Replacing Toilet: Easy?

Our 20 year old toilet setup is getting old, a few drips here and there,

were thinking of replacing the entire setup with a another standard ceramic one (nothing fancy or electrical)

is DIY as simple as it looks?

one of the concerns is whether the hole positon into the ground will match with new set etc. etc.


  • If you know what you're doing, have all the tools necessary and brave enough to give it a go.

    Else, Bunnings will install one for $275 including all fixture and fittings, disposal of old one and one-year warranty on the work.

    Peace of mind vs weekend project. Your call.

    • we had a brief look at that, its still on our list,

      obviously need to check out what their range is and wehther its decently priced,

      just looking for something ceramic and basic but doesnt look cheap/tacky

      but yes, good suggestion

  • It's not that difficult but can be a bit fiddly, there are videos on youtube/Bunnings to show you how. Watch them and see if you think it's within your DIY capability. I'd personally DIY, but some of my friends, I'd advise them to use the Bunnings service/plumber.

  • Might be an idea to wait for the annual Aldi sale and pick one up cheap that includes installation.

  • I have installed two of the basic Bunnings systems and it was easy. As Conan says spend some time looking at DIY guides and see if you feel it would be within your capability.
    The old bowl usually comes away with a sharp kick (disconnect the cistern pipe first).

  • I really hope your toilet is connected to a pipe rather than just a hole in the ground.

  • No experience replacing bowl but replacing tank is pretty easy. Done a few at rental properties.

  • If your worried about drips, why buy a cheap product and do an amateur install.
    I realise cost is an issue but for something that you use everyday, I’d buy a quality toilet suite from a plumbing supply store and get it installed by a professional. Cheap toilets are normally extra small and cheaply built which will give you service issues later, that combined with a DIY install. Or replace the washers, seal/hose that’s causing the drips.

  • Youtube Tutorials

  • Why not just replace all the seals?
    Give it a good clean, it is only 20 years old
    It would save you the hassle of changing over bowls
    Just incase the holes don't match
    The cistern holes on the walls don't line up
    The bowl will not stay fitted to the floor (that is a pain)

    The bloke down at Bunnings should be able to steer you straight,
    if you want to go down the whole replacement path or just replace all the seals path

    Either way, have fun :)
    be glad u r not playing around with ye olde septic on a hot day :p

  • thanks guys,
    decided to get the bunnings install,

    lucky we did,
    because the cistern was a bit heavy and I would have needed to find the stud behind the wall, which I didnt have the tools

    overall, a bit out of my comfort/skill range

    also got the plumber to look at another issue which he fixed for a small fee,

    might have been a bit cheaper if we went through hipages directly, but all good!


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