone is there for the taking if they had the patience/desire to stake it out.

          • +8

            @Google Chrome: Unless they speed to the parcel locker the police won't care

            • +1

              @r3volt: "Can never find a copper when you need one". Things like this are reasons why you can never find a copper when you need one. Not saying it's not a crime, but there are likely other things that are a better use of physical police resources

              • @rowenaduncan: agree, in scheme of things its low priority. Just annoying as between police/aus post its an easy thing to fix. Track parcel and who picks it up or whichever way they wanted to go about it.

              • -2

                @rowenaduncan: I think it's people like OP in situations like this that should be using that phrase.

                Police too busy dealing with drunken nobs and other BS to follow up a legitimate premeditated criminal fraud case… I'd say most police are actually carrying out much less worthwhile duties, they are just more "urgent".

    • Great to hear you got a refund.
      A lot of things said about Ebay/Paypal but they certainly seem the easiest to deal with when something goes wrong from my experience.

    • Wait, did the fradster use the saved CC or Paypal to pay for the item? If it was PayPal did they manage to hack your Kogan AND your PayPal account?

  • can you ask kogan for the ip address where the purchase was made?

    • +6

      Cannot ask kogan anything, not for lack of trying! No phone number on website, just says we can call you if needed, leave a request in enquiry. Send 2 enquiries this morning and nothing back. Further 2 after item was dispatched and nothing back. Even went on their facebook and messaged saying it was urgent and they literally just sent it to customer care again and nothing back! Was going to ask how it didn't trigger a security alert when somebody added an address, changed my name, changed my account password while using a brand new IP address wherever that happens to be located.

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    I’d still beat him to the parcel locker and replace it with a note “smile your on CCTV”

    • Haha yeah that would be a just outcome. The name on the delivery isn't a common name, there is one solitary facebook account in Melbourne with that name. Would be interested to know if that is the guy, pretty dumb if so but I guess he assumes he can plead ignorance anyway on the off chance the police actually did take it far enough to find him.

    • +2

      but then wouldn't OP be liable for theft?

      Since he was refunded the cost

      • +2

        Yeah that is what I assume. I can't get in touch with Kogan anyway to return the goods if I wanted too so would pretty much just look like be swiping the goods after having the chargeback.

      • +5

        Just take the parcel the auspost and request return to sender

      • +2

        Not if he could send the parcel back the other way to Kogan. That way he would deprave the thief of the goods.

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    I have a recent experience where the online seller got both my name and my address wrong for an Australia Post parcel… Because I have an Auspost account I got it redirected to my parcel locker quite easily - essentially it got delivered even though the name is not a match with my parcel locker account…

    Another thing you can try is to talk to the post office (each parcel locker is linked to a nearby post office). I have a feeling the iMac would be too big for the parcel locker anyway so the recipients will have to pick it up over the counter at the post office and all post offices have CCTV.

    Good luck!

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    Just call your credit card company and report it as fraudulent, /thread

    • +5

      Yeah I had taken that action already - was trying to prevent a crook taking the goods on top of that but that was out of control due to Kogan's shitty customer service. All they had to do was cancel the order or redirect the order once posted but they have done nothing so far. Given the payment has been reimbursed on my end, it is them who will likely lose out from the whole debacle now.

      • +8

        Exactly. Unless you feel morally obliged to save Kogan's ass (I doubt anyone do), you shouldnt even bother taking it up to the Police. This is purely a matter between Kogan and the fraudster. If Kogan doesnt give a shit, why should you help them by trying to get the money back for them? All you need to do is lodge a dispute after the charge has posted. You have already done Kogan a huge favor by informing them before dispatch, too bad they didnt appreciate it.

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