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½ Price Wei Lih Ichiban Noodles 140g-150g $2.20 @ Coles


Wei Lih Ichiban Noodles 140g-150g - $2.20

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    These are hands down one of the tastiest instant noodles I've had

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      That's why their normal price is $4.40 lol

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      Next time, try to get this instead when you visit a proper Asian grocery. This is the best spicy beef soup instant noodles you can get. It's been reviewed many times by some well known YouTubers. And in Taiwan, it's one of the most popular instant noodles. It only costs $2.8 a pack which is also bigger size than this ichiban.

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        My kids gave that to me for my birthday this year. Delighted.

        • nice! They've done the homework.

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        Super hot pot is awesome! I've eaten them few years ago, then they disappeared everywhere but I managed again to find them couple of weeks ago. They are still OK but a bit different. As for the ichiban sichuan beef noodles I prefer the one that doesn't have Australian beef as the spices little bag is for some unknown reason different in flavour to the one make for Asian market. The one for Australian market (the ones sold in Coles etc) give the soup some kind of weird like fizzy after-taste, have no idea why, maybe it's just me, but I notice the difference between the soup made for different regions.

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      Ichiban tastes like warm pool water in comparison to the actual Asian variants.…

      Just try not to look at the ingredients of any instant noodles.

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        Where can I buy this?

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    For an instant noodle, these are totally legit. Worth keeping one just incase

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      I don't trust instant noodles like this which have an identity crisis. Brand suggests Japanese 'ichiban' and wei lih is badly spelt Chinese word. Haha

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        with australian beef

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          Haha Exactly, is it Australia, Chinese or Japanese.

          The entire packaging gives me the feeling that it is a product that fits the Cantonese description "trick ghost men"

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            @lplau: If your Taiwanese you would understand. lol ichiban is Japanese word thats often used in Taiwan's advertisement like Aircon advertisement "japan ichiban daikin ~". This noodle really got nothing to do with Japan. Its a popular product in Taiwan from a legitimate company that also makes lots of other good instant noodles. For a Taiwanese, this product does not give out the feeling of faking Japanese product.

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              @tkcrule: It would be because Taiwan was occupied by the Japanese and the Taiwanese was forced to learn Japanese. A lot of Japanese remains in colloquial/trendy usage and Taiwan seems to appreciate Japanese culture and products.

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            @lplau: Wei Lih is a Taiwanese brand. You haven't seen any of these before? They've been around for decades.

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        I prefer itchy bum

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        It is from Taiwan not China, the brand has been around since 1970s.

      • It's Taiwanese, former Japanese colony.

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          Man, people don't know their history do they. Taiwan was under Japan for 50 years until the end of WW2. Many of the older generation learnt Japanese so there are historical ties.

          • @dyziplen: Thought mainland China is a State (or many States) of China.

            I recall seeing the blue/red/white Chinese flag when treaty was signed between China and the Eight Nation Alliance.

          • @dyziplen: They cook up some pretty good Jap food in Taiwan too. Nom nom nom…

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    $2.20 is a lot…

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      The amount of meat inside really justify the cost. Its real meat, not some dehydrated ones.

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        for 15g of beef ?

        how much 15g of fresh beef from coles/woolies

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    Currently $2.80 at Woolies if you can't wait till Wednesday

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      $2.80 on Amazon too, OOS but can still purchase.

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      So you save 60 cents…not quite half price!

  • Which of the flavours is best? I think I tried one from costco and did not like.

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      Beef and roasted pork are good. The Sichuan one is meh

    • Go for roast beef one if you are not a spicy fan

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    This is the best noodles in the market.

      • +7


        • Oh… thanks.

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    The pork one is nicer than the Beef one.

    But the beef one isnt as good as the other Taiwanese branded one -…

    1. 满汉大餐麻辣鍋牛肉 Spicy Hot Pot Beef

    The Big Meal one is the best

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      Where do you buy these from?

    • That’s no.2 in the list actually.

      • Chicken noodle soup is first. We talking about beef

    • this

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    These are Made in Taiwan with 10% Australian beef.

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      Where's the other 90% of the Beef from?

      Inb4 JV

      • The beef is 100% Australian beef. 10% of the product by weight is beef.

        • Ironic we ship the beef all the way to Taiwan for them to take the good bits then ship back all the rejects.

          • @lplau: we ship the whole live cow or frozen cuts ?

        • so only 15g of beef ?

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    White people: These are the best

    • +12

      not really.

      "white people": Maggi are the best
      "white people": Fantastic are the best
      "white people": Suimin are the best

      • +7

        Yeah nah.

        Not all white people are the same.

        And not all Asian are the same either.

        All the noodles you mentioned and the ones in this post are all junk.

        • Same same…. but different

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          Nissan (ones which are made in Hong Kong) are probably the best if you just want a no frills instant noodles.

          Where as lately I've started preferring Korean ones.

          • @lplau: ^^^ That's me right there.

            Nissin 出前一丁 (for life)
            Now, Nong Shim.

            Next is Ichiban ?
            Will check it out (for research purpose)

            Good Instant Noodles Guide

          • @lplau: you mean Nissin? Nissan makes cars…

        • Not all people are the same, it's just about what's common

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            @[Deactivated]: True. Or which ones are marketed and stocked at the supermarket chains.

            If you were in Hong Kong the equivalent would be Nissin also very popular brand in Japan.

            Nissin is the grandfather of all instant noodles and the very first to come out with it. Every person I recommended it has never come back to Maggi or any supermarket brands.

            Try the Nissan Chicken, Beef, Sesame Oil or Tonkatsu which are all usually Made in Hong Kong and you will not be disappointed.

            I generally stay away from Mainland China noodles which most asians do also, as its difficult to know if there is anything dodgy that has been put into it. Especially if it has oil sachets, look up the Chinese term 'land mix oil' or 'floor mix oil' not sure the official term, basically it is the act of pouring used oil into sewers to harden the oil which is then reused for other food purposes. It is a practice which still happens in China. Hence why I only go to reputable sichuan places in China, so you have some feeling they don't use this practice.

        • Well yeah it's junk… it's instant noodles. Unless you've got a better instant recommendation?

          • +4

            @Safman: Depends on how much work you want to do for your instant noodles.
            If you love your Tonkotsu japanese ramen.

            I get a good supply of imported Japanese Tonkotsu Soup concentrate, which basically comes as a concentrated gel like solution, which has a real pork bone reduction. Basically add 40g and 300ml water and you get a pretty good Tonkotsu Soup.

            Then i would have some frozen fresh ramen noodles in the freezer, and some other frozen vegies like corn, peas, sliced meats.

            But if you want true instant noodles which is a all in 1 packaging then my recommendations would be:

            Hong Kong:
            Nissan (出前一丁): Sesame Oil, Chicken, Beef, Seafood, Curry (but only available in Hong Kong, they used to have it in Australia 10yrs ago), and Tonkotsu.

            Korean: Neoguri, Shin Ramun, Nong Shim

            Japanese: My method above, but overall quite a few of those single packs of 2 servings (2 bunches of straight cut noodles) per pack is good. Never really had a japanese made instant ramen being bad from those 2 servings in a pack.

            • @lplau: Good write up actually, thanks man.

            • @lplau: Good write up actually, thanks man.

          • +2

            @Safman: Probably what Iplau mentioned above, but when in Japan my fave is:
            Nissin Cup Ramen Curry version (seen here:…)

            And my wife's faves are:
            Nissin, Chicken Ramen (
            Nongshim, Shin Ramyun (available nearly everywhere, from Korea)

        • +1

          Westernised Maggi is junk. The real Asian ones you find in the Asian store with the Malay words are awesome. Kari (curry), Oriental and Tom Yum.

    • +2

      Can I get a confirmation of the asian(s) which said this is the best?

      • -4

        Its not bad but most Asians won't eat this because they have the preconception that there is massive amounts of preservatives in that beef sachet.

        When there is so much English and 0 Chinese on the packaging it is a clear sign that this is not meant to entice or market to chinese/Asians.

      • Asian here who tried it, it's alright I wouldn't buy it again, from this thread I expected it to be better but probably really good for white people.

    • -1

      Very few non asian people eat instant noodles

  • -5

    Can get a 5 pack of Maggie noodles for this price

    • But they're totally different flavours D: I really don't like Maggie noodles

      • +2

        Chicken and salt powder vs actual meat. Yeah, no.

    • +1

      Maggie noodles doesn't have real beef. This has real beef. Please have standards.

  • -2

    Beautiful fresh meat so good for you yummy

  • +4

    Can these noodles be compared to Nong Shim Shin Ramyun? What do these noodles taste like? How spicy is "spicy" Sichuan beef?

    • +2

      we are all waiting for you to report back after you try.

    • +4

      the noodle just standard normal thin soggy , not like shin bouncy firm thicc

    • +2

      It's not spicy. Shin ramyun is better if you're gonna add egg and other stuff to it.

      Straight out of the pack this is better

    • +2

      IMO Shin Ramyun better.
      Real life Sichuan food is SIGNIFICANTLY more spicy than this noodle. This cup noodle is not spicy compared to Shin Ramyun.

      • Also real sichuan food is not the same type of spicy as the Koreans use.

        Less chilli heat more numbing.

        • +1

          Not sure why you're being negged.
          Sichuan pepper numbs your tongue, I'm not too sure about the less chili heat bit tho

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    These are (arguably) the best instant noodles you can buy!

    • +2

      Get the BIG MEAL ones at your local asian groceries

  • +1

    Anyone remember when the meat was much more generous?

  • -1

    Where is this made?

    • +2

      Just read the thread! Taiwan made using Australian beef.

  • +3

    These are great with just boiling water but I always recommend people prepare it on a stove. So much better.

  • +6

    Cook the noodles over stove if possible they taste better.
    Ohh don’t forget to add an egg.

    • +1

      Genuine question: How are you preparing it on a stove that makes it taste any different from the Microwave? Is the flavour added prior to cooking and hence the longer cooking time on the stove adds to the flavour infusion?!?

      • -2

        don't this is microwavable ?

        if you bothered to pour out to bowl in order to microwave , might as well cook on stove to al-dente

      • +3

        You don't cook this in the microwave or stock for that matter.

        You just pour boiled water and cover for three minutes.

        This is the actual instant noodles.

        (This gets soggy real easy, so even three minutes in boiling water might be too long.)

        • Thanks annachron - so given boiling water is the heat transfer mechanism (and there's no dry frying or infusion in broth), cooking this on the stovetop provides nothing more than a placebo taste difference.

          • @Psomaggi: Not placebo - the noodles absorb the flavour, the noodles end up with a better texture, and you can also add egg and stir it with the noodles for an even better taste

  • +1

    These are great, although i found since they switched from the foam bowls to paper bowls they are not as good anymore. (Costco)

  • -1

    Put fresh sliced shallots and fresh sliced onion as garnish. Spicy Sichuan beef is the nicest. Soup is tasty. Thank me later.

    • +1

      Put your own fresh broth in is the nicest. Soup is tasty. Thank me later.

    • +2

      thanks Shef

  • Very tasty

  • Good stuff but a bit greasy to my taste.

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